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CASA 156/12 - Instructions - GLS approach procedures (Qantas)

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Instrument number CASA 156/12
I, PETER BEILBY CROMARTY, Acting Executive Manager, Operations Division, a delegate of CASA, make this instrument under subregulation 179A (1) of the Civil Aviation Regulations 1988.
[Signed P. B. Cromarty]
Peter Cromarty
Acting Executive Manager
Operations Division
30 May 2012
Instructions — GLS approach procedures (Qantas)
1          Duration
                 This instrument:
(a)   commences on 1 June 2012; and
(b)   stops having effect at the end of 31 July 2014.
2          Revocation
                 This instrument revokes instruments CASA 331/11 and CASA 336/11.
3          Dictionary
                 A dictionary for this instrument is in Schedule 4.
4          Application
                 This instrument applies to the use of the certified Honeywell GBAS SLS-4000 “SmartPath” facility installed by Airservices Australia at Kingsford Smith International Airport, Sydney (the KSA GBAS facility) by Qantas aircraft conducting a GLS approach in accordance with Schedule 2.
5          Instructions
                 The instructions in Schedule 1 are issued.
Schedule 1          Instructions
        1     A pilot in command may use the KSA GBAS facility only when conducting a GLS approach for, and in accordance with, the Qantas implementation mentioned in Schedule 2.
        2     In I.M.C., a pilot in command may conduct a GLS approach only to the higher of the published “GLS approach chart” minima or the minima as amended by Qantas INTAM or NOTAM.
        3     Autoland operations are permitted for revenue flights after the qualification requirements specified in the Qantas proposal are met.
Schedule 2          Qantas implementation
              The Qantas implementation of GLS approaches is an implementation that:
(a)   matches the principles described in the Stage 1 GLS implementation proposal made to CASA by Qantas and contained in the document titled Application for Approval to Conduct GLS Approach and Autoland Operations on A380 and B737-800, Version 1.2 and subsequent, as supplied to CASA (the Qantas proposal); and
(b)   complies with the conditions mentioned in Schedule 3.
Schedule 3          Conditions of the Qantas implementation
        1     A GLS approach may only be conducted by an approved pilot in a Qantas A380 or B737-800 aircraft that has approved GLS receivers identified in the AFM.
        2     A GLS approach may only be conducted in accordance with the Qantas Flight Crew Operating Manual for the aircraft type.
        3     Before commencing a GLS approach in an A380 aircraft, the pilot in command must check and ensure that either “AUTOLAND” or “CAT 1” is displayed for the approach capability on the aircraft’s Flight Mode Annunciator.
        4     A GLS approach must not be used to satisfy any planning requirements for alternate aerodromes prior to the completion of phase 3 in the Qantas proposal.
        5     A GLS approach must not be associated with LAHSO.
        6     CASA must be permitted by Qantas, on request, to attend:
(a)   any simulator training undertaken for GLS approaches; or
(b)   any line flight that includes those approaches.
        7     At intervals not exceeding 3 months, Qantas must report to CASA, in writing, the number of GLS approaches flown and, for each approach, each of the following events that occurred after passing the initial approach fix:
(a)   any uncommanded autoflight system disconnect;
(b)   single or dual GLS failure;
(c)   display of no computed data;
(d)   display of flashing warnings on the PFD;
(e)   pilot report of any anomaly, including an approach and/or an autoland operation assessed by the pilot as unsatisfactory.
        8     Qantas must immediately tell CASA of any matter concerning a GLS approach that relates to the safety of GLS approaches.
Schedule 4          Dictionary
              In this instrument:
AFM means aircraft flight manual.
approved pilot means a pilot employed by Qantas who has been trained for GLS approaches in accordance with the Qantas proposal.
GLS means a GNSS Landing System that is augmented by a ground-based augmentation system (GBAS).
GLS approach means a GLS instrument approach procedure designed by a certified designer and published in the AIP under Part 173 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998.
GNSS means a Global Navigation Satellite System.
LAHSO means land and hold short operations.
Qantas means Qantas Airways Limited, Aviation Reference Number 216147.
Qantas implementation means the implementation of GLS approaches mentioned in Schedule 2.