Civil Proceedings (Vexatious Litigants) (Jersey) Law 2001

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Published: 2004-08-31

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Civil Proceedings (Vexatious Litigants) (Jersey) Law 2001

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Civil Proceedings (Vexatious Litigants) (Jersey) Law 2001



1            Powers of Court

2            Citation

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Civil Proceedings (Vexatious Litigants) (Jersey) Law 2001

A LAW to empower the Royal Court to restrain vexatious civil proceedings

Commencement [see endnotes]

1      Powers of Court

(1)    If, on an application by the Attorney General, the Royal Court is satisfied that a person has in the Royal Court (whether before or after the commencement of this Law) habitually and persistently and without reasonable grounds instituted vexatious civil proceedings, whether against the same person or against different persons or made vexatious applications in civil proceedings, whether instituted by the person or another, the Court may, after hearing that person or giving that person an opportunity of being heard, order that –

(a)     civil proceedings shall not be instituted by the person;

(b)     civil proceedings instituted by the person before the making of the order shall not be continued by the person;

(c)     an application (other than one for leave under this Article) shall not be made by the person in civil proceedings instituted by any person,

except with the leave of the Court.

(2)    An order under paragraph (1) may provide that it shall cease to have effect at the end of a specified period but, if it does not, it shall remain in force indefinitely.

(3)    The Royal Court shall not give leave for the institution or continuance of, or for the making of an application in, civil proceedings by a person who is the subject of an order for the time being in force under paragraph (1) unless it is satisfied –

(a)     that the proceedings or application are not an abuse of its process; and

(b)     that there are reasonable grounds for the proceedings or the application.

2      Citation

This Law may be cited as the Civil Proceedings (Vexatious Litigants) (Jersey) Law 2001.


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Civil Proceedings (Vexatious Litigants) (Jersey) Law 2001


23 February 2001