Co-Operative Societies - Commissioner For Co-Operative Development (Ss 3-7)

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[Ch4204s3]3. Powers of the Minister to foster and

encourage Co-operative development


Minister in consultation with the Commissioner shall take such measures as he

may see fit for the registration and supervision of co-operative societies and

for the encouragement of the development of a self-reliant co-operative

movement providing for the economic interests and welfare of its members within

the framework of the policies for national development.

[Ch4204s4]4. Appointment of Commissioner


The Minister shall appoint by notice in the Gazette a Commissioner for

Co-operative Development and may appoint a Deputy Commissioner and Assistant

Commissioners for Co-operative Development along with such other persons as may

be necessary to assist the Commissioner in carrying out the purposes of this

Act; and the Minister may confer on any such persons all or any of the powers

of the Commissioner under this Act.


Any power or duty imposed on the Commissioner by this Act may be exercised or

performed by a Deputy Commissioner if-

(a) the Commissioner is unable to exercise or

perform that duty or power owing to illness or absence; or

(b) the Commissioner authorizes the Deputy

Commissioner in writing to exercise or perform that power or duty.

[Ch4204s5]5. Duties of Commissioner


The Commissioner shall-

(a) register co-operative societies and ensure

their compliance with this Act;

(b) encourage the formation of co-operative

societies by providing information on co-operative principles and practice and

by facilitating registration;

(c) assist the organisation and efficient

operation of co-operative societies;

(d) provide advice and training for officers of

co-operative societies, their members and employees;

(e) carry out such other duties as may be

assigned by this Act or the Minister.


The Commissioner shall present an annual report to the Minister on the

operation of this Act and the societies registered under it.


The Commissioner may establish consultative procedures with the co-operative

movement in Botswana to secure efficient co-operative development.


Where a secondary society has been registered under this Act which includes in

its objects the provision of educational and advisory services for co-operative

enterprises the Commissioner may authorize the secondary society to provide

information, assistance and advice on co-operative principles and practice, and

on co-operative management to facilitate the registration of a proposed society

and the efficient operation of existing societies.

[Ch4204s6]6. Register of co-operative societies


Commissioner shall keep or cause to be kept at his office a register of

co-operative societies in which shall be entered particulars relating to the

registration of societies and their bye-laws, and which shall be open to

inspection by the public at all reasonable times and free of charge.

[Ch4204s7]7. Form of register


The Commissioner shall maintain such registers as may be necessary to carry out

the provisions of this Act.


The Minister may by regulation prescribe the form in which such registers shall

be maintained.


Until such time as any new register may be prepared and opened, the

Commissioner shall continue to keep the register in use immediately prior to

the commencement of this Act.