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CASA EX131/14 - Exemption — Cessna 500 series aeroplanes single-pilot private operation

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Instrument number CASA EX131/14
I, GERARD JOHN CAMPBELL, Executive Manager, Operations Division, a delegate of CASA, make this instrument under regulation 11.160 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998 (CASR 1998) and subsection 33 (3) of the Acts Interpretation Act 1901.
[Signed G.J. Campbell]
Gerard J. Campbell
Executive Manager
Operations Division
15 October 2014
Exemption — Cessna 500 series aeroplanes single-pilot private operation
1          Duration
                 This instrument:
(a)   commences on the day of registration; and
(b)   expires at the end of February 2017, as if it had been repealed by another instrument.
2          Repeal
                 Instrument CASA EX20/14 is repealed.
3          Definitions
In this instrument:
Exemption 11045 means Exemption Number 11045 issued by the FAA to the Cessna Aircraft Company on 28 August 2014, and revised and reissued from time to time.
FAA means the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States of America.
4          Application
                 This instrument applies to a pilot who:
(a)   holds a C500/550/560(SP) type rating; and
(b)   conducts private operations.
Note   A C500/550/560(SP) type rating, as mentioned in instrument CASA 186/14, relates to the following aeroplane models and variants: C500, C501, C550 (all models, excluding Bravo), C551 series, C560 V, C550 Bravo, C560 Ultra, C560 Encore and C560 Encore+.
5          Exemption
        (1)     The pilot is exempt from compliance with subregulation 138 (1) of the Civil Aviation Regulations 1988 (CAR 1988) but only in relation to the requirement that the aircraft must be operated with a minimum flight crew of 2 persons (a pilot and co-pilot).
        (2)     The operator of an aircraft that is being piloted by a pilot mentioned in subsection 5 (1) is exempt from compliance with subregulation 208 (1) of CAR 1988, but only to the extent that a requirement in the certificate of airworthiness or flight manual states that the minimum operating crew is 2 persons (a pilot and co-pilot).
6          Conditions
                 The exemptions in section 5 are subject to the conditions mentioned in Schedule 1.
Schedule 1          General conditions
        1     The pilot must undergo an annual instrument proficiency check in the aircraft type in accordance with regulation 61.805 of CASR 1998 and the Part 61 Manual of Standards.
        2     The pilot must undertake the instrument proficiency check as a single-pilot type.
        3     The pilot must carry a copy of:
(a)   this exemption; and
(b)   documentation from Cessna Aircraft Company demonstrating satisfactory completion of the single-pilot training program approved by the FAA in accordance with Exemption 11045.