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Law Revision (Miscellaneous) (Amendments) Act 2001

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No. 8 of 200 1. The Law Revision (Miscellaneous) 1 ANTIGUA
(Amendments)Act, 2001. AND


[ L.S. ]
I Assent,

James B. Carlisle,

16th May, 2001


No. 8 of 2001

AN ACT to amend the provisions of certain Acts of Parliament.

[ 17th May, 2001 ]

ENACTED by Parliament of Antigua and Barbuda as fol-
lows -

1. This Act may be cited as the Law Revision (Miscella- Short title
neous) (Amendments) Act, 2001.

2. The Customs Service Tax Act is amended as fol- Amendmentofthe
lows - Customs Service

Act Cap. 128

(a) by the repeal of section 5 and the substitution of the
following -

"5. The tax is at the rate of ten percentum
of the value of all goods imported into Antigua
and Barbuda, except such goods as -

(a) rice, sugar, flour, macaroni, salt,
milk, cornmeal, bar soap, children
and adult disposable diapers,
toothpaste, butter, margarine and
cooking oil;

ANTIGUA 2 The Law Revision (Miscellaneous) No. 8 of 2001.
AND (Amendments) Act, 2001.


(b) medicines;

(c) petroleum products;

and where the tax is at the rate of five

(b) the repeal of section 6 and the substitution of the

"6. (1) For the purpose of ascertaining the
value of any goods under this Act, there shall
be added to the C.I.F. value of the goods, the
customs duty and the consumption tax on such

No. 27 of 1993.
No. 28 of 1993.

(2) The customs duty and consumption tax
of any goods are as prescribed in the Customs
Duty Act and the Consumption Tax Act.

Amendment of the 3. The Financial Institutions (Non-Barking) Act is amended
Institutions w o n -

(a) in section 3 by the insertion in its alphabetical order Banking) Act Cap.
169. the following -

"Minister" means the Minister responsible for Fi-

(b) in section 6 (4) by the deletion of the words "twenty
thousand dollars" and the substitution of the words
"fifty thousand dollars";

(c) in section 7 (I), by the deletion of the words "twenty
thousand" and the substitution of the words "fifty
thousand dollars".

Amendment of the 4. The Insurance Levy Act is amended in section 3 by the
Insurance Levy repeal of subsection (1) thereof and the substitution of the fol-
Act Cap 219 lowing -

"(1) Every registered insurer and every insurance bro-
ker who places business with an insurer who is not regis-
tered under Part I of the Insurance Act shall be liable to a
tax to be known as ("Insurance Levy") in respect of the
premium on all classes of insurance, whether in respect of
new policies or renewal of existing policies."

No. 8 of 2001. The Law Revision (Miscellaneous) 3 ANTIGUA
(Amendments)Act, 2001. AND


5. The Loan Stock Authorisation Act is amended by Amendmentof
the repeal of section 4 and the substitution of the follow- 'Oan Stock

Authorisation Act
ing - cap . 251

"Purpose to which 4. Any money borrowed in terms of
money borrowed section 3ahall beapplied to the following
be applied.

purposes -

(i) The repayment of moneys
granted to Government by statu-
tory Corporations.

(ii) The financing of projects ap-
proved in the estimates prepared
in accordance with the Develop- Cap. 134.
ment Fund Act;

(iii) The repayment of public debt in-
curred pursuant to any agreement
for the improvement of service
conditions of public officers."

(iv) The repayment of public debt in-
curred for development purposes;

(v) The meeting of expenses incurred
in raising and administering the

6. The Customs Duties Act 1993 is amended by the repeal Amendment of the
of section 8A (1) and the substitution of the following - Customs Duties

Act 1993 No. 27
of 1993

"(1) For the purposes of regulating Solid Waste and
for providing effective waste management system, there
shall be levied and collected on -

(a) all plastic containers, glass bottles and alu-
minium cans of aerated carbonated, non-car-
bonated soft drinks, mineral water, soda wa-
ter, cider, juices, beverage, ale, malt, beer and
stout imported into Antigua and Barbuda a
waste management deposit levy of twenty five
cents per container, bottle or can;

ANTIGUA 4 The Law Revision (Miscellaneous) No. 8 of 2001.
AND (Amendments) Act, 2001.


(b) all beverage containers of solid glass, metal, alu-
minum, steel or plastic bottle, can or jar used for
containing soft drinks, water, beer, ale, porter, stout,
aerated beverage for use or consumption in Antigua
and Barbuda;

(c) all motor vehicles, tyres, batteries, white goods
and air conditioners imported into Antigua and
Barbuda a waste management deposit levy at fol-
lowing rates -

(i) motor vehicles manufactured
before 1995 $2,500.00

(ii) motor vehicles manufactured
after 1995 $1,000.00

(iii) motor vehicle used tyres $ 50.00
per each tyre;

(iv) motor vehicle new tyres $ 10.00
per each tyre;

(v) bicycle tyres

(vi) batteries

(vii) white goods

$ 5.00
per each tyre;

$ 20.00
per each battery;

$ 100.00
per each item;

(viii) air conditioners $ 150.00
per each air conditioner;

W,% Y) bl :dGi "T i i ,, ~ a v t ic . , rszon (Mzscellaneoils) 5 4XTTT%GU h
(Amendnzents)Act, 2001 AND


(d) For the purposes of this section white goods
include dryers, washing machines, dishwash-
ers, freezers, stoves, microwave ovens and re-

Passed the House of Representatives Passed the Senate this 26th day
this 1 1 th day of April, 200 1. of April, 2001.

B. Harris,

M. PercivaH,

Y. Henry, Y. Henry,
Acting Clerk to the House ofRepresentatives. Acting Clerk to the Senate.

Printed at the Government Printing Office, Antigua and Barbuda,
by Donovan Southwell, Government Printer

- By Authority, 2001.
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