Hazardous Products (Charcoal) Regulations

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Hazardous Products (Charcoal) Regulations

Regulations Respecting the Advertising, Sale and Importation of CharcoalShort Title

1 These Regulations may be cited as the Hazardous Products (Charcoal) Regulations.


2 In these Regulations,

charcoal means any charcoal described in item 24 of Part II of the schedule to the Hazardous Products Act; (charbon de bois)
principal display surface
principal display surface means, in respect of a container containing charcoal, the side or surface of the container that is displayed or visible when the charcoal is offered for sale to the public or when it is used. (principale surface exposée)


3 A person may advertise, sell or import charcoal if a warning, headed by the word "Warning", where it is written in the English language, and the word "Avertissement", where it is written in the French language, is shown in the form and manner prescribed in section 4 on each principal display surface of any container in which the charcoal is offered for sale to the public, conveying clearly that

(a) toxic fumes may occur and cause death if the charcoal is burned without adequate ventilation; and
(b) the charcoal should not be used for cooking or heating indoors without a ventilation system that carries all the fumes outdoors.

SOR/93-234, s. 2.

4 (1) The warning required by section 3 shall be

(a) easily legible and shown clearly and prominently in both the English and French languages;
(b) set apart from other graphic material on the container; and
(c) enclosed by a borderline.

(2) The warning required by section 3 and the borderline enclosing it shall be of a colour that contrasts sharply with the background on which they are shown.

(3) The warning required by section 3 shall be shown in bold-face or medium-face type with

(a) the words "Warning" and "Avertissement" in letters of not less than 9 mm in height; and
(b) the statement required by paragraph 3(b) in letters of not less than 4.5 mm in height.

SOR/92-586, s. 2.