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CASA EX150/14 - Exemption from subregulation 139.190(1) of CASR 1998 – requirement to provide a VASIS

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Instrument number CASA EX150/14
I, terence lindsay farquharson, Acting Director of Aviation Safety, on behalf of CASA, make this instrument under regulation 11.160 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998 (CASR 1998).
[Signed T. Farquharson]
Terry Farquharson
Acting Director of Aviation Safety
14 November 2014
Exemption from subregulation 139.190 (1) of CASR 1998 — requirement to provide a VASIS
1          Duration
                 This instrument:
(a)       commences on the day of registration (the commencement date); and
(b)      expires, as if it had been repealed by another instrument, at the earlier of:
             (i)  the end of November 2016; or
            (ii)  the commencement of Parts 119, 121 and 135 of CASR 1998.
2          Application
                 This exemption applies to the operator of a certified aerodrome (the operator) in relation to the provision of a visual approach slope indicator system (VASIS) for a runway that is regularly used by jet-propelled aircraft conducting charter operations.
3          Exemption
                 The operator is exempt from compliance with subregulation 139.190 (1) of CASR 1998.
4          Conditions
                 The exemption is subject to the conditions mentioned in Schedule 1.
Schedule 1          Conditions
      1     This exemption does not apply if the runway is used by jet-propelled aircraft that are engaged in regular public transport operations.
      2     This exemption does not apply to certified aerodromes that have a VASIS installed at the commencement date.
      3     This exemption does not affect CASA’s power under subregulation 139.190 (2) of CASR 1998 to issue a direction to the operator of a certified aerodrome to which this exemption would otherwise apply.