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CASA EX60/13 - Exemption - provision of ARFFS service at Port Hedland aerodrome

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Instrument number CASA EX60/13
I, PETER BEILBY CROMARTY, Executive Manager, Airspace and Aerodrome Regulation Division, a delegate of CASA, make this instrument under regulation 11.160 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998 (CASR 1998).
[Signed P. B. Cromarty]
Peter Cromarty
Executive Manager
Airspace and Aerodrome Regulation Division
28 May 2013
Exemption — provision of ARFFS service at Port Hedland aerodrome
1          Duration
                 This instrument:
(a)   commences on the day after registration; and
(b)   expires at the end of May 2014 as if it had been repealed by another instrument.
2          Application
                 This instrument applies to Airservices Australia (AA) as the approved Aerodrome Rescue and Fire Fighting Service (ARFFS) providing firefighting services at Port Hedland aerodrome.
3          Exemption
                 AA is exempt from compliance with:
(a)   subregulation 139.772 (2) of CASR 1998 in respect of paragraph of the Manual of Standards (MOS) – Subpart 139.H (the MOS); and
(b)   subregulation 139.775 (1) of CASR 1998; and
(c)   subregulation 139.835 (1) of CASR 1998 in respect of paragraph of the MOS.
4          Conditions
                 The exemption is subject to the conditions mentioned in Schedule 1.
Schedule 1          Conditions
        1     The exemption in paragraph 2 (a) is subject to the following conditions:
(a)       AA must ensure that ARFFS personnel based at Port Hedland aerodrome (the original location) are provided with “hot fire” training at another ARFFS location (alternate ARFFS location) where “hot fire” training facilities are available;
(b)   if “hot fire” training is provided at an alternate ARFFS location, AA must enter into a formal agreement with the ARFFS operator at the alternate ARFFS location in relation to the provision of that training.
        2     The exemption granted in paragraph 2 (b) is subject to the condition that AA must arrange for the Australian NOTAM Office to publish a NOTAM in relation to the ARFFS service provided at Port Hedland aerodrome which specifies the hours during which the service is to be provided and the level of the service which is to be provided.
        3     The exemption granted in paragraph 2 (c) is subject to the condition that AA must provide at least an aerodrome category 6 level of ARFFS protection as determined in accordance with the table set out at paragraph of the MOS.