Approved Screening Devices Order

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Approved Screening Devices Order

Registration 1985-11-27
Order Approving Certain Screening Devices for the Purposes of Section 254 of the Criminal CodeThe Attorney General of Canada, pursuant to the definition approved screening deviceFootnote * in subsection 238(1) of the Criminal Code, hereby revokes the Approved Road-Side Screening Device Order, made on April 7, 1983Footnote **, and makes the annexed Order approving certain screening devices for the purposes of section 238 of the Criminal Code, in substitution therefor, effective December 4, 1985.

Return to footnote *S.C. 1985, c. 19, s. 36
Return to footnote **SI/83-81, 1983 Canada Gazette Part II, p. 1642

Ottawa, November 7, 1985
Attorney General of CanadaShort Title

1 This Order may be cited as the Approved Screening Devices Order.

Approved Screening Devices

2 The following devices, each being a device of a kind that is designed to ascertain the presence of alcohol in the blood of a person, are hereby approved for the purposes of section 254 of the Criminal Code:

(a) Alcolmeter S-L2;
(b) Alco-Sûr;
(c) Alcotest® 7410 PA3;
(d) Alcotest® 7410 GLC;
(e) Alco-Sensor IV DWF;
(f) Alco-Sensor IV PWF;
(g) Intoxilyzer 400D;
(h) Alco-Sensor FST; and
(i) Dräger Alcotest 6810.

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