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Caribbean Examinations Council (Examinations) Act

Published: 1985

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Caribbean Examinations Council (CAP. 71 1



Arrangement of Sections

1. Short title.
2. Interpretation.
3. Prohibited use of certain papers.
4. Return of papers to Council or Police.
5. Disclosures by personnel of Council.
6. Entering examination after acquiring prior knowledge

of questions.
7. Impersonation.
8. Forgery of certificate.
9. Restriction on prosecutions.

10. Offences and Penalties.


Caribbean Examinations Council (CAP. 71 3


An Act to provide for the protection of the integrity
of examinations held by the Caribbean Examinations Council
and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

(3 1st October, 1985.)

1. This Act may be cited as the Caribbean Examina- short title.
tions Council (Examinations) Act.

2. In this Act- Interpretation.
"Agreement" means the Agreement establishing the

Caribbean Examinations Council signed at
St. Lucia on the 21st April, 1972;

"Council" means the Caribbean Examinations Council.

"Registrar" means the officer selected under paragraph
1 (c) of Article X of the Agreement.

3. No person who is in possession of a paper con- Prohibited use of
certain papers. taining questions or instructions to candidates in connec-

tion with an examination to be held by the Council shall-

(a) permit that paper to be seen by,

(6) give or permit that paper to be given to,

(c) disclose the contents of that paper to, or

(d) permit that paper or its contents to be used by,
any unauthorised person, or make any improper use of such
paper or its contents.

4. No unauthorised person shall have in his posses- Return of papers
to Council or

sion or custody any paper containing questions or instruc- police.
tions to candidates in connection with an examination to be
held by the Council and where such a paper comes into the
possession of such person, he shall thereupon return that
paper to the Registrar of the Council or the nearest Police
station, or make such other effort to effect the return thereof
to the Council.


4 CAP. 71) Caribbean Examinations Council

Disclosures by 5 . No person who is employed as an examiner, super-
personnel of
Council. visor or invigilator shall in connection with an examination

held by the Council prior to or during that examination,
knowingly or recklessly disclose to any unauthorised person
the contents of such examination paper, draft examination
paper or paper containing instructions.

examination after

6. No person shall, if he has acquired prior knowledge
acquiring prior of the questions set in connection with an examination held

by the Council, present himself as a candidate at such


Impersonation. 7. No person shall falsely represent himself to be
another person at any examination held by the Council.

Forgery of 8. No person shall forge or alter, or offer, utter,
certificate. dispose of or put. off, knowing the same to be forged or

altered, any certificate, purporting to show that a person
has passed any examination held by the Council.

Restriction on

9. A prosecution for an offence under section 6 may
not be instituted except with the consent of the Director of
Public Prosecutions.

Offences and 10. Any person who contravenes or fails to comply

with any of the provisions of this Act is guilty of an offence
and is liable on summary conviction to a fine of ten thou-
sand dollars and to imprisonment for a term of twelve