Civil Aviation Order 100.5 Amendment Instrument 2012 (No. 2)

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I, JOHN FRANCIS McCORMICK, Director of Aviation Safety, on behalf of CASA, make this instrument under regulation 38 of the Civil Aviation Regulations 1988 (CAR 1988).
[Signed John F. McCormick]
John F. McCormick
Director of Aviation Safety
30 January 2012
Civil Aviation Order 100.5 Amendment Instrument 2012 (No. 2)
1          Name of instrument
                 This instrument is the Civil Aviation Order 100.5 Amendment Instrument 2012 (No. 2).
2          Commencement
                 This instrument commences on the day after registration.
Note   For subregulations 38 (2) and 5 (2) of CAR 1988, the instrument was gazetted on the day it commenced.
3          Amendment of Civil Aviation Order 100.5
                 Schedule 1 amends Civil Aviation Order 100.5.
Schedule 1          Amendments
[1]        After subsection 8
8A       Maintenance of airframe parachute systems
    8A.1     In this subsection:
approved course of training means a course of formal training, or a period of relevant practical experience, or both a course of formal training and a period of practical experience:
(a)   designed to:
             (i)  convey detailed knowledge of GARD equipment, and the aircraft controls, systems and precautions for use of such equipment; and
            (ii)  in the light of such knowledge, enable the holder of a relevant category B1 licence to safely perform maintenance on GARD equipment; and
(b)   approved in writing for the licence holder by his or her CAR 30 maintenance organisation.
CAR 30 maintenance organisation means the holder of a certificate of approval under regulation 30 of CAR 1988 for carrying out maintenance on aircraft, aircraft components or aircraft materials.
general aviation recovery device (GARD equipment) means an airframe parachute system which is installed on an aircraft and which, however it is activated and the parachute deployed, is designed to control the aircraft’s descent in an emergency such as engine failure or loss of aerodynamic control.
specially qualified LAME means a licensed aircraft maintenance engineer who:
(a)   holds a category B1 licence, issued under Part 66 of CASR 1998 in a subcategory relevant to the aircraft on which the person performs work; and
(b)   has successfully completed an approved course of training in the operation and maintenance of GARD equipment.
    8A.2     Maintenance of GARD equipment must be carried out by:
(a)   a Part 145 organisation; or
(b)   a CAR 30 maintenance organisation.
    8A.3     If maintenance of GARD equipment is carried out by a CAR 30 maintenance organisation, the organisation must ensure that only a specially qualified LAME, employed by the organisation, may perform the maintenance.
Note   Apart from the separate privileges of a Part 145 organisation, maintenance of GARD equipment may only be carried out by a specially qualified LAME employed by a CAR 30 maintenance organisation. Therefore, such maintenance may not be carried out by a person referred to in paragraph 42ZC (4) (b) of CAR 1988, sometimes known as an independent LAME or a LAME employed by an independent LAME.