AD/ERJ-190/12 Amdt 1 - Hydraulic Shutoff Valves

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On the effective date specified below, and for the reasons set out in the background section, the CASA delegate whose signature appears below repeals Airworthiness Directive (AD) AD/ERJ-190/12 and issues the following AD under subregulation 39.001 (1) of CASR 1998 and subsection 33 (3) of the Acts Interpretation Act 1901. The AD requires that the action set out in the requirement section (being action that the delegate considers necessary to correct an unsafe condition) be taken in relation to the aircraft or aeronautical product mentioned in the applicability section: (a) in the circumstances mentioned in the requirement section; and (b) in accordance with the instructions set out in the requirement section; and (c) at the time mentioned in the compliance section.
Embraer ERJ-190 Series Aeroplanes
AD/ERJ-190/12 Amdt 1
Hydraulic Shutoff Valves
Embraer ERJ-190( ) aircraft equipped with firewall hydraulic shutoff valves part numbers (P/N) 975287-3 or 975287-5.

Perform an operational check for proper operation of the firewall hydraulic shutoff valves P/Ns 975287-3 or 975287-5, in accordance with Embraer Service Bulletin (SB) No. 190-29-0008 original issue, or further revisions approved by the ANAC.
If necessary, replace any faulty hydraulic shutoff valve with either;
(a)     a valve bearing P/Ns 975287-3 or 975287-5 that has passed the operational check ;or,
 (b)    a valve bearing a new P/N that has been approved as a replacement valve.
For the purpose of this AD, an operational check is: “A task to determine that an item is fulfilling its intended purpose. The check does not require quantitative tolerances. This is a failure finding task.”
The instructions and procedures to accomplish this AD are detailed in Embraer SB No. 190-29-0008 original issue, or further revisions approved by the ANAC.
Note: AGÊNCIA NACIONAL DE AVIAÇÃO CIVIL - BRAZIL AD 2007-02-02R2 dated 17 July 2009 refers. 

Initial inspection within 600 flight hours from 27 August 2007, unless previously accomplished, thereafter at intervals not to exceed 600 flight hours.

The effective date of this AD is 25 August 2014.

Amendment 1 of this AD has been issued to fully reflect the details and requirements of revision 2 of the Brazilian AD which was issued to remove the requirement to install the same P/N valve where replacement is found necessary. Installation of a new P/N valve is now possible.
Periodic operational check of the firewall hydraulic shutoff valves, made during routine maintenance, has revealed that the failure rate of that component is significantly higher than expected.

Such a dormant failure, when combined with further possible failures, such as engine fire, may lead to an unacceptable reduction of safety margins.

Pieter van Dijk
Delegate of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority
18 August 2014