2004/699/EC: Decision No 1/2004 of the EC-Andorra Joint Committee of 29 April 2004 concerning the extension of the common communication network/common systems interface (CCN/CSI)

Published: 2004-04-29

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Official Journal of the European Union

L 318/19


of 29 April 2004

concerning the extension of the common communication network/common systems interface (CCN/CSI)



Having regard to the Agreement in the form of an Exchange of Letters between the European Economic Community and the Principality of Andorra signed in Luxembourg on 28 June 1990 (1), and in particular Articles 7 and 17(8) thereof,

Having regard to Decision No 1/2003 of the EC-Andorra Joint Committee of 3 September 2003 on the laws, regulations and administrative provisions necessary for the proper functioning of the customs union (2003/692/EC) (2),



The Community rules applied by Andorra provide for the use of information technology and computer networks for the purposes of applying some provisions, and in particular those concerning Community transit.


The use of such technologies, in particular the new computerised transit system (NCTS), requires the use of the CCN/CSI developed by the Community.


The Community should authorise the extension of CCN/CSI to Andorra to allow implementation of the provisions of the Agreement establishing customs union between the European Economic Community and Andorra.


The practical rules and procedures for this extension and the commitments of the Community and Andorra in this connection should also be laid down,


Article 1

The Community authorises the extension to Andorra of the common communication network/common systems interface (CCN/CSI) developed by the Community.

Article 2

1.   The Parties shall comply with the technical specifications set out in the documents listed in the Annex to this Decision which have been made available to Andorra, together with any future amendments which may be made in connection with the project.

2.   The Commission of the European Communities (Commission) shall manage and develop the system for Andorra in accordance with the guidelines drawn up by the Customs Policy Committee — Working Party on Data Processing — CCN/CSI Technical Subgroup (CPC-CWP-CCN/CSI).

3.   The Parties shall comply with the rules on general security policy as laid down and decided within the framework of the project.

4.   Andorra shall be kept informed in the same way as the Member States of the European Union of the general trends and main aspects of the development of the CCN/CSI which are likely to have an impact on their costs.

Article 3

1.   The Commission shall inform Andorra of the service providers to which they must apply to obtain the services necessary for installation of the CCN/CSI system and technical support.

2.   Andorra shall take the necessary measures to comply with the Commission's instructions in the case of a change in service providers under the project.

3.   Following completion of network installation and conclusion of contracts for the provision to Andorra of services relating to the CCN/CSI, the costs of using that network shall be borne by Andorra.

Article 4

This Decision shall enter into force on the day of its adoption.

Done at Brussels, 29 April 2004.

For the Joint Committee

The Chairman


(1)  OJ L 374, 31.12.1990, p. 14.

(2)  OJ L 253, 7.10.2003, p. 3.


List of technical documents

CCN/CSI System Overview — Ref: CCN/CSI-OVW-GEN-01-MARB

CCN/CSI Gateway Management Procedures — Ref: CCN/CSIMPRGW01MABX

Check-list for CCN Gateways Installation — Ref: CCN/CSIDEPCHK-ATOR