Animals (Artificial Insemination Control) Act

Published: 1950-08-24

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cap 12.

6 d 1968,
l f 0 f 1985


[24rh August, 1950.1

1. This Act may be cited as the Animals (Artificial Shorttitle.
Insemination Control) Act.

2. In this Act-

“animals” means cattle, sheep, goats, swine. horses, tion.
domestic fowls, turkeys, geese and ducks;

Board established under section 7;
“the Board” means the Artificial Insemination Advisory

’the Director” means the Director of Veterinary Services; 6/1968
S. 3 (2) and
Sch “regulations” means regulations made under section 6.

3 . 4 1 ) No person shall import or bring into the Island Prohibi-
tion of

of animal
the semen of any animal to which any regulations apply importation
except under and in accordance with the terms of a valid semSI1.
licence granted by the Director:

Provided that where it is shown to the satisfaction of
the Commissioner of Customs and Excise that any such se- W 9 8 5
men is being imported or brought in solely with a view to
the re-exportation thereof by way of transhipment, the
Coinmissioner of Customs and Excise may, subject to such
conditions as he may think fit to impose for ensuring
the re-exportation of the semen, allow the semen to be
imported or brought in.

(2) A licence under this section may be granted sub-
ject to such conditions as may be therein specified and may
be revoked by the Director at any time.


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(3) Any semen with respect to which there is reason
to believe that an offence against subsection (1) has been
committed may be seized and detained pending the determi-
nation of any proceedings instituted under this section in
respect of any such offence or until the Director is satisfied
that no such proceedings are likely to be instituted and any
semen so detained shall be detained at the owner’s risk in
such place and manner as the Director may direct and, if
such proceedings as aforesaid result in a conviction, shall
be destroyed or otherwise disposed of as the Director may

powersof 4. Any person authorized in writing in that behalf by
mhy, etf,, on premises. the Director may, upon producing his authority, enter at

(U) any premises occupied by the holder of a licence
issued under this Act or under any regulations
and used for or in connection with any of the
purposes authorized by the licence;

(b) any premises where animals to which any regula-
tions apply and which have been artificially
inseminated are kept;

(c) any premises on which, or in connection with
which, he has reasonable grounds for suspecting
that an offence against this Act or any regulations
is being or has been committed, and may inspect
the premises and any animals or articles thereon
and carry out such tests or other investigations as
he thinks fit in order to ascertain whether the pro-
visions of this Act and any regulations, or the
conditions subject to which any licence is issued
under this Act or under any regulations, are being
complied with, and may, for the purposes of any

all reasonable times-

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such test or investigation, require the occupier of
the premises to give such information as it is in
his power to give.

5. Every person whw- OffCllcnmS
(a) contravenes or fails to comply with any of the

provisions of this Act or with any condition
subject to which any licence is issued; or

(6) obstructs any person in the exercise of the powers
conferred on him by this Act; or

(c) refuses to give any information which he is
required to give,

shall be guilty of an offence, and shall, on summary con-
viction before a Resident Magistrate, be liable to a fine not
exceeding two hundred dollars or to imprisonment with
hard labour for any period not exceeding six months.

6.-(1) The Director may, with the approval of the ~egula -
tions Minister, make regulations generally for controlling the

practice of artificial insemination of animaIs.

(2) Regulations made under subsection (1) may,
without prejudice to the generality of the powers conferred
by that subsection, make provision in relation t o -

(a) the licensing, either generally or in respect of any
specified area, of persons to practise artificial
insemination of animals;

(b) the licensing of animals from which semen may be
collected for use in artificial insemination;

(c) prohibiting, restricting or controlling the importa-
tion of the semen of any animal either generally or
from any particular country;

(6) the manner in which the semen of any animal
imported into this Island shall be carried;

me inclusion of th is pdgs is authorized by L.N. 480119731



(e) the examination for potency of the semen of any
animal imported into this Island;

(f) the licensing of persons to collect semen from any
licensed animal;

(g) the approval of the methods of collection, storage
and transportation of the semen of any animal;

(h) the revocation of licences;
(d the punishment for any contravention or failure

to comply with any regulations made under this
section or with any condition subject to which any
licence is issued.


mcntof Board.

7.41) There shall be established a Board to be known as
the Artificial Insemination Advisory Board, whose duty it
shall be to advise the Director in relation to the exercise of
the powers conferred by this Act.

(2) The Board shall consist of the Director or his
nominee, who shall be Chairman, and two other members to
be appointed by the Minister, one of whom shall be nomi-
nated by the Jamaica Livestock Association.

(3) The Board shall meet not less than once every
three months.

(4) The Board shall be responsible for regulating its
own procedure.

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