Margarine Act

Published: 2016-01-05

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Margarine Act

amended 1998, c. 8, ss. 57, 58size>

An Act Respecting Margarine

Short title
1 This Act may be cited as the Margarine Act. R.S., c. 269, s. 1.

2 In this Act,

(a) "inspector" means a person appointed or designated by theMinister to carry out this Act and the regulations;

(b) "margarine" means margarine, oleomargarine, butterine orany food substance other than butter, of whatever origin, sourceor composition, that is prepared for substantially the same uses asbutter, but does not include a product designated as an imitationdairy product under the provisions of the Imitation Dairy ProductsAct;

(c) "Minister" means the Minister of Agriculture and Marketing;

(d) "package" includes a wrapper, carton, box, tub, crock, crateor other covering or container;

(e) "public eating place" means any place where food or drinkis offered for sale to the public for consumption on the premisesand includes an hotel, inn, restaurant, public conveyance,victualling house or lunch counter. R.S., c. 269, s. 2.

Notice in public eating place
3 Every keeper of a public eating place where margarine is servedshall

(a) where a menu is used, cause to be displayed thereon in aconspicuous manner the words "margarine is served here";

(b) where a menu is not used, cause to be displayed in aconspicuous manner in each room or place where food is serveda sign or placard bearing the words "margarine is served here" inletters large enough to be distinctly seen from all parts of eachroom or place. R.S., c. 269, s. 3.

No mixing with butter
4 No person shall mix margarine with butter for purposes of sale orfor use in any public eating place. R.S., c. 269, s. 4.

No preservative
5 No person shall manufacture, sell, offer for sale or serve in anypublic eating place any margarine which contains any preservative,except common salt, of a kind or in a quantity forbidden by theregulations.  R.S., c. 269, s. 5.

Requirements of package
6 No person shall sell or offer for sale any margarine except in apackage having legibly marked thereon, in addition to anything requiredunder any Act of the Parliament of Canada or of the Legislature,

(a) the word "margarine" or the trade name of the contents;

(b) a list of the ingredients and the percentage of eachingredient;

(c) the name and address of the manufacturer. R.S., c. 269, s. 6.

7 repealed 1998, c. 8, s. 57.

Regulations and prohibition
8 (1) The Governor in Council may make regulations

(a) repealed 1998, c. 8, s. 58.

(b) prescribing standards of quality for margarine;

(c) prohibiting or limiting the kinds and quantity ofpreservatives;

(d) respecting any other matter necessary or advisable forcarrying out effectively the intent and purpose of this Act.

(2) No person shall serve in any public eating place, nor shall anyperson sell or offer for sale, any margarine that does not conform to thestandards prescribed by the regulations. R.S., c. 269, s. 8; 1998, c. 8, s. 58.

9 (1) The Minister may appoint such inspectors as may berequired for carrying into effect the provisions of this Act and of theregulations made thereunder.

(2) Any inspector appointed under this Act may at any time, for thepurpose of enforcing this Act or the regulations,

(a) enter any place, premises, warehouse, factory, store, boat,car, truck or other vehicle used for the storage or carriage ofmargarine or which the inspector believes is being so used;

(b) require to be produced, for inspection or for the purpose ofobtaining copies thereof or extracts therefrom, any books, shippingbills, bills of lading, sale records or other records or papersrespecting margarine;

(c) detain any margarine for the time necessary to complete hisinspection and at the expense of the owner, manufacturer,wholesaler or retailer take samples of margarine wherever orwhenever he deems necessary. R.S., c. 269, s. 9.

10 Every person who contravenes this Act or any regulation shall,upon summary conviction, be liable to a penalty of not more than onehundred dollars or to imprisonment for not more than thirty days, or toboth fine and imprisonment. R.S., c. 269, s. 10.