Foreign Governments (Landholding) Act

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Published: 1955-09-08

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[8th September, 1955.1

1. This Act may be cited as the Foreign Governments shorttitle.
(Landholding) Act.


2. In this Act-
“foreign country” means a country (other than the 42/,%8

Republic of Ireland) that is not part of the 3 r d ~ ~

3.41) From and after the 8th September, 1955, no land FoAw
in this Island shall be held by, or by any person in trust for
or for the benefit of, the government of any foreign country, t;,

(2) Any land held in contravention of the provisions
without a licence from the Minister. land without

l iCmcC.

of subsection (1) shall be forfeited to Her Majesty.

4.-(1) Subject to the provisions of section 5, the Minister p-of
may, if he thinks fit, grant to the government of any foreign toslant
country or to any person on behalf of such government, l-8.
a licence to hold land in this Island.


(2) Every licence granted under this section-
(U) shall be in such form as the Minister may require;
(b) shall be subject to such conditions (if any) as the

Minister may impose;
(c) shall be operative only as to the land described and

as to the estate or interest specified therein; and

[The inclusion of this page is authorized by L.N. 480/19731


(d) shall be of no force or effect until registered in the
Record Office, or in the case of land subject to the
Registration of Titles Act, in the office of the
Registrar of Titles.

(3) Upon the breach of any condition in a licence
granted under this section the estate or interest held by
virtue of the licence shall be forfeited to Her Majesty.

Absolute 5.-(1) No person who is dependent on financial support
agaiost from, or who is in any way obligated to, the government
ConVeYallOC or transfer of a foreign country, shall convey or transfer any land in
of*andm this Island to that government and any land so conveyed
governments or transferred shall be forfeited to Her Majesty.
in certain
CaSeS. (2) A certificate signed by the Minister to the effect

that a person was dependent on financial support from,
or was obligated to, the government of a foreign country
at the time of the execution of any deed or other instrument
conveying or transferring to that government any land i~
this Island shall, in any legal proceedings, be conclusive
evidence of the facts therein stated.


&--(I) Any land forfeited under this Act shall not vest
in Her Majesty unless and until a judgment is obtained
declaring the forfeiture, but, on such judgment being
obtained, the title of Her Majesty shall relate back to and
be deemed to have commenced from the date of the execu-
tion of the deed or other instrument conveying or trans-
ferring such land in contravention of this Act.

(2) A judgment declaring a forfeiture of land shall
operate to vest in Her Majesty all the estate and interest
therein declared to be forfeited.

lThc inclusion of th is page is authorizsd by L.N. 480119731


7. For the purpose of establishing a forfeiture under this pmfcdun.
Act, the Attorney-General may, on behalf of Her Majesty,
apply ex par& to the Supreme Court for a declaration that
any right, title or interest sought to be affected is forfeited
to Her Majesty.

8. Every licence granted under this Act shall be exempt ~xmplion
from stamp duty. duly.

9. Nothing in this Act shall affect any estate or interest savins.
in land in this Island held by the government of any foreign
country on the 8th September, 1955.

CThe inclusion of this m e ia aulhorizsd by L.N. 480119731