Bee Regulation

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Published: 2012

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AR 194/2003 BEE REGULATION (Consolidated up to 183/2012)
Bee Act
Table of Contents
                1       Test
                2       Diseases
             3,4       Registration
                5       Importation of bees
                6       Appeal
                7       Identification
                8       Expiry Test
1   The test for European bees is the wet weight part of the test known as “Fast Africanized Bee Identification System (FABIS)”, as described in “Fast Africanized Bee Identification System (FABIS) Manual” by Sylvester and Rinderer published in the American Bee Journal, July 1987, page 511.
2   The following are designated as bee diseases:
                                 (a)    American foulbrood (Bacillus larvae);
                                 (b)    European foulbrood (Melissococcus pluton and associated bacteria);
                                 (c)    Chalkbrood (Ascosphaera apis);
                                 (d)    Nosemosis (Nosema apis);
                                 (e)    Sacbrood (Sacbrood virus);
                                 (f)    Acarosis (Acarapis woodi Renni) (Tracheal mites);
                                 (g)    Varroosis (Varroa destructor Anderson and Trueman);
                                 (h)    Tropilaelaps (Tropilaelaps clareae Delfinado & Baker);
                                  (i)    Small hive beetle (Athena tumida).
AR 194/2003 s2;105/2007
3(1)  A beekeeper must apply for registration with the Provincial Apiculturist each year.
(2)  An applicant for registration must provide the following information to the Provincial Apiculturist:
                                 (a)    the full name, address and telephone number of the applicant;
                                 (b)    the number of colonies of bees owned by the applicant;
                                 (c)    the number of apiaries owned by the applicant and the names of the municipalities in which they are located;
                                 (d)    if the applicant has purchased live bees within the preceding 12 months or since the last registration, the names of the persons who provided the bees.
AR 194/2003 s3;221/2004
4(1)  On receipt of a complete application for registration, the Provincial Apiculturist must register, and issue a certificate of registration to, the applicant.
(2)  The certificate of registration is valid from the time it is issued to the next following June 29th.
Importation of bees
5(1)  No person shall import bees into Alberta from a province or territory unless
                                 (a)    the bees have been treated with a pesticide in a manner that is approved by the Provincial Apiculturist and that is in compliance with the Pest Control Products Act (Canada), and
                                 (b)    the person has written permission in accordance with section 7(1) of the Act.
(2)  Subsection (1) does not apply
                                 (a)    to beekeepers who maintain a beekeeping operation in Saskatchewan or British Columbia within 25 kilometres of the Alberta border, who winter all their bees solely in that location and are importing the bees to registered apiary locations in Alberta within 25 kilometres from the Saskatchewan or British Columbia border, as the case may be, or
                                 (b)    to beekeepers who maintain a beekeeping operation in Alberta within 25 kilometres of the border with Saskatchewan or British Columbia, who winter all their bees solely in that location, who have exported the bees to registered apiary locations within 25 kilometres of Alberta in Saskatchewan or British Columbia, as the case may be, and who are importing them back into Alberta.
6(1)  An appeal may be commenced under section 11 of the Act by filing with the office of the Minister, during regular business hours, a notice of appeal that sets out the grounds of the appeal and includes a copy of the order being appealed.
(2)  An appeal panel appointed by the Minister, consisting of no fewer than 3 persons and no more than 5 persons, the majority of whom are representatives of the Alberta Beekeepers Association, must
                                 (a)    hear the appeal within 10 days, not including holidays, of the date the notice of appeal is filed, and
                                 (b)    render a decision within 20 days, not including holidays, of hearing the appeal.
(3)  If an appeal is commenced, the appeal panel may direct that the order under section 7 or 8 of the Act not be carried out or that the bees not be moved until it renders a decision under subsection (2).
7   The document used for identification of apiculture inspectors must be signed by the Minister and must state the name of the apiculture inspector and the expiry date of the appointment as apiculture inspector.
8   For the purpose of ensuring that this Regulation is reviewed for ongoing relevancy and necessity, with the option that it may be repassed in its present or an amended form following a review, this Regulation expires on November 1, 2018.
AR 194/2003 s8;183/2012