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Information Infrastructure and Services Statute 2012

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Australian National University Act 1991
The Council of The Australian National University makes the following Statute under section 50 of the Australian National University Act 1991.
Dated: 25 May 2012.
Professor the Hon Gareth Evans AO QC
1       Name of Statute
1.1        This Statute is the Information Infrastructure and Services Statute 2012.
2       Commencement
2.1        This Statute commences on the day after it is registered.
3       Interpretation
3.1        In this Statute, unless the contrary intention appears:
information includes data stored in print, digitally or in any other format.
information infrastructure includes the buildings, permanent installations, information services, fixtures, cabling and capital equipment that comprise the underlying system within or by which the University:
              (a)   holds, transmits, manages, uses, analyses or accesses information; or
              (b)   carries communication.
[Note: information infrastructure is intended to include all premises, installations and fixtures relating to analogue and digital services and library services including hardware and software applications within those premises and installations. Thus, a laboratory, a library or a theatre may form part of the information infrastructure, as may a computer, other hardware and software applications, VCRs, DVDs, sound and recording systems and image projectors.]
information services includes all library, archive, records, computer (hardware and software), network, analogue and digital information services of the University.
Library includes:
              (a)   the physical library collections and information resources of the University; and
              (b)   archival collections of the University; and
              (c)   any place provided by the University for students to carry out their work.
4       Delegation
4.1        The Executive Director (Administration and Planning) may, in writing, appoint a nominee to exercise the powers of the Executive Director (Administration and Planning) under the Rules.
4.2        Subject to any direction by the Executive Director (Administration and Planning), the nominee exercises the powers of the Executive Director (Administration and Planning) as if the person were the Executive Director (Administration and Planning).
4.3        Nothing in this section prevents the Executive Director (Administration and Planning)  performing any of the functions, or exercising any of the powers, given to a nominee under this section.
5       Rules and Orders
5.1        The Council may make Rules or Orders not inconsistent with this Statute, prescribing all matters required or permitted by this Statute to be prescribed, or necessary or convenient to be prescribed, for carrying out or giving effect to this Statute and, in particular may make Rules or Orders about the control, management and discipline of the information infrastructure or the information services.
5.2        The power to make Rules or Orders under subsection 5.1 is in addition to the powers conferred on the Council by the Discipline Statute and the Medical Leave Statute.
6       Repeal and saving
6.1        The Information Infrastructure and Services Statute 2008, as amended and in force immediately before the commencement of this Statute, is repealed.