1090/qd-Ttg Decision: Approved Master Plan For Socio-Economic Development Of The Region And The Northern Mountains To 2020

Original Language Title: Quyết định 1064/QĐ-TTg: Phê duyệt quy hoạch tổng thể phát triển kinh tế - xã hội vùng trung du và miền núi phía Bắc đến năm 2020

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The DECISION approving the planning of the overall socio-economic development of the region and the northern mountains to 2020 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ the PRIME MINISTER pursuant to the law on organization of the Government of 25 December 2001;
Pursuant to Decree No. 92/2006/ND-CP on 7 September 2006 by the Government on creation, approval and management of the overall socio-economic development and the Decree No. 04/2008/ND-CP dated 11 January 2008 amending and supplementing a number of articles of Decree No. 92/2006/ND-CP of the Government;
Consider the proposal of the Ministry of planning and investment decision: article 1. Approval of the master plan for socio-economic development of the region and the northern mountains to 2020 with the content is mainly as follows: i. the POSITION, role and mountainous region to the North is especially important strategy of socio-economic, defense, security and foreign policy of the country , has an important role with regard to the ecological environment of the Northern region; has the potential and advantages of development of agriculture, forestry, hydroelectric, mining, tourism and the economy of the gate; is there much the same ethnic compatriots living long sticking with cultural identity, has a tradition of patriotism, solidarity, resilience against aggressors invasion, there are many monuments of history, culture, revolutionary base.
II. DEVELOPMENT PERSPECTIVE-master plan for socio-economic development of the region and the northern mountains are consistent with the strategy for socio-economic development of the country; ensure consistency with other sectoral planning, field; exploitation and promote an elevation of all resources in order to attract investment and development; expand the market, increase export capabilities; take the economy grow fast, effective and sustainable.
-Exploitation and promoting the effective potential, the region's strengths, speeding up international economic integration through the development of economic corridors, lang son, Hanoi and Lao Cai-Hanoi-Hai Phong; enhance cooperation between localities in the region which aims to mobilize and use all resources to develop sustainable, rapid, and gradually narrow the gap of development in comparison with the country.
-Focus on key investments in these sectors, the field has the advantage of the local in the region; the development of industrial parks, gate economic zones in order to enhance the competitiveness of goods, creating breakthrough changes the fundamental economic structure. Agricultural and forestry development with the scale focus, associated with the development of processing industry of post-harvest products serving the domestic consumption and export.
-Economic development associated with the guarantee of progress and social justice, job creation, poverty reduction and improving the people's living standards in the region, especially with regard to minorities in minority areas, the old resistance difficult.
-Social-economic development combined with environmental protection and sustainable development. Associated economic development with tourism development, conservation and promotion of cultural values, traditional culture history vibrant ethnic identity.
-Combine socio-economic development to ensure national defense and security, political stability, social order and safety and uphold the sovereignty of national borders.
III. DEVELOPMENT OBJECTIVES 1. Overall goal: to strive to maintain economic growth rate higher than the country's general development; improved and the system of social-economic infrastructure to meet better the requirements of economic development, the population and ensuring defense, security; reasonable and effective potential, strong on developing agriculture, forestry, hydroelectric power, mineral, tourism and economy of gate to economic development, to gradually narrow the gap of development levels and living standards of the people in the region compared to the average of the country; basically the complete arrangement of residential stability, especially the resettlement compatriots irrigation projects, hydroelectric power, putting people off borders, overcoming immigrant status basic freedom; preserving and promoting the cultural identity of peoples, improving material and spiritual life for people; associated socio-economic development with environmental protection, ensure national defense, security, political stability and solid protection of national sovereignty.
2. Specific objectives: a) On the economic development.
-Striving for average GDP growth every year 2011-2015 period was 7.5% and the 2016-2020 period on 8%. Per capita GDP by 2020 of about 2,000 USD.
-Economic restructuring, by the year 2015 the proportion of the agriculture and forestry fishery products in the region's GDP is 27%, industry-construction of 34.1% and 38.9% services; by 2020, the corresponding proportion of the branches is 21.9%-38.7%-39.4%.
-Export turnover to increase by an average of 16-17% per year. The rate of technological innovation reached 20% annually. Striving to 2015 the rate of budget revenues to GDP accounted for over 12% and reached about 13% by 2020.
b) On social development:-strive for the goals of the society of the region reached the average of the country; reduce the rate of poor households every year from 3-4%; in each of the 5 year plan jobs for about 250-300 thousand workers; labor rates have yet to get a job in the urban area of about 4.5-5%, increasing the proportion of employers in rural areas up to 85%; raise the rate of trained workers reached over 65% by 2020.
-Consolidate and improve the quality of universal primary education, secondary high school. By 2020, raising the rate of kindergarten children to school up on 92% and mobilize children in primary school age reached 99%.
-Striving to lift the rate of national standard on Township health is 80% in 2015 and 100% by 2020; the rate of medical doctor there workstations reaches 60-70% in 2015 and over 80% by 2020; reduce the proportion of children under 5 years malnutrition down to below 20% in 2015 and below 15% by 2020; number of beds per thousand inhabitants reached 20.5 2015 beds and 25 beds in 2020.
-To strengthen and build the necessary cultural and information processing communes, wards, striving to 2020 has 90% of villages, hamlets, a cultural House, the community venues.
-Upgrade and modernize transmission technology of radio broadcasting and television, tv coverage of striving for 100% of the population by 2015; diversify the broadcast program, make sure the number of hours broadcast by local stations.
c) on the protection of the environment:-social-economic development associated with the protection of the ecological environment, rational exploitation and protection of natural resources; limiting the increase in pollution and environmental issues; raising forest coverage up to 50% by 2020.
-By 2020, most of the urban and rural population are using clean water and hygienic; 100% of the production facilities, business application of clean technology or fitted with devices that reduce pollution, waste management; over 80% of the production facilities, business and environmental standards; the municipality type 4 and above, and all industrial waste water treatment system; 95% of the regular solid waste, hazardous waste and 85% 100% medical waste was disposed in environmental standards.
d) on defense and security:-strengthen the potential of national defense, including the security of the base material, weapons, equipment and forces in order to maintain political stability, social order and safety; implementation of the construction of the solid defense of the regions in the new situation.
-Construction of the national defense posture the entire population tied to people's security posture, especially on the borders and geographical importance, facilitate socio-economic development tied to ensure security and protect the Defense firmly the sovereignty, territorial integrity.

-Promote education propaganda and lobbying the public accepted the law of the State to restrict, push back the traffic accident. To promote the prevention, combating the crime and social ills, build new cultural life in the village.
IV. DIRECTIONS Of DEVELOPING The Industry, FIELD 1. Agriculture, forestry and fisheries: development of sustainable agricultural production in association with forest protection and ecological environment. Develop agricultural forestry and fisheries with the average growth rate of 4-4.5% in the period 2011-2015 and 3.5-4% annually the 2016-2020 period.
-Focus on developing the region focus with an appropriate scale as tea, rubber, coffee, fruit trees, medicinal herbs, flowers, vegetables etc on the basis of determining the comparative advantage of each locality and market demand. Development of livestock and poultry; the formation of grazing livestock such as cattle meat, dairy cows, goats, pig-breeding farm scale associated with food processing industry aimed at gradually increasing the proportion of livestock breeding in agriculture.
-Health care, protect existing forest cover well, promote afforestation, planting protective forest watershed protection for the outdoor, hydroelectric dams, the danger of avalanche; make good the tending and forest planting raw materials for the processing industry, specialty crops, medicinal plants under the forest canopy, the scattered tree planting, planting of forests to landscape greening the bare soil, Bare hills and mountains. Complete the delivery of the forest land associated with sedentary, ending deforestation deal materialise; strict protection system of national parks, nature reserves, genetic resources and rare plants.
-Development of freshwater aquaculture in the Great Lakes under the advanced approach, efficiency and sustainability, ensure the ecological environment. Develop & grow some species have high economic value as salmon, sturgeon, a fish of the U.S. Silver and other cold water fish species on some geographical advantages of climate, terrain conditions in the provinces of Lai Chau, Lao Cai, Son La. 2. Industry: focus on the development of industries such as food processing, industrial exploitation and deep processing of minerals, production of industrial consumer goods have to compete to attract many workers. Focus on developing auxiliary industries tied to the development of industrial parks, gate economic zones. Striving to put industrial production value increased 11.5% averaged over the period 2011-2015 and 12.5% of the 2016-2020 period.
-To mobilize all resources to invest to perfect the infrastructure of the industrial clusters in the region in order to attract enterprises to invest in production development. Restore and develop the village produces traditional products consistent with the cultural identity of each order to create local jobs and increase income for the people.
-Investing in modern equipment and technology to tap deep processing coupled to the mineral apatite (Lào Cai); Dong Sin (Lào Cai); Nickel-bronze A Gospel (Sơn La); Cannon Mountain tungsten (Taiyuan); Iron You Sa and the village of Lếch (Lao Cai), Camp (Taiyuan); Static Sufficiency (High) Tin, lead, zinc, kaolin, building materials; technological innovation of Thai Nguyen iron and steel areas. The development of raw materials for the paper factory Dumps By paper factories and Tuyen Quang, the plywood export factory; maintain and develop the processing industry of tea products in key provinces such as Taiyuan, Phu Tho, Yen Bai, Son La; milk processing in MOC Chau (Sơn La) and the types of agricultural products, food at the local has the advantage that form region.
3. Development services and tourism: striving for total retail goods flow and consumer service revenue growth of 18% per year on average, total exports increased by an average of 16-17% per year.
-Intensify trade promotion, promoting product brands, first of the agricultural products. Fast development and improving the quality of commercial service activities, enhance exchange of trade between the provinces in the region with China and Laos.
-Upgrade and new forms of commercial centres in the locality in the region; complete domestic trade networks from urban to rural and mountainous areas, border. Mining organizations to effectively operate the commercial service at the gate, gate economic zones. Developing the kind of high-quality services such as financial services, commercial banking, technology, telecommunications, and transportation. Strengthening the promotion activities of products trademark, to build and strengthen the position of brand new products.
-Focus on developing and improving the quality of tourist products with the product associated with natural wonders, cultural relics, historical sites and visit the national key projects in the region.
4. development of infrastructure: ensure balanced, synchronous development of systems infrastructures make the driving force of economic development-society of the region, particularly the transportation system mounted in the provinces and in connection with the other regions.
a) on development of transport:-road: construction and upgrading of the national highway, The highway and the road district under planning; formation of network traffic including 5 radial axis: Hanoi-Lao Cai (Highway 70, highway 32C), Hanoi-Dien Bien (National Highway 6, highway 32, 32B), Hanoi, Vietnam-Cao Bang (Highway 3), Hanoi-lang son (National Highway 1), Phu Tho, Ha Giang (Highway 2) and 3:1 belt belt route (Highway 4 , National highway 4A, 4B, 4 c, 4 d highway route, highway 4 h), ring 2 (Highway 278), rings of 3 (Highway 37) as the driving force of development of the region.
Speeding up the construction of the high speed route: Hanoi-Thai Nguyen-Bac Kan; Hanoi-Lao Cai; Peace-the peace and development of highway construction in Hanoi-lang son. For road connecting the province with highways, border patrol road. Investment in improving rural roads system in the remote areas, border areas, guaranteed traffic smoothly.
-Rail: renovate, upgrade the railways Hanoi-Hue; Hanoi-Lao Cai; Hanoi-Thai Nguyen; -Dual Property of technical standards Save national railway.
-Aviation: airports renovations in Lao Cai, Lai Chau. Consolidation of the small airport, specialized airport and 52th serve flight operations to the remote areas, where there are airports.
-Inland waterway: upgrade and management organization, dig the waterways on the River, the largest lake in the region. Continue to renovate, upgrade and build new ports on the hub River, hydro freight service.
b) of irrigation, water supply:-investment system to regulate equipment and operate effective irrigation, existing reservoirs. Continued investment in building the irrigation, reservoirs, irrigation systems to ensure enough supply irrigation water to agricultural production and flood conditions in the province are at risk of going flash floods as high as: Son La, Hoa Binh, Ha Giang, Tuyen Quang, Thai Nguyen, BAC kan, Vietnam , Dien Bien.
-Build the levees of the River, the border river embankment to avoid landslides, stability of production and protect the sovereignty of the national border. Construction of hydraulic works associated with the construction of small hydropower to supply water for agricultural production, water and power supply to the people of the region where remote areas haven't had the national grid.

-Focused investment, upgrading the water supply system to ensure enough clean water to serve the needs of the people of the town; application of advanced technology and the construction of the model for water supply for the people of rural areas, remote areas, the region is particularly difficult, the border region in the local region.
c) power supply: focus on the construction and completion of the hydropower projects, large scale thermal power in the region; build the system of transmission and distribution of electricity, meeting the needs of modern power supply according to the total electricity development scheme 7.
Focus speeding up construction and completion of the hydroelectric works like Lai Chau hydro hydroelectric power Huội promo, A Harsh (Lai Châu), hydropower (Sơn La); hydropower construction investment area of energy East Fits Yen (Sơn La) aims to provide electricity for the whole region and the additional power source for the country. The sync infrastructure investment in transmission and distribution system of electricity to meet the needs of the growing use of mobile industry and needs of the people.
d) information and communication: building the infrastructure of modern telecommunications system with great speed and timely service of the direction, of the party and State, serving the needs of socio-economic development, ensure national defense, security, safety and order of society and the needs of the people.
5. development of the socio-cultural field: a) education and training:-focus on developing and improving the quality and efficiency of education and training to improve the quality of human resources for local, meet the requirements of socio-economic development. Improving the quality of education attached to moral education, traditional culture, personality, academic levels in school.
-Continued infrastructure investment and capacity building training for the University such as the University of North West, Thai Nguyen University, Hung Vuong University (Phú Thọ) and colleges, vocational Department; complete the program solidified the school classroom and the home service for teachers.
-New training structure Changes according to the market demand; priority to staff training on the spot, was the minority of the locality in order to meet the needs of human resources serves the industrial modernization and the need for officers of the political system for the local establishments in the region.
b) health and health care people:-implement effectively the program national health goals, the focus is the prevention of malaria, reduce the rate of malnutrition, maternal health, children's and disease prevention. Proactive prevention, push back and paying the social diseases and dangerous diseases. Consolidate and improve the network of healthcare facilities; promote the work of examination and combined military-civilian medicine to health care for the people, for the country's ethnic minorities, remote areas, border region.
-Continue to upgrade investment, modernization of the equipment for the provincial hospital, the district, clinic and health centers, local township clinics in the region. Construction of the Medical Center's high quality area in son La, Thai Nguyen, Phu Tho, Lao Cai in response to examination for people; the complete construction of the hospital department managers in son La, the nursing hospital-rehabilitation in the provinces in the region.
c) sports and cultural: continue to build and improve the basic institutional infrastructure, base culture to serve sports practice; conservation, embellished and promote traditional cultural values, as the basis for the cultural exchange between the ethnic communities in the region; maintain and build the new value on culture, promote civilized lifestyle, family culture in the new residential community.
d) poverty reduction, job creation and social security: secured-synchronous, efficient and comprehensive programs, poverty reduction projects; create opportunities for poor people to access help policy on land, credit, vocational training, job creation, promotion of industry, agriculture, forestry and consume the product; build models of poverty reduction and focused support of enabling poor households of developing sustainable production, gradually raise the earnings.
-Social security development, protection and care of children; citizen advocacy action take care of people with water and the movement of "gratitude"; take care, vocational training, job creation for your child the family policy; promoting philanthropic activities, humanitarian, aid the poor reached the community. Prevent and push back, not to the occur risk harassment, trafficking in women and children.
6. scientific and technological developments:-promote the application engineering, modernization of equipment and machinery, technologies, coupled with environmental protection. Encourage enterprises to focus investment in improved technology, replacing the outdated equipment, the technology sector synchronization has the advantage of areas such as agriculture and forestry aquatic products processing, food processing etc-focused research and the application of new technology on plant breeding and pets technical, maintenance and processing of the product consistent with the potential, developing advantages and ecological conditions of the region.
-Investing in the development of science and technology, breakthrough on increasing productivity and improving the quality of goods and products. Create tight links between research units, transfer of science and technology for businesses, manufacturing facilities and people in the application of technology into production.
7. reasonable use of resources associated with the protection of the environment:-management, efficient extraction of natural resources, ensuring the environment and ecological balance. Focus on developing green economy, friendly to the environment. Implementation of sustainable consumption and production; every step of the development of "clean energy", "cleaner production", "clean" consumption.
-Make reasonable use, mining mineral resources. Use the save, and effectively to fund agriculture, improve the efficiency of existing land use, maintaining an area of approximately 250 thousand hectares of rice to ensure food security; the maximum exploitation of the Land Fund is not yet used to put on industrial crops, fruit trees in the direction of sustainability.
-The protection and sustainable use of water resources; protect existing forest land area, strengthening the new economic forest, forest planting, greening the barren soil, prevent effective deforestation, forest fires; maintain and gradually lifting an area of the natural reserve, the National Park.
-Collection, processing and recycling of waste using advanced technologies, ensure environmental hygiene. Built in each province has at least a solid waste disposal, waste water treatment plants to treat waste water waste regulatory standards before discharge into the environment. Application of the system of environmental standards in design, urban planning, industrial zones, tourism and housing; strict processing causing environmental pollution.
8. Ensuring the defence and security:-the planning and construction of the project on socio-economic development, national defense and economic zones should closely match between two strategic tasks of socio-economic development to strengthen national defense and security, build defense posture the entire population, the people's security posture , ready to smash any conspiracies and tricks of the hostile forces.

-Speeding up upgrades the route out of the border, border ring road; building cross border patrols to combine economic development with consolidating security defense. Gradually build and improve essential infrastructure in border communes attached to ensure the production and living conditions are safe to finish putting the inhabitants to live in the border region.
-Actively embrace the situation and timely response in all situations; against abusing religion, propagating dishonesty of the hostile forces, especially in the key areas; positive prevention of social evils and the type of drug crime, smuggling and trade fraud, protect sovereignty firmly country borders, building stable, peaceful border with neighboring countries.
V. URBAN DEVELOPMENT And TERRITORIAL SPACE ORGANIZATION 1. Developing subregions: a) the U.S. Northwest region (including the province of Hoa Binh, Son La, Dien Bien and Lai Chau): key national hydropower; the industrial development of extraction and processing of ores of copper, iron, nickel and rare earth; growing and processing products from special rubber industrial crops, medicinal plants, fruit trees; breeding great cattle, especially dairy cows, beef meat quality; cultivation and protection of watershed forests, forest protective for hydroelectric projects.
b) U.s. Northeast region (including the rest of the region) industrial development of extraction and processing of ores apatite, iron, copper, gold, Tin, bauxite, zinc, lead, iron and steel; growing and processing food-food, agriculture and forestry products, medicinal herbs, fruit trees, cattle and pig breeding; production of home appliances, chemicals, pulp and paper, fertilizer, building materials, consumer goods, textiles; production and Assembly of electronic products exporting 2. Developing the economic center on the corridor:-Economic Corridor Nanning-lang son-Hanoi-Hai Phong, Lang Son City (International) connected the city of BAC Giang Province and other municipalities on the corridor routes.-the economic corridor of Kunming-Lao Cai-Hanoi-Hai Phong Viet Tri City, there is the industrial city connected to Lao Cai City (International) and the city of Yen Bai and the other municipalities on the route.
-Hanoi economic corridor-Peace-Son La-Dien Bien-Lai Chau, son La, Hoa Binh city, Dien Bien Phu and the town of Lai Chau is the kernel development, connecting with other urban corridor.-Hanoi economic corridor-High, are the cities of Taiyuan High and North town, Kan. Economic Corridor Phu Tho, Ha Giang, Tuyen Quang, cities have Ha Giang town and Phu Tho, nuclear development is connected with other municipalities.
-Economic Corridor of the northern border (including 7 lang son province, Cao Bang, Ha Giang, Lao Cai, Lai Chau, son La and Dien Bien): development of economic zones, the expansion in economic activity, trade with the neighbouring countries; closely match the trade development between the gate to ensure the security of the border areas and national sovereignty.
3. development of urban space: the development of urban system coupled with socio-economic development of the locality in the region according to the content of the resolution No. 36-NQ/TW on 12/7/2004 and conclude no. 26-KL/TW on 02/8/2012 of the Politburo and decision No. 1659/QD-TTg dated 07/11/2012 of the Prime Minister. Development of the network of municipalities associated with the development of the industrial zone, urban economics, the Centre of trade, services and tourism, create a network of strong links between local Department and link with the Red River Delta, the Northern key economic region.
-Build the city of Taiyuan was the center of the economic corridor of Hanoi-Thai Nguyen-Cao Bang-Bac Kan. Build Viet Tri City is centered on the economic corridor of Kunming-Lao Cai-Hanoi-Hai Phong.
City of peace-building is one of the development of the kernel of the U.S. Northwest region, located in the gateway between the U.S. Northwest region with the capital Hanoi and the Red River Delta. Son La building became the modern town carrying the cultural identity of the peoples of the particularities of the U.S. Northwest region; one is the Center for education and human resources training of multi-disciplinary Northwest region.-build the city of lang son, Lao Cai city, two major economic centers in the international position of the two economic corridors Vietnam-China tied to economic development and the formation of cross-border economic cooperation.
4. development of rural and mountainous areas of the region deployed a new rural building program associated closely with the national target program socio-economic development of local social programs such as the population and family planning, clean water and sanitation of rural environment , poverty reduction and job creation, layout etc of residential arrangements in the town along the border ensure steady people to life, assured of production and not the free migration to another place.
The activities of social-economic development mainly focused on agricultural production to settlement; strengthening the work of planting, tending and protection of forests, the forest watershed to protect water resources, ecological environment and the safety of the national key projects in the region and the Red River Delta region. VI. DIRECTORY of the PROGRAM, the PRIORITY PROJECTS of INVESTMENT RESEARCH (with appendix). The SOLUTIONS In The IMPLEMENTATION Of The MASTER PLAN 1. The priority areas of development-focused building and gradually modernized the system technical infrastructure such as transportation, water supply, power supply, urban infrastructure, industrial zones and infrastructure to meet the needs of development, especially the network of roads in the province and the mounts with the surrounding region. Speeding up the completion of the projects outlined in the resolution No. 36-NQ/TW on 12/7/2004 of the Politburo, concluded the number 26-KL/TW on 02/8/2012 of the Politburo and Government's action program to implement resolution No. 37-NQ/TW on 16/8/2004 of the Politburo; new construction and upgrades to improve the high-quality medical center and regional hospitals in Taiyuan, son La, Lao Cai, Phu Tho; investment in infrastructure and capacity training for Northwestern University, the University of Thai Nguyen, Hung Vuong University (Phú Thọ); complete the program solidified the school classrooms and teacher houses in the local region.
-Improving the quality of education, vocational training, human resource development high levels to meet the needs of economic restructuring in the region. Promote the application of high technology in the field of agricultural production in order to increase productivity, product quality and production values.
-Development of the economic zone gate on the basis of cooperation development of "two corridors" between Vietnam's economy with China. Electric Industrial development priority, deep processing of minerals, agricultural and forestry products processing, fabrication and Assembly of electronics, building materials. Investment in tourism infrastructure in the revolutionary base areas; Add the region's tourism development with the tour of the Red River Delta region and the country.
2. The solution to mobilize and use capital-striving to increase State revenue, strengthen the fight lost, handle cases of tax evasion, commercial fraud; ensure the correct collection, timely enough and the State budget.

-Prioritize investment capital from the State budget to invest in public works, the project is not likely to recover the capital infrastructure such as transportation, the regional health centre, fix handling of environmental pollution, the social infrastructure essential; at the same time balance the budget to implement the social security policy, especially for the poor, household policies; strengthen expenditure control, ensure the effective use of the budget funds for socio-economic development in the region.
-Building and issued the list of programs, projects need investment to 2020; on that basis promote the work to promote the introduction, promotion of investment in order to attract investment capital from the economic sectors; its maximum and effective use of ODA to developing key works on large scale infrastructure.
-Develop financial market transparency; promote the work of social investment in the areas of health, education, culture and sports to the maximum mobilization of resources to development.
3. Solution of the mechanism of policy-continue to improve the investment environment to facilitate the attraction of domestic and foreign resources for investment and development. Diversification of the investment type of BOT, BTO, BT, promoting investments in the form of public private partnership (PPP) to focus the development of economic infrastructure, social infrastructure.
-Building policy support to the development of key industrial, gate economic zones; building policy development of the market, creating favourable environment for production and business. Gradually expanding real estate market, science and technology markets, create favorable conditions for the activities of legal advisory services, science-technology, management consulting and market intelligence product to attract talents.
4. Improving the quality of human resources-building and issued the policies aimed at promoting and attracting talents, high level technical workers to work in the local region, and accelerate the training of human resources in place consistent with the pace of economic restructuring-society of the region.
-Enhance investments for the field of education and training, health, culture, to raise the level of awareness and wellness for the people. Strengthen vocational training, job referrals and support in many forms; There are vocational training policy labour converted to non-agricultural industries; construction plan and deploy advanced training for skilled workers to work in the industrial zone.
-Construction planning human resources training highly qualified engineering participated in the collaborative project to transfer advanced technology in the field of biotechnology, electronics, information technology, etc., step by step gradually raising the competitiveness of the economy consistent with the requirements of international and regional integration.
-Expand cooperation between local research facilities, training; encourage the business links with universities, training institutions to improve their training, for skilled workers in the business.
5. The solution of science and technology.
-Focus on applied research, create new developments, effectively in research and the application of scientific achievements in production, technology, and business. Priority research application projects of science-technology to serve directly to spearhead products contributes to the economic restructuring of the region, especially the application of advanced techniques of crop varieties and livestock, technical maintenance and product processing.
-Encourage businesses to invest in environment-friendly technology in these sectors have advantages such as exploitation and deep processing of minerals, agricultural products processing, food. Expanded form of link, between the production base with the application of science and the University aims to bring science into real life.
6. Solution of administrative reform.
-Improve the effectiveness of the work of the administrative reform in the direction of transparency, publicity at the same time improving the quality of cadres and civil servants in order to create a favorable environment to attract investments and solve administrative procedures.
-Building and issued a full, timely, policy mechanisms ensure upholding democracy, initiative, creativity and make the entire Government system works well, meet the requirements of development.
-Improve the efficiency in the management of the Government; a clear delineation of responsibilities between the competent bodies in order to correct the overlap in the functions assigned, while enhancing the prevention of bureaucracy, corruption and waste in the enforcement of the duty of the State authorities.
7. Solution of strengthening cooperation and market development-expand collaborate on the work market forecasting, scientific research, technology transfer and the provision of human resources between local in the region with the Red River Delta region in order to promote the effective potential of the region.
-To strengthen cooperation between local Regions in the field of investment promotion, market expansion-product consumption; coordinating advocacy and promote tourism, formation of the tour; exploitation, use and protection of water resources, sustainable environmental protection.
-Strengthen development cooperation trade, travel across the border with China, the Lao People's Democratic Republic, the development of the economic zone, build border peace, stability.
Article 2. Organization, planning implementation monitoring 1. Overall planning the social-economic development region and the northern mountains after being approved as the basis for the establishment, implementation and development of the industry, the field; overall planning the social-economic development of the locality in the region.
2. Assigned the Ministry of planning and investment to host, in cooperation with the ministries and localities in the region are responsible for:-the Organization announced publicly, the planning, the Organization of investment promotion activities, advocacy, the promotion aims to attract domestic and foreign investors, the economic sectors participated in the planning;
-Host monitor, urge, monitoring, checks the implementation of regional planning, the planning of ministries, sectors and localities in the region, monitoring the implementation of the program, key investment projects in the scale, nature and the region.
-Research, proposals, policy coordination mechanisms linking, coordination between local in the region and with other regions. Hosted, in cooperation with the ministries concerned for the investment project of the region.
3. The relevant ministries are responsible for establishing the planning approval process, the industry, product and sector mainly in the region consistent with the goals, tasks and directions of development approved in article 1 of this decision.
-Research, build and the competent State authorities issued a number of mechanisms, specific policy in paragraph VII, article 1, this decision aims to implement the goals and tasks set out in the planning.
In collaboration with the Ministry of planning and investment in implementing and monitoring the implementation of the planning, monitoring, implementation of the program, key investment projects in the scale, nature and The order of priority in the field of management in order to promote socio-economic development of the region.
Specific tasks for the ministries as follows: a) the Ministry of transportation: construction Director, complete schedule important transport works in the region. Proposed financing mechanisms for the development of large scale transport in the region.
b) Ministry of agriculture and rural development:

Complete build and deployment planning organization of irrigation, agricultural products, aquatic products mainly on the area of the region. Proposed mechanisms, policies and support in the local construction of the agricultural high-tech zone.
c) the Ministry of education and training: research, proposed mechanisms, policies promoting links between training establishments and enterprises use of manpower; deploy the solution in order to enhance the capacity for training in universities such as Northwestern University, the University of Thai Nguyen, Hung Vuong University (Phú Thọ).
d) Industry: ensure the correct implementation of the progress of construction of power plants and power supply networks in the region. In collaboration with the local relevant in the construction of the commercial center in the region as planned.
DD) Ministry of natural resources and environment: Deploying the solution enhances the efficiency of environmental protection, especially in the urban environment and industrial parks in the Region. Support for improving the quality of evaluation reports assessed the environmental impact management agency in the State of the local environment. Directing the local fair use, save the types of resources and implementation of solutions to protect the environment in the mining project, mineral processing.
e) Ministry of construction: test, monitoring the construction of hazardous waste disposal, water supply system, the scale of the region; in collaboration with the local in the construction of drainage, sewage disposal in the municipality.
4. the people's committees of provinces in the region:-proactively reviewing additional adjustments, and approved by the authorized program adjust the master plan for socio-economic development of local 2020 goal, matching the task approved in this decision.
-Coordination with the ministries held investment promotion activities in advocacy, promotion, attracting domestic and foreign investors and other economic sectors to participate in implementation planning.
-Monitoring organizations, examine the implementation of the investment project of local development by function is assigned, the Prime Minister's report.
Article 3. This decision has effect from the date of signing.
Article 4. President of the people's Committee in the province; the Ministers, heads of ministerial agencies, heads of government agencies responsible for the implementation of this decision.