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Appropriation (Development Fund) Act 2003

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No. 8 of 2003. The Appropriation (Development 1 ANTIGUA
Fund) Act 2003. AND


[ L.S. ]

I Assent,

James B. Carlisle,

24th April, 2003


No. 8 of 2003

AN ACT to provide for the payment of moneys out of the De-
velopment Fund for the services of Antigua and Barbuda for
the year ending on the 3 1st day of December, 2003.

[ 24th April, 2003 ]

ENACTED by the Parliament of Antigua and Barbuda as
follows -

1. This Act may be cited as the Appropriation (Development Short Title and
Fund) Act, 2003 and shall be deemed to have come into opera- CO~~~mencement.
tion on the first day of January, 2003.

2. The issue from the Development Fund of the sun1 of two Issue of two
hundred and six million, nine hundred and four thousand, one hundred and six

hundred and fifty-five dollars ($206,904,155.00) is authorized four
for meeting expenditure for Antigua and Barbuda in respect of thousand, one
the calendar year ending on the thirty-first day of December, hundred and fifty-
2003, under the Heads of Expenditure specified in the Sched- five dollars.
ule, and the sum specified in the Schedule opposite a numbered

ANTIGUA 2 The Appropriation (Development No. 8 of 2003.
AND Fund) Act 2003.


and named Head is appropriated out of the sum of two hundred
and six million, nine hundred and four thousand, one hundred
and fifty-five dollars ($206,904,155.00) for the purpose speci-
fied in relation to that Head in the Development Estimates for
the year 2003.



Head of Expenditure by Propramme

30 Agriculture
34 Fisheries
36 Roads, Streets & Drains
40 Transportation
44 Water and Sewage
46 Communication
48 Trade Regulations and Standards
50 Tourism
4 Environment
56 Public Buildings
60 Secondary Health
63 General Health
70 Tertiary Education
72 General Education
74 Housing
76 Community Development
78 Public Administration
82 Justice
84 Security & Civil Rights
86 Governance & Democracy
90 Fiscal Management
92 Revenue Collection
93 Environmental Health
94 Labour Administration
95 Disaster Management
96 Immigration


No. 8 of 2003. The Appropriation (Development 3 ANTIGUA
Fund) Act 2003. AND



Head of Expenditure

A. Administrative Sector
B. Social Sector
C. Economic Sector
D. Miscellaneous Sector


$ 1,502,143


80,000 $ 19,261,754

3. The Accountant General is authorized and required from Payment out of
time to time, upon the order or warrant of the Minister of Fi- Development
nance, to pay the sum appropriated in the Schedule to the sev-
era1 development services and purposes mentioned out of the
Development Fund without further order or formality.

Passed the House of Representatives Passed the Senate this 24th day
this 14th day of April, 2003. of April, 2003.

B. Harris,

M. Percival,

S. Walker, S. Walker,
Clerk to the House of Representatives. Clerk to the Senate.

Printed at the Government Printing Office, Antigua and Barbuda,
by Walter A. Massiah, Acting Government Printer

- By Authority, 2003.
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