Associate Degrees Rules 2012

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Programs and Awards Statute 2012
The Council of The Australian National University makes these Rules under section 8 of the Programs and Awards Statute 2012.
Dated: 25 May 2012.
Professor the Hon Gareth Evans AO QC
Name of Rules and commencement
1(1)     These Rules are the Associate Degrees Rules 2012.
(2)       These Rules commence on the day after they are registered.
2(1)     In these Rules, unless the contrary intention appears:
arrangement means an arrangement to which rule 3 refers;
associate degree means an associate degree referred to in column 3 of an item in the Schedule that is administered by an ANU College or The ANU College mentioned in column 2 of that item;
Deputy Vice-Chancellor, in relation to a matter, means the person who holds office as a Deputy Vice-Chancellor and who has portfolio responsibility for the matter;
program means a program of study for an associate degree;
student means a candidate for an associate degree.
3(1)     Notwithstanding anything else in these Rules, if the Deputy Vice-Chancellor arranges, in writing, for a program to be offered in cooperation with another institution, the arrangement prevails over these Rules and these Rules are to be interpreted accordingly.
Associate Degrees
4(1)     The University offers the associate degrees set out in the Schedule.
Application for admission to candidature
5(1)     A person wishing to pursue an academic program for an associate degree must apply in accordance with the arrangement for enrolment in the program.
6(1)     A person may be enrolled as a student in a program in accordance with the arrangement.
(2)       A person enrolled as a student under subrule (1) is taken to have commenced the program on the date on which the student commenced the program for the associate degree.
Program of study
7(1)     A program consists of a sequence of undergraduate courses to a value determined by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor.
Student may complete certain courses at approved institutions
8(1)     A student may complete some or all of the courses for the program at another institution approved by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor.
Duration of program and program leave of absence
9(1)     Unless the Deputy Vice-Chancellor otherwise determines, a program is to be completed within 2 years after the commencement of the program.
(2)       The arrangement for the program may provide for the approval of a period of program leave of absence and the terms under which such approval may be given.
Academic Performance
10(1)   The academic performance of a student is to be assessed in accordance with the arrangement.
11(1)   Assessments are to be conducted in accordance with the arrangement or otherwise as approved by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor.
Classifications of performance of student
12(1)   The classification of performance of a student is to be in accordance with the arrangement.
Award of associate degree
13(1)   If the relevant Delegated Authority decides that a student be granted an associate degree, the Delegated Authority may resolve that the student be awarded the associate degree.
[NOTE: Rule 17 of the Discipline Rules provides for withholding of awards where obligations to the University have not been met.]
Review of decisions
14(1)   The review of a decision taken by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor or a Delegated Authority under these Rules is to be conducted in accordance with the arrangement.
Application of amending rules
15(1)   If an amendment is made to these Rules, and that amendment affects a program to which these Rules relate, that amendment does not apply to a student who, before the making of the amendment, has completed any work towards an associate degree unless:
              (a)   the student elects that the amendment apply to the student and the proposed alterations are approved under the arrangements for the program; or
              (b)   the relevant Delegated Authority otherwise determines.
16(1)   The Associate Degrees Rules 2006 as amended and in force immediately before the commencement of these Rules, are repealed.
Column 1 
Item No.
Column 2 
ANU College/The ANU College 
Column 3 
Associate Degree (AssocDeg)

Engineering and Computer Science
specialising in Engineering (offered in cooperation with the Canberra Institute of Technology)

Medicine, Biology and Environment
Physical and Mathematical Sciences
specialising in Science (offered in cooperation with the Canberra Institute of Technology)

Arts and Social Sciences
specialising in Music (offered in cooperation with the Canberra Institute of Technology)

The ANU College
specialising in Social Studies

The ANU College
specialising in Science and Technology

The ANU College
specialising in Business Studies