Alternative Penalty Act

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Published: 2016-01-05

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Alternative Penalty Act


An Act Respecting
an Alternative Penalty to Fines

Short title
1 This Act may be cited as the Alternative Penalty Act. 1989, c. 2, s. 1.

2 In this Act, "offence" means an offence punishable as provided byor in accordance with the Summary Proceedings Act. 1989, c. 2, s. 2.

Fine-option program
3 (1) The Governor in Council may establish or approve aprogram whereby a fine imposed in respect of an offence may bedischarged, in whole or in part, by earning credits for performingcommunity-service work and providing for the discharge of such fine.

Contents of program
(2) A program referred to in subsection (1) may determine

(a) who is eligible to participate;

(b) what qualifies as community-service work for the purposesof the program;

(c) the rate at which credits are earned;

(d) the manner of crediting amounts earned;

(e) matters deemed by the Governor in Council necessary for orincidental to carrying out the program.

Approval of extra-provincial programs
(3) The Governor in Council may approve a program in anotherjurisdiction that is similar to a program established pursuant to subsection(2) where there is an appropriate agreement between the Province andthat other jurisdiction. 1989, c. 2, s. 3.

4 This Act comes into force on and not before such day as theGovernor in Council orders and declares by proclamation. 1989, c. 2, s. 4.

Proclaimed - January 23, 1990
In force - February 1, 1990