National Assembly Service Act, 2014

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Federal Republic of Nigeria Official Gazette
No. 63 Lagos - 15th July, 2014 Vol. 101 Government Notice No. 73
The following is published as supplement to this Gazette:
Act No. Short Title
3 National Assembly Service Act, 2014
Printed and Published by The Federal Government Printer, Lagos, Nigeria FGP 90/72014/ 1,200
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I. Repeal.
2. Establishment of the National Assembly Service Commission. 3. Membership of the Commission. 4. Qualification for Membership. 5. Removal from Office. 6. Functions of the Commission. 7. Power of delegation and certain restriction thereon. 8. Appointment of Secretary to the Commission. 9. Office of the Clerk to the National Assembly. 10. Removal from Office of the Clerk to the National Assembly. II. Appointment of Acting Clerk to the National Assembly. 12. Staff of the National Assembly. 13. Pensions,etc. 14. Directorates in the National Assembly Service. 15. Fund of the Commission. 16. Annual Estimates and Expenditure. 17. Borrowing. 18. Offices and premises of the Commission. 19. Staff Regulations. 20. Savings. 21. Interpretation. 22. Citation.
ACT No.3
,,[ 30th Day of June, 2014]
ENACTEDby the National Assembly ofthe Federal Republic of Nigeria:
1.-(1) The National Assembly Service Commission Act. Oap.N7 Laws of the Federation ofNigeri~,,2004 is repealed,
2.-( 1) There is established-the NationatAssernbly Service Commission (in this Act referred to as "the CommiSsi()n").
(2) The Commission:
(a) is a body corporate with perpetual succession; and (b) may sue and be sued in its corporate name.
3~-(l) The Commission shall comprise a chairman and 12 other members.
A 17
Commence- ment.
Establishment of the National Assembly Service Commission.
Membership of the Commission.
(2) The Chairman shall bethe Chief Executive of the Commission. f.',:"
(3) The President of the Senate Shall, upon consultation with the Speaker of the House of Representativesvsubmitto the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria a proposed listout of which the President of the Federal Republic' of Nigeria shall nominate for appointment, a chairman and members ofthe Commission.
(4) The President of the.Federal Republic of Nigeria shall appoint the Chairman and members of the Commission fromthelist submitted to
~hint in accordance with the provision of sub-section (3) of this section '. subject to the confirmation by the Senate.
(5) At least 2members·ofthe Commissionshall bedrawnfr6m' e~~h of the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria.
(6) A member of the Commission shall hold office fora period of5 years from the date of his appointment and he may be reappointed for another term of 5 years and no more.
(7) The provision in the First Schedule to this Act shall have effect First with respect to the proceedings of the Commission or its Committees and Schedule. other matters.
A 18 2014 No.3 National Assembly.Service Act.,.70,14. '. j .' '",",', . - .',
Qualification of Member- ship.
Removal from Office.
, pu,
(8) WhereftVf1~ancy oc,curslntJWrijembershipoft~~ Commission, it shall be filled by the appointment of asuccesso.r in accordancewlm the provisio.n~;o.f.~e£t~ J (4) o.fthiS!Aorto1l1o.ld office for itli remairider of the term of office:ot,h,is predece~Pf:,and)SiUCha successorlshaWrepresent the same geopolitical interest. )?i t j,w. ; r \'
(9) The composltlon of'the q9fI~mi~~ion. the staffingand(the.oonduct of its affairs shalrr~f1ect the Federal C~~~acter of Nigeria asenshrlned in section 14 (3) of the Constitution qfthe Federa! Republic of-Nlgesla 1999.
;. 1';. ..
4.-(1) No person shall be considered for appointment as a member of'the Commission, if: ..' .,
)'.; ~!>,:n' ,'. ':'.Lt.:! ,Iii; (a) he is not qualified to. be elected as a Member of the House of
Representatives ;. , (b)withinJlle':preceding 10 years. he has been removed as a member
of liny of the bodies establ ished by section 153 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. or as the holder of'any other office on the ground of misconduct ; and
(c) he has no. requisite experience in public service matters.
(2):,Anyperso.n'emplo.yed in the public service of the Federation or of a State shall not be disqualified for appointment as a chairman or member of'the Commissipn.
" ~,-. ' "
(3) Where such person has been duly appointed on full time basis. he shall. on his appointment, be deemed to. have resigned or retired from his former office as from the date of his appointment,
5.-(1) The Chairman or any member of the Commission shall be removed from thatio.ffiee by the President acting upon an address supported by a,resolution of each House of the National Assembly praying that he be so. remo.ved for, inability to' discharge the functions of the office (whether arising from infirmity of'mind or body or any other cause) or for misconduct.
(2) Notwithstanding the provisionof sub-section (1) of this section. the Chairman or any Member of the Commission shall be removed from
t', • .r:f\f",); '•.
office-by the National Assembly upon a reso.l~liOri.oy;simple " the fQ~m"ers of each House for inability to. discharg~, the function of.the . o.fficeorfo.rmiscondl1ttt(!i: '" '" "
..•. . .. , ";' iii';,; 11 ',~,' " iU' " .' I (3l Upon the coming into force of this Act. or upon theexpiration of the life
of the.Commisslon at anr time OrUpona vacancy ~,curring,p the membership of the Commission, the President shall send the appropr'i~tencrninations to.theNational Assemblywithin 30 days of beingirequested so. .
" ~.' i ; ;, . r !'
',' . '_,' '_ ,1:""1: