Customs By-law No. 1303598

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BY-LAW No. 1303598
I, Geoff Johannes, delegate of the Chief Executive Officer, under section 271 of the Customs Act 1901 make the by-law set out in the Schedule below.
Item 32
Schedule 4
1.       This by-law may be cited as Customs By-law No. 1303598.
2.             This by-law shall take effect on and from 1 March 2013.
3.       For the purposes of item 32 of Schedule 4 to the Customs Tariff Act 1995, fabrics classified under headings 5007, 5208, 5210, 5212, 5407, 5408, 5512, 5513, 5515 or 5516 in Schedule 3 are prescribed.
4.             The application of item 32 to the goods in paragraph 3 is subject to the following conditions:
(a)     the fabrics must weigh less than 125 grams per square metre;
(b)     the fabrics must be imported for the purpose of impregnating, coating, covering or laminating with plastics with a permanent plastic addition of 30 grams per square metre or more by the person who entered the goods for home consumption; and
(c)     as coated fabric, the fabric must be:
(i)   sold in that form; or
(ii)  made up into finished products, other than curtains, by the importer.
5.       For the purposes of paragraph 4, “coated fabric” means fabric that has been impregnated, coated, covered or laminated with a permanent plastic addition of 30 grams per square metre or more.
6.       For the purposes of paragraph 4, “plastics” means plastics as defined in Note 1 to Chapter 39 in Schedule 3 to the Customs Tariff Act 1995.
7.       The weight specified in paragraph 4 may have a tolerance of plus or minus 1 per cent when measured in accordance with Australian Standard AS 2001.2.13.
8.       For the purposes of this by-law, the “Customs Tariff Act 1995” means the Customs Tariff Act 1995, as amended or proposed to be altered.
Dated this fourteenth day of February 2013.
Geoff Johannes
Delegate of the
Chief Executive Officer