Casino - Casino Control Board (Ss 3-7)

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Casino Control Board (ss 3-7)

[Ch1901s3]3. Establishment and constitution of Board

(1) There is hereby established a Board to be

known as the Casino Control Board.

(2) The Board shall consist of a Chairman, who

shall not be a public officer, and two other members, who shall be public

officers, all of which members shall be appointed by the Minister by notice in

the Gazette.

(3) A person shall not be qualified to be

appointed a member of the Board if he-

(a) is a

member of the National Assembly;

(b) has

been declared insolvent or adjudged or otherwise declared bankrupt under any

law in force in Botswana or elsewhere and has not been discharged, or has made

a composition with his creditors and has not paid his debts in full; or

(c) has

been convicted of any offence involving dishonesty.

(4) A member of the Board shall hold office for

such period, not exceeding three years, as may be specified in the notice

appointing him and on the expiration of such period shall be eligible for


(5) There shall be paid to the Chairman of the

Board out of public funds such remuneration and allowances as the Minister may


(6) A quorum for a meeting of the Board shall be

two members.

(7) The Minister shall appoint a Secretary to the


[Ch1901s4]4. Temporary members

When the Minister is satisfied that a member of

the Board is temporarily incapacitated by illness, absence or other cause from

satisfactorily performing the duties of his office, the Minister may by notice in

the Gazette appoint temporarily to act in his place a person other than

a public officer, in the case of the Chairman, or a public officer, in the case

of a member other than the Chairman, for such period not exceeding six months

as the Minister may specify.

[Ch1901s5]5. Vacation of office

(1) The Chairman or any other member may at any

time resign his office by notice in writing addressed to the Minister,and on

the receipt of such notice by the Minister the office of such member shall become


(2) The

Minister may by instrument in writing require any member to vacate his office

if, after giving such member an opportunity to be heard, the Minister is

satisfied that such member-

(a) has

been absent from meetings of the Board without reasonable excuse for a period

exceeding six consecutive months;

(b) is

unable to exercise the functions of his office by reason of illness, absence or

other cause and has been, or is likely to be, so unable for a period exceeding

six months; or

(c) is

otherwise unfit to discharge the functions of his office.

[Ch1901s6]6. Filling of casual vacancies

If a member dies or otherwise vacates his office

before the expiration of the period for which he was appointed the Minister may

by notice in the Gazette appoint in his place a person other than a

public officer, in the case of the Chairman, or a public officer, in the case

of a member other than the Chairman, until the expiration of that period.

[Ch1901s7]7. Functions of Board

It shall be the function of the Board-

(a) to

regulate and control the development of casinos;

(b) with

the approval of the Minister, to define areas in which casinos may be

established and operated;

(c) to

receive and consider applications for licences, to verify information contained

therein or submitted therewith, and to issue or refuse licences;

(d) to

receive, consider and decide upon applications for transfer of licences;

(e) to

ensure that such sums of money as may be due to the Government by licensees are

duly paid and accounted for;

(f) to

ensure that licensees maintain the casinos in respect of which they are

licensed to the required standard;

(g) for any

of its members, or to authorize any person to enter and inspect a casino at

such times and in such manner as it may deem necessary in order to ascertain

whether the terms and conditions of a licence are being observed;

(h) to

consult such persons having technical or expert knowledge of matters to be

considered by the Board as it may consider necessary; and

(i) to do

all things necessary or convenient for the purpose of carrying out its