CASA EX37/14 - Exemption — initial NVG pilot flight training prerequisites

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Instrument number CASA EX37/14
I, gerard john campbell, Executive Manager, Operations Division, as authorised by CASA, make this instrument under subclause 29.2 in Appendix 3 of Civil Aviation Order 82.6 (CAO 82.6) and subsection 33 (3) of the Acts Interpretation Act 1901.
[Signed G.J. Campbell]
Gerard J. Campbell
Executive Manager
Operations Division
10 June 2014
Exemption — initial NVG pilot flight training prerequisites
1          Repeal
                     Instrument CASA EX87/13 is repealed.
2          Application
                       This instrument applies to each member of the Saudi Arabian National Guard, or the United Arab Emirates Joint Air Command, who is registered as a trainee NVG pilot (the exempt trainee) with Becker Helicopter Services Pty Ltd (Becker), Aviation Reference Number 539967.
3          Exemption
                       Each exempt trainee is exempt from the following initial NVG pilot flight training prerequisites of subclause 29.1 in Appendix 3 of CAO 82.6, namely, paragraphs 29.1 (a) to (e), inclusive.
4          Conditions
                       Each exemption of an exempt trainee is subject to the conditions mentioned in Schedule 1.
5          Duration
                       This instrument:
(a)   commences on the day of registration; and
(b)   expires for an exempt trainee, as if it had been repealed by another instrument, at the earlier of:
             (i)  the end of June 2016; or
            (ii)  the exempt trainee ceasing to be an exempt trainee with Becker.
Schedule 1          Conditions
Safety case
          1     Becker must comply with the applicable procedures, requirements and undertakings in its safety case dated 7 January 2014, specifically in regard to risk mitigators for exempt trainees and instructors.
        2     Subject to this instrument, Becker must comply with, or ensure compliance with, all applicable provisions of CAO 82.6 for NVG pilot training.
        3     Becker must ensure that CASA remains satisfied that its safety case continues to be appropriate in relation to the NVG training of each exempt trainee.
        4     Becker must comply with any written direction of CASA intended to ensure the continuing safety of the NVG training of each exempt trainee.
Note   Subject to this instrument, a written direction must be consistent with CAO 82.6.
NVG flight instructors
          5     Each NVG flight instructor for an exempt trainee must have, as a minimum, the qualifications and experience set out in paragraphs 15.4 (a) to (e) (inclusive) and (fa) to (h) (inclusive) in Appendix 3 of CAO 82.6.
        6     Without affecting clause 5, each NVG flight instructor for an exempt trainee must also have:
(a)   a minimum of 100 hours of post-NVG qualification NVG flight time; or
(b)   a minimum of:
             (i)  50 hours of post-NVG qualification NVG flight time; and
            (ii)  1 200 hours of aeronautical experience as a helicopter pilot; and
           (iii)  a current grade 2 or higher flight instructor (helicopter) rating, including:
(A)    450 hours of helicopter instructing experience; and
(B)    100 hours of instructing experience with exempt trainees, of which at least 25 hours has been within the previous 6 months; and
           (iv)  NVFR training approval, including 100 hours of NVFR training experience, of which at least 25 hours has been training exempt trainees; and
            (v)  50 hours of NVG flying experience using the same NVG type as approved for use by Becker; and
           (vi)  a command (multi-engine helicopter) or command (single engine helicopter) instrument rating; and
          (vii)  100 hours of aeronautical experience as a helicopter pilot on the same helicopter type with the same cockpit layout as used on the training course.
        7     For clause 6, the NVG flight time and the NVG flying experience must be in 1 or more of the following capacities:
(a)   as NVG pilot in command;
(b)   as NVG pilot in command under supervision (known as ICUS);
(c)   as NVG pilot under post-initial qualification dual training.
Exempt trainees
          8     Before commencing NVG training, each exempt trainee must have completed with Becker at least 145 hours of helicopter flight training.
        9     For clause 8, the flight training must comprise at least the following flight training hours:
(a)   80 hours basic and tactical training in a Bell 206 JetRanger helicopter (Bell 206);
(b)   55 hours of helicopter instrument training, being:
             (i)  30 hours in a Bell 206 synthetic trainer; and
            (ii)  25 hours actual flight time in a Bell 206;
(c)       10 hours of NVFR training in a Bell 206.
      10     The exempt trainee must not conduct any solo NVG flying but must at all relevant times fly in planned flight as a registered exempt trainee with a qualified NVG flying instructor who complies with clauses 5, 6 and 7.