CASA EX05/13 - Exemption - use of ADS B for the provision of air traffic services

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Instrument number CASA EX05/13
I, PETER BEILBY CROMARTY, Executive Manager, Airspace and Aerodrome Regulation Division, a delegate of CASA, make this instrument under regulation 11.160 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998 (CASR 1998).
[Signed P. B. Cromarty]
Peter Cromarty
Executive Manager
Airspace and Aerodrome Regulation Division
15 January 2013
Exemption — use of ADS B for the provision of air traffic services
1          Duration
                 This instrument:
(a)   commences on the day after it is registered; and
(b)   stops having effect at the end of 18 January 2014.
2          Application
                 This instrument applies to Airservices Australia (AA), Aviation Reference Number 202210, as an air traffic services provider.
3          Exemption
                 AA is exempt from compliance with subregulation 172.065 (1) of CASR 1998 in respect of subparagraph (c) of the Manual of Standards Part 172.