Carrier Licence Conditions (OptiComm Co Pty Ltd) Declaration 2013

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Commonwealth of Australia
Telecommunications Act 1997
Carrier Licence Conditions
(OptiComm Co Pty Ltd) Declaration 2013
I, MALCOLM BLIGH TURNBULL, Minister for Communications, make the following declaration under subsection 63(2) of the Telecommunications Act 1997.
Dated 14 October 2013.
Minister for Communications
1        Name of Declaration
This Declaration is the Carrier Licence Conditions (OptiComm Co Pty Ltd) Declaration 2013.
2        Commencement
This Declaration commences on the day after it is registered on the Federal Register of Legislative Instruments.
3        Definitions
In this Declaration:
Act means the Telecommunications Act 1997.
development area means a real estate development specified in column 1 of the table at Schedule 1 to this Declaration that occupies the corresponding area of land depicted in the relevant map at Annexure A to Schedule 1 (refer to columns 2 and 3 of the table at Schedule 1 to this Declaration).
Licensee means OptiComm Co Pty Ltd (ACN 117 414 776), as the company exists from time to time (even if its name is later changed).
relevant premises means premises that are:
(a)     occupied or used by an end-user; and
(b)    situated in a development area.
Specified OptiComm Network means a telecommunications network:
(a)    that is owned by the Licensee; and
(b)   which is located in a development area; and
(c)    which uses fibre-to-the-premises architecture.
Note               The following expressions have the meaning given by the Act (see subsection 13(1) of the Legislative Instruments Act 2003):
·         carriage service
·         carriage service provider
·         telecommunications network
4        Obligation to connect relevant premises
(1) Upon reasonable request by an end-user at relevant premises, the Licensee must:
(a)    connect; or
(b)   arrange for another person on its behalf to connect;
the relevant premises to the Specified OptiComm Network in order that a carriage service provider can provide carriage services to the end-user at the relevant premises.
(2) For the purposes of subclause (1), a request may be made directly by an end-user to the Licensee or by a carriage service provider to the Licensee on behalf of an end-user.
Schedule 1 – Specified OptiComm Networks
(clauses 3 and 4)
Item number
Name and location of real estate development project
Area of project (map number)

Alamanda Estate
Point Cook  VIC  3030
Map 1 at Annexure A

Anglicare Chesalon Retirement Village
Oran Park  NSW  2570
Map 2 at Annexure A

Blakes Crossing Estate
North Adelaide  SA  5006
Map 3 at Annexure A

Camden Hills Business Park
Camden  NSW  2570
Map 4 at Annexure A

Gregory Hills Estate
Gregory Hills  NSW  2557
Map 5 at Annexure A

Fernbrooke Estate
Redbank Plains  QLD  4301
Map 6 at Annexure A

Grandvue Estate
Officer  VIC  3809
Map 7 at Annexure A

Jackson’s View Estate
Drouin  VIC 3818
Map 8 at Annexure A

Lightsview Estate
Northgate  Adelaide  SA 5085
Map 9 at Annexure A

Lochiel Park Estate
Adelaide  SA  5000
Map 10 at Annexure A

Macarthur Gardens Retirement Village
Campbelltown  NSW  2560
Map 11 at Annexure A

Mandalay Estate
Beveridge  VIC  3753
Map 12 at Annexure A

Oran Park Town Development
Oran Park  NSW  2570
Map 13 at Annexure A

Panorama Estate
Glenfield  NSW  2167
Map 14 at Annexure A

Parkbridge Estate
Middleton Grange  NSW  2171
Map 15 at Annexure A

Springfield Lakes Estate
Springfield Lakes  QLD  4300
Map 16 at Annexure A

Trinity Estate
Alkimos, North Perth  WA  6038
Map 17 at Annexure A

University Hill and Chancellor Estates
Bundoora  VIC  3051
Map 18 at Annexure A

Waterford County Estate
East Maitland  NSW  2323
Map 19 at Annexure A

Vista Estate
Glenfield  NSW  2167
Map 20 at Annexure A

Brighton Estate
North Perth  WA  6006
Map 21 at Annexure A

Hamilton Harbour Estate
Brisbane  QLD  4000
Map 22 at Annexure A

Evergeen Links Estate
Eaglehawk  VIC  3556
Map 23 at Annexure A

Evergreen Waters Estate
Jackass Flat  VIC  3556
Map 24 at Annexure A

Casiana Estate
Cranbourne West  VIC  3977
Map 25 at Annexure A

Map 1 – Alamanda Estate, VIC

Map 2 – Anglicare Chesalon Retirement Village, NSW

Map 3 – Blakes Crossing Estate, SA

Map 4 – Camden Hills Business Park, NSW

Map 5 – Gregory Hills Estate, NSW

Map 6 – Fernbrooke Estate, QLD
Map 7 – Grandvue Estate, VIC

Map 8 – Jackson’s View Estate, VIC
Map 9 – Lightsview Estate, SA

Map 10 – Lochiel Park Estate, SA

Map 11 – Macarthur Gardens Retirement Village, NSW
Map 12 – Mandalay Estate, VIC
Map 13 – Oran Park Town Development, NSW
Map 14 – Panorama Estate, NSW
Map 15 – Parkbridge Estate, NSW
Map 16 – Springfield Lakes, QLD
Map 17 – Trinity Estate, WA
Map 18 – University Hill and Chancellor Estates, VIC
Map 19 – Waterford County Estate, NSW

Map 20 – Vista Estate, NSW
Map 21 – Brighton Estate, WA

Map 22 – Hamilton Harbour Estate, QLD
Map 23 – Evergreen Links Estate, VIC
Map 24 – Evergreen Waters Estate, VIC
Map 25 – Casiana Estate, VIC