Warble Fly (Jersey) Order 1984

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Published: 2004-08-31

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Warble Fly (Jersey) Order 1984

Revised Edition


Showing the law as at 31 August 2004

This is a revised edition of the law

Warble Fly (Jersey) Order 1984

THE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE, in pursuance of Articles 1(3), 3 and 42 of the Diseases of Animals (Jersey) Law 1956,[1] orders as follows –

Commencement [see endnotes]


In this Order –

“animal” means bull, cow, heifer, calf, sheep, goat and horse;

“dressing” means a product for which there is a valid product licence granted under the Medicines Act 1968 of the United Kingdom permitting its sale and supply for systemic use to kill the maggot of the warble fly;

“infested” means infested with the maggot of the warble fly;

“Law” means the Diseases of Animals (Jersey) Law 1956;[2]

“to treat” means to apply a dressing in accordance with its manufacturer’s instructions;

“treatment season” means the period commencing on 15th March and ending on 30th June in each year.


Infestation of animals with the maggot of the warble fly (hypoderma bovis or hyperdoma lineatum) shall be a disease for the purposes of the Law other than Article 4 thereof.


Every person having in his or her custody a visibly infested animal (or an animal in which infestation can be ascertained by handling) shall treat that animal, or cause it to be treated within 7 days of the commencement of the treatment season or as soon thereafter as the maggots appear under the skin on the back of the animal and shall continue to treat that animal, or cause it to be treated, at intervals of not more than 32 days for so long as the maggots continue so to appear or until the end of the treatment season whichever is the earlier:

Provided that where, at any time during the treatment season, any person takes into his or her custody an infested animal the person shall treat that animal, or cause it to be treated, within the 7 days next following the day on which he or she took the custody of that animal.


This Order may be cited as the Warble Fly (Jersey) Order 1984.


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Warble Fly (Jersey) Order 1984


1 October 1984

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