Circular No. 01/2007/tt-Bbcvt: A Guide To Some Of The Content Of Postal Services Due To Supply Vietnam Postal

Original Language Title: Thông tư 01/2007/TT-BBCVT: Hướng dẫn một số nội dung về dịch vụ bưu chính do Bưu chính Việt Nam cung ứng

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CIRCULAR guide some content about the postal service by the Vietnam base supply postal Ordinance on telecommunications, 25 May 2002;
Pursuant to Decree No. 90/2002/ND-CP dated 11 November 2002 from the Government functions, tasks, powers and organizational structure of the Ministry of posts and telecommunications;
Pursuant to Decree No. 157/2004/ND-CP on August 18, 2004 detailing the Government's implementation of some articles of the Ordinance on telecommunications, postal service pursuant to decision No. 217/2003/QD-TTg dated 27 October 2003 by the Prime Minister on the management of the postal service rates , telecommunications;
The post and telecommunications Ministry instructed some of the content of postal services due to supply Vietnam postal service as follows: 1. Regulations on postal services in article 15 the Telecommunication Ordinance are as follows: 1.1. Basic postal services include the services get sent, and transfer airmail and parcels.
a) airmail cover letters, postcards, small packages, publications, school for the blind to be sent over the public postal network.
-The message is exchanged information as text is packed, sealed and addressed.
-Postcard is made of hard cover publications, sent ceilings or unanswered and have the recipient address.
-Small Package is the package that contains articles, commodities.
-The publication is information as text, written or printed on the materials used for the moments and print, copy copies the same, added the ceiling or unanswered.
-School for the blind is the information is written in Braille, send unanswered or prints Braille for the blind. The means of recording for the blind are also considered learning products for the blind if that means do the field reserved for the blind, the blind sent or was sent to the school.
Letters, post cards, publications, small packages containing the single volume not exceeding 2 kilograms, school for the blind has the single volume no more than 7 kilograms.
b) the parcel is the artefact, the goods are packaged and sent via the public postal network. The parcel has a single volume the 50 kilogram.
c) Vietnam postal, based on the exploitation of the business conditions and regulations in the country, specific regulations about the size, how wrapped package, conditions of acceptance and of the instructions relating to parcels, parcel.
1.2. postal service plus is the service to be added to supply the basic postal service to meet the requirements of the users of the service. Postal services plus includes: a) the service is a service in which each of the parcels, the parcel was granted a private number, the sender is given a receipt stating the number of the post office to send;
b) service is the service in which the sender declared parcel value to receive the value of compensation corresponding to the value declared in the case of postal mail, parcels lost or damaged;
c) service is a service in which the sender received a broadcast message confirmation paper parcel parcels have been developed to address;
d) hand transmitter service is a service in which people play request packet, the parcel to the recipient on the hand on the recipient;
courier service) is a service in which the airmail, parcels or invitation to receive parcels, parcel be delivered to the recipient address as soon as the post office, parcels to post offices play;
e) collect service is a service in which people send postcards, parcels require Vietnam postal currency, a household from the recipient when the mail, parcel address, or recipient nhâậ winch;
g) commercial response service is a service in which people send payment before the postal charges for airmail parcels respond that that person was sent;
h) postal services plus by the Vietnam postal regulations.
1.3. responsible Vietnam postal users guide the selection of appropriate services, avoid having the requirements on service in reverse.
2. the broadcasting rules on parcels, parcel in clause 2 article 17 Ordinance, telecommunications are as follows: 2.1. Airmail, parcels are considered to have played to recipients when: a) was dropped into the mailbox or mailboxes to personal family if at the recipient address have the installation of the mailbox;
b) Was delivered to the recipient or person residing at the same address with the recipient;
c) was dropped into the mailbox of subscribers if the recipient using the Subscriber mailbox services at the post office, point of service;
d) Were assigned to the administrative, clerical or other Division is responsible for receiving the text of the document, in case the recipient is the Agency, organization or individuals working at the Agency, that organization;
DD) Was delivered to the recipient or recipients of the authorizations received at postal service points.
2.2. Vietnam postal regulations and inform the client of the case must present proof of identity when receiving the parcels, parcel.
Paper proof of identity includes Passport, identity card, a Congressman, certificates, certification of the armed forces and other valuable papers identification by the competent authority granted under the provisions of the law.
3. Regulations on banning the sending of parcels, parcel in article 18, the Telecommunication Ordinance are as follows: 3.1. Vietnam postal based on the documents and announcement of the World Postal Union, treaties to which Vietnam joined signed, the legal text of the water to guide customers to implement regulations on banning the sending of parcels, parcel when sending internationally.
3.2. Vietnam postal based on legal texts of Vietnam in the fields of security, import and export, culture information, fire prevention, environmental and other legal documents to perform and instruct customers to implement regulations on banning the sending of parcels When sending parcels, in the water.
3.3. Vietnam Money prescribed in paragraph 3 Article 17 Ordinance on telecommunications is understood to include money in Vietnam (paper money, coins, money good shot-glass-me), cheques and valuable papers (shares, bonds, promissory notes, bills) worth in Vietnam.
3.4. Foreign Exchange as defined in paragraph 3 Article 17 Ordinance, telecommunications are understood to include foreign money (paper money, coins, money good shot-glass-me), cheques, valuable papers (shares, bonds, promissory notes, bills) worth of foreign money.
3.5. Vietnam postal regulations regarding the cases submitted in the case of articles not belonging to the prohibited items submitted under the provisions of article 18, but should meet certain conditions on resumes attached and on how to wrap packages sent through the public postal network.
4. Rules about not collecting money using postal services at the paragraph 4 Article 32 of Decree 157/2004/ND-CP and d item 2 decision No. 217/2003/QD-TTg is made as follows: 4.1. Do not collect money using the basic postal service and postal service plus for airmail parcels sent within the country for the purpose of exchange between management agencies and the postal operating levels.
4.2. Do not collect money using the basic postal services in the country with respect to: a Courses) for the blind;
b) parcels, parcel post for prisoners and civilians detained during the war by the user directly or through the competent authorities.
4.3. Postal and telecommunications Ministry decided not to collect money using postal services in specific cases.
5. This circular takes effect after 15 days from the Post Gazette.

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