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CASA EX26/14 - Exemptions — compliance with SIDs in the maintenance of Cessna aircraft

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Instrument number CASA EX26/14
I, john francis mccormick, Director of aviation safety, on behalf of CASA, make this instrument under regulation 11.160 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998.
[Signed John F. McCormick]
John F. McCormick
Director of Aviation Safety
25 March 2014
Exemptions —compliance with SIDs in the maintenance of Cessna aircraft
1          Duration
                 This exemption:
(a)       commences on 14 April 2014; and
(b)      expires on the expiry date specified in Schedule 1 in relation to the applicable Cessna aircraft description and class of operations, as if it had been repealed by another instrument.
2          Definitions
                 In this instrument:
CAR 1988 means the Civil Aviation Regulations 1988.
FAA means the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States of America.
maintenance means maintenance referred to in any of the following provisions of CAR 1988:
(a)       regulation 42A (the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule);
(b)      regulation 42B (the CASA maintenance schedule);
(c)       regulation 42C (an approved system of maintenance).
3          Application
                 This instrument applies to:
(a)   each person carrying out maintenance on a Cessna aircraft referred to in Schedule 1 (a Schedule 1 aircraft) in respect of compliance with supplemental inspection documents (SIDs); and
(b)   any of the following persons in respect of compliance with SIDs in maintaining a Schedule 1 aircraft:
             (i)  the holder of the certificate of registration;
            (ii)  the operator;
           (iii)  the registered operator;
           (iv)  the pilot in command.
4          Exemption from CAR 1988 regulations
                 Subject to section 5, a person mentioned in section 3, is exempt from compliance with regulations 38, 39, 41, 42, 42V and 42ZP of CAR 1988.
5          Exceptions to application of exemption
                 This exemption is subject to the following exceptions:
(a)       where an existing FAA approved Cessna Maintenance Manual, Chapter 4, Airworthiness Limitations Section has had a SID, or part of a SID, incorporated into its requirements, that SID, or part, must be complied with as a mandatory maintenance requirement referred to in subsection 9 of Civil Aviation Order 100.5.
(b)      Cessna 441 Conquest/Conquest II aircraft that have the Aeronautical Engineers (AEA) Life Extension Program incorporated in accordance with CASA STC SVA 528 must be maintained in accordance with the AEA Maintenance Manual Supplement No. MMS13757.030-01 or subsequent CASA approved revisions.
Note   For example, in relation to paragraph (a), see Cessna model T303, where some aspects of SIDs have been incorporated into the maintenance manual and have to be complied with as mandatory maintenance requirements. 
Schedule 1
Cessna Type/Model
Class of operations
Expiry date

31 December 2014

Aerial work/Charter
30 June 2015

31 December 2015

Aerial Work/Charter
31 December 2015

30 June 2016