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Ministers and Parliamentarians Salaries Act 1994

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No. 6 of 1994. TIae Ministers and Parliamentarians 1 ANTIGUA
Salaries Act, 1994. AND

[ L.S. ]


I Assent,

JB. Carlisle,

1 lth August, 1994.


No. 6 of 1994.

AN ACT to provide for the salaries of Ministers and Parliamen-
tarians and for matters related thereto.

[ 18th August, 1994 ]

ENACTED by the Parliament of Antigua and Barbuda as

1. This Actmay be citedas the Ministers and Parliamentarians short title.
Salaries Act 1994.

2. (1) There shall be paid to the holder of any Ministerial Office Salaries of
specified in Schedule I to this Act an annual salary of the amount Mini*rs.
stated in relation to that office in the second column of that

3. The Leader of the Opposition in the House of Representa- Salary of Leader
rives shall be paid the annual salary specified in Schedule 2. Of Opposition

4. There shall be paid to each Member of the Senare md the salaries of other
House dRepresentatives specified in Schedule 3 m annual salary Palimentarians.
of the amor~nt stated irn re'Latiox~ to that m e z k r i us the second
column of the Schedule,

ANTIGUA 2 The Ministers and Parliamentarians No. 6 of 1994.
AND Salaries Act, 1994.


Provision for 5. The salaries payable .under this Act shall be paid out of
payment of

monies provided by Parliament.

Commencement. 6. This Act is deemed to have come into force on the first day
of January, 1994.

SCHEDULE, I Section 2

Salary per annum

Prime Minister $150,000
Minister with Portfolio $120,000
Attorney General $120,000
Minister without Portfolio $ 72:000
Parliamentary Secretary $ 60,000

SCHEDULE I1 Section 3

Leader of the Opposition $ 72,000
President of the Senate $ 42,000
Vice President of the Senate $ 36,000
Member of the Senate $ 24,000
Minority Leader in the Senate $ 26,400

SCHEDULE In Section 4

Speaker of the House of Representatives $ 60,000
Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives $ 54,000
Member of the House of Representatives $ 54,000

Passed by theHouse of Representatives this Passed by the Senate this
23rd day of June, 1994. 12th day of July, 1994.

S.C. Benjamin, M. Percival,
Deputy Speaker. President.

S. Walker, S. Walker,
Acting Clerk to the House ofRepresenta- Acting Clerk to the Senate.


Printed at the Government Printing Office, Antigua and Barbuda,
by Rupert Charity, Government Printer

-By Authority, 1994
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