DFA Department Order No. 14-12, s. 2012

Published: 2012-05-18

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Kagawaran ng Ugnayang Panlabas
Department of Foreign Affairs



Section 1. Legal Basis

Republic Act No. 9710, entitled An Act Providing for the Magna Carta of Women (15 September 2009), and its Implementing Rules and Regulations (30 March 2010) require institutional mechanisms for planning, budgeting, monitoring and evaluation for Gender and Development (GAD) programs; the allocation of at least five percent of the budget; and gender mainstreaming as a strategy for implementing GAD programs.

Department Order No. 01-11 dated 07 January 2011 created the GAD Focal Point System, its composition, secretariat, and functions.

Section 2. Composition.

The GAD Focal Point System (GFPS) shall be composed of the following:

(a) The GFPS Head. The Secretary of Foreign Affairs shall head the GFPS.

(b) The GFPS Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall be composed of the Undersecretaries of the Department, with the Undersecretary for Administration as Chairperson. In line with the policy of mainstreaming GAD in the Department, each Office of the Undersecretary shall have the following functions:

OUA                 –
Administrative GAD policy, projects, programs, and activities.

OUP                 –
Bilateral and multilateral GAD initiatives, projects, programs and activities, in coordination with the geographic offices.

OUIER              –
International economic GAD projects, programs and activities.

OUMWA          –
Migrant workers GAD projects, programs and activities.

(c) The GFPS Secretariat. The Office of Personnel and Administrative Services shall serve as the Secretariat for administrative GAD matters.

(d) The GFPS Technical Working Group. The Technical Working Group shall be composed of GAD Focal Persons in all Offices and Units in the Home Office, Foreign Service Posts and Regional Consular Offices.

Section 3. Administrative Functions of the Secretariat

(a) Generation and maintenance of GAD database containing gender statistics and sex- aggregated data of the Department.

(b) Designation of a duly trained Gender Focal Point Officer in the Philippine embassies and consulates who shall be primarily responsible in handling gender concerns of women migrant workers.

(c) Monitoring the designation of GAD Focal Persons by all Offices, Foreign Service Posts and Regional Consular Offices.

(d) Monitoring the Annual GAD Plan and Annual GAD Accomplishment Report of each Office in the Department.

(e) Coordination with OFM on the GAD Annual Budget of the Department.

(f) Establishment of communication and information technology linkages among the focal point officers/persons.

(g) Ensuring compliance with other provisions of the Act and its Implementing Rules and Regulations pertaining to the work place, personnel training, seminars, and capacity building.

Section 4. Gender Focal Point Officer in Philippine Embassies and Consulates

(a) Pursuant to Section 37 of Republic Act No. 9710 and Section 38 of its Implementing Rules and Regulations, all Foreign Service Posts shall have at least one duly appointed and trained Gender Focal Point Officer (GFPO). All Posts shall ensure that there is always one duly-trained Gender Focal Point Officer at any given time. As such, there shall be an Alternate Gender Focal Point Officer.

(b) The qualifications of the GAD Focal Point Officer include the following: (1) Preferably with at least five years experience in working with gender-related matters including assistance to nationals; (2) Has attended intensive training on GAD and GAD-related areas such as Violence Against Women, Migration and HIV-AIDS; (3) Preferably with graduate courses in women studies; and (4) Preferably a woman especially in areas with large population of women migrant workers.

(c) OPAS shall coordinate with the Foreign Service Institute on: (1) the minimum basic training requirements of the GAD Focal Point Officer; and (2) the minimum basic training requirements on gender sensitivity as a requirement prior to departure to be integrated into the pre-departure orientation seminar.

Section 5. Designation of GAD Focal Persons in the Home Office

All Offices and Regional Consular Offices shall designate their respective GAD Focal Persons and Alternate GAD Focal Persons and shall submit such designations to the Secretariat.

Section 6. Submission of the Annual GAD Plan and Accomplishment Report

All Offices, Foreign Service Posts and Regional Consular Offices shall submit to the Secretariat, an Annual GAD Plan in January and an Accomplishment Report in December. The GAD Plan shall be based on a needs assessment and evaluation of each Office and shall benefit staff personnel on: (1) gender issues in the workplace and (2) capacity building on gender issues relating to the delivery of public services, consular services, and assistance to nationals.

Section 7. GAD Budget

Funding for GAD plans and programs shall be sourced from the annual GAD Budget based on the General Appropriations Act. It shall comply with the guidelines promulgated by the Commission on Audit, the National Commission on the Role of Filipino Women, and the Department of Budget and Management, on Programs/Projects/Activities proposed for funding under the GAD Budget.

Section 8. Repealing Clause

Department Order 01-11 and other orders and issuances in so far as they are inconsistent with any provision of this Order are hereby repealed or amended accordingly.

Section 9. Date of Effectivity

This Department Order shall take effect immediately.

Secretary of Foreign Affairs

Pasay City, MAY 17, 2012


DFA Department Order No. 14-12, May 17,2012

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