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General Statistics Act

Published: 1975

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Arrangement of Sections

1. Short title.
2. Interpretation.
3 . Statistics division and its functions
4. Delegation of functions.
5. Standardization and coordination of statistics.
6. Population census.
7 . Census and surveys other than ~opulation census.
8. Collection of statistics.
9. Compilation and publication of statistics.

10. Power to obtain information.
1 1. Power of entry.
12. Security of information.
13. Offences and penalties.
14. Regulations.
15. Ppwer to amend Schedule.



General Statistics (CAP. 190 3


(15th August, 1975.) 1311975.

1. This Act may be cited as the General Statistics Act. Short

2. In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires- Interpretation.
" person7' where the term is used in relation to a per-

son furnishing or required to furnish any informa-
tion under this Act means and includes all or any
of the individuals constituting a firm or the person
having the control or management of a partner-
ship business and, in the case of a company or cor-
poration, association or body of persons, includes
any director, manager or secretary of the company
or corporation or head, by whatever title called,
of the association or body of persons;

"Schedule" means Schedule to this Act;

"Statistics Authority" means the Chief Statistician and
includes an officer acting in that capacity or per-
forming for the time being the duties of head of
Statistics Division; and

"statistics" means information in connection with or
incidental to any or all of the subjects specified in
the Schedule to this Act.

3. (1) There shall be established a Statistics Division ~ ~ i f ~ ~ ~ ~ i ~ , " ~
in the Ministry of the Minister with portfolio responsibility
for statistics, the duties of which shall be-

(a) to collect, compile, analyse, abstract and publish
statistics portraying various aspects of the social,
demographic and economic conditions of the people of
Antigua and Barbuda;

( 6 ) to compile and publish national income
accounts and estimates of Antigua and Barbuda; and


CAP. 190) General Statistics

( c ) to carry out such censuses and surveys in rela-
tion to subjects listed in the Schedule hereto as may be
necessary from time to time for the purposes of
paragraphs (a) and (b) above.

(2) The head of the Statistics Division shall act as the
Statistics Authority for Antigua and Barbuda and shall be
responsible for taking, from time to time, appropriate
measures to organize and develop a national statistical system
capable of meeting effectively the statistical needs of social
and economic planning.

Delegation of

4. (1) The Statistics Authority may, by notice in the
Gazette, delegate to a specified official or organization any
of the functions mentioned in section 3 insofar as these per-
tain to a specified area of work or a duly defined special
statistical operation.

(2) When a notification as referred to in subsection (1)
has been made, the specified official or the head of the
specified organization shall, in respect of the delegated func-
tions, have all the enabling powers vested in the Statistics
Authority by virtue of this Act.

and coordination

5. The Statistics Authority shall, from time to time,
of statistics. take appropriate measures-

(a) to arrange through a system of committees and
technical panels mutual consultation between users and
producers of statistics in the State and in the light of
these consultations-

(i) set up statistical goals and standards for dif-
ferent fields of activities; and

(ii) draw up operating instructions for the im-
plementation of various statistical

(b) to develop the coordinative role of the Statistics
Division as the focal point for inter-agency statistical
coordination thereby eliminating duplication and
overlapping in statistical activities;

(c) organize suitable training facilities for various
levels of statistical staff; and


General Statistics (CAP. 190 5

(4 advise the relevant administrative authorities
concerned regarding qualifications and conditions of ser-
vice in relation to statistical staffs and their postings and

6. The Minister may by Order direct that a census Population

of population shall be taken for Antigua and Barbuda or
any part thereof or any class of inhabitants thereof and any
such Order shall prescribe-

(a) the date on which or the dates between which
such census is to be taken; and

(6 ) the information to be obtained in such census.

7. The Statistics Authority may, by notice in the y,",","."y"Szter
Gazette, order that a census or survey in respect of any mat- than population
ter, other than population, included in the Schedule shall
be taken for Antigua and Barbuda or any part thereof or
any class of inhabitants thereof and any such notice shall

(a) the date on which or the dates between which
such census or survey is to be taken;

(6) the information to be obtained in such census
or survey, and

(c) the procedures to be followed for the execution
of the proposed census or survey.

8. (1) Upon the making of an order under section 6 :z;:i;.n of
the Statistics Authority shall take all necessary steps, sub-
ject to the provisions of this Act and regulations made
thereunder, to carry out such a census;

(2) After the publication of a notice under section 7 the
Statistics Authority shall, subject to the provisions of this
Act and regulations made thereunder, take all necessary steps
to collect the requisite data according to the prescribed

9. The Statistics Authority shall cause the statistics ~ ~ ; ~ ~ ; ~ ~ o ~ d
collected under this Act to be compiled, tabulated and
analysed and, subject to the provisions of this Act, may cause


6 CAP. 190) General Statistics

such statistics or abstracts thereof to be published in a suitable

Power to obtain

10. (1) The Statistics Authority or any person acting
on his behalf may require, by notice in writing, any person
or class of persons to furnish in such form and manner and
within such time as may be specified in the notice any infor-
mation, estimates, or returns concerning such of the mat-
ters set out in the Schedule as may be so specified and may,
when deemed appropriate, obtain the required information
by personal interview.

(2) Any person having the custody or charge of any
public record or document or the records or documents of
any corporation, partnership, firm, company, society or
association which, in the opinion of the Statistics Authority,
can be used as a source of statistical information in respect
of any of the matters listed in the Schedule shall,
notwithstanding any provisions of any other law, allow to
the Statistics Authority or any person acting in his behalf
access to such records or documents for the purpose of ob-
taining the requisite statistics.

(3) The Statistics Authority may, by notice in the Gazette
and in such newspapers as may appear to him sufficient for
notifying the persons concerned, publish a list of any classes
or descriptions of businesses or callings in relation to which
information is required for the purpose of a statistical inquiry
under this Act and upon such publication, it shall be the
duty of every person carrying on any of the specified classes
or descriptions of businesses or callings who has not received
notice under subsection (1) to inform the Statistics Authority
or any person specified in the notice within such period being
not less than 28 days after the publication of the notice in
the Gazette as may be specified therein that he is carrying
on such a business or calling as specified and provide the
specified information in respect of his business or calling as
may be relevant for the purpose of the statistical inquiry as

Powers of entry. 1 . The Statistics Authority or any person acting on
his behalf may, after giving reasonable notice and upon pro-
duction of his authorization to collect information in con-
nection with any of the matters listed in the Schedule, enter


General Statistics (CAP. 190 7

any dwelling or business premises and may make such en-
quiries as may be necessary for the performance of his duties.

12. ( 1 ) Information collected through inquiries con- Security of

ducted under this Act may not be published in a manner
which enables the identification of the cost of production,
capital employed and profits arising in any particular under-
taking or business or which discloses the affairs of an
individual household or person.

(2) Except for the purposes of proceedings for an offence
under this Act-

( a ) no individual return or part thereof, made for
the purposes of this Act;

( b ) no answer to any question put for the purposes
of this Act; or

(c) no report, abstract, working sheets or other
documents containing particulars of statistical informa-
tion so arranged as to enable identification with any
person, undertaking or business,

shall be published, admitted in evidence or shown to any
person not employed in the execution of a duty under this
Act unless the previous consent in writing thereto has been
obtained from the person making such return or giving such

13. ( 1 ) Any person being a person employed in the :;$.and
execution of any duty under this Act, who comes into posses-
sion of any information by virtue of such employment and

( a ) without lawful authority publishes or com-
municates it to any person otherwise than in the ordinary
course of such employment;

( b ) knowingly falsifies or misrepresents it; or

(c) attempts to use it for his own pecuniary

shall be guilty of an offence and liable on summary convic-
tion to a fine of fifteen hundred dollars and to imprison-
ment for six months.


8 C A P . 190) General Statistics

(2) Any person, being in possession of any statistics
which to his knowledge have been obtained or disclosed in
contravention of this Act, who publishes or communicates
them to any person not authorized by the Statistics Authority
or someone acting on his behalf to receive or obtain such
information, shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable
on summary conviction to a fine of fifteen hundred dollars
and to imprisonment for six months.

(3) Any person who-

(a) hinders or obstructs the Statistics Authority in

the execution of any power conferred under this Act;

(b) refuses or neglects to fill up or otherwise supply a
particulars of information in any schedule or form
prescribed under the authority of this Act or fails to com- 9

ply with the requirements laid down in section lO(3); I

(c) knowingly makes a statement, when answer-
ing any question asked him under the authority of this
Act, which is untrue in any material particular;

(d) without lawful authority destroys, defaces or
otherwise mutilates any documents containing par-
ticulars collected under this Act; or

(e) contravenes any other provisions of this Act
shall be guilty of an offence and shall, on summary convic-
tion be liable to a fine of seven hundred and fifty dollars
and to imprisonment for three months.

Regulations. 14. The Minister may make regulations for the bet-
ter carrying out of the provisions of this Act.

Power to amend

15. The Minister may from time to time by Order
published in the Gazette add to, delete from or otherwise
amend the Schedule or substitute a new Schedule therefor.


General Statistics (CAP. 190 9


1. Population

2. Housing

3. Births, deaths and morbidity

4. Immigration and emigration

5. Manpower and labour force

6. Employment, unemployment and under-employment

7. Agriculture

8. Livestock

9. Forestry

10. Fishing

11. Mining and Quarrying

12. Manufacturing

13. Construction

14. Electricity, gas and water

15. Internal and external trade

16. Hotel and restaurants

17. Tourism

18. Transport and connected services

19. Communications

20. Banking, insurance and related services

21. Public finance

22. Health services

23. Educational services and vocational training


10 CAP. 190) General Statistics

Recreational and cultural services

Real estate

Business and professional services

Community and social services

Personal and domestic services

Wages and prices

Family incomes and expenditures

Savings and investments

Profits, dividends and rents

International balance of payments

34. National income accounts

35. Industrial relations and disputes

36. Industrial injuries, occupational diseases and compensation

37. Hours of work

38. Social Security and insurance.