Judgment Lien Act

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1. This Act may be cited as the Judgment Lien Act. shorttitlc.

2. If any person against whom any judgment shall be Judgeplay
order judg- entered up, has or is entitled to, any Government, Island or ment to bc
a charge

in any public company in this Island (whether incorporated ernmenr securities.
or not) standing in his name in his own right or in the name etc.
of any person in trust for him, it shall be lawful for any
Judge of the Supreme Court, on the application of any
judgment creditor, to order that such stock, funds, annuities,
or shares, or such of them or such part thereof respectively
as he shall think fit, shall stand charged with the payment
of the amount for which judgment shall have been so
entered up, and all interest due thereon; and such order
shall entitle the judgment .creditor to all such remedies as
he would have been entitled to if such charge had been
made in his favour by the judgment debtor :

Provided, that no proceedings shall be taken to have the
benefit of such charge until after the expiration of three
calendar months from the date of such order.

other stock, funds, or annuities or any stock or shares of or upongov-

3. Every such order charging any Government or Island EtI&ot
order. stock, funds, or annuities, or any stock or shares in any

public company, under this Act shall be made in the first
instance ex parce, and without any notice to the judgment
debtor, and shall be an order to show cause only; and every
such order shall restrain the directors of such bank or
company, or the Accountant-General of this Island, from
permitting a transfer of such stock, or making payment of

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any dividends or interest arising thereon, in the meantime,
m d until such order shall be made absolute or discharged,
and if, after notice of such order to the person or persons
to be restrained thereby, or in case of a corporation, to any
authorized agent of such corporation, and before the same
order shall be discharged or made absolute, such corpora-
tion, or person or persons, shall permit any such transfer
to be made, then and in such case the corporation, or person
or persons so permitting such transfer, shall be liable to the
judgment creditor for the value or amount of the property
so charged and so transferred, or such part thereof as may
be sufficient to satisfy his judgment; and no disposition of
the judgment debtor in the meantime shall be kalid or
effectual as against the judgment creditor; and unless the
judgment debtor shall, within a time to be mentioned in
such order, show to a Judge of the Supreme Court sufficient
cause to the contrary, the said order shall, after proof of
notice thereof to the judgment debtor, his procuration
attorney or agent, be made absolute:

Provided, that any such Judge shall, upon the applica-
tion of the judgment debtor, or any person interested, have
full power to discharge or vary such order in all cases, and
to award such costs as he may think fit.

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