Directive 66/2006/ct-Bkhcn: On Strengthening The Management, Improve The Quality Of Agricultural, Forestry Products, Agricultural Supplies And Ensure Sanitation, Food And Agricultural Product Safety

Original Language Title: Chỉ thị 66/2006/CT-BNN: Về việc tăng cường công tác quản lý, nâng cao chất lượng nông, lâm sản, vật tư nông nghiệp và đảm bảo vệ sinh, an toàn nông sản thực phẩm

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The DIRECTIVE on strengthening the management, improve the quality of agricultural, forestry products, agricultural supplies and ensure sanitation, safe food and agricultural product _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ the last time, the management of the quality of agricultural and forestry materials, specialized agriculture goods and agricultural product safety and hygiene of foodstuffs (hereinafter referred to as the quality of agricultural products agricultural materials, and FSH) were of interest and gained some good results. Quality of agricultural products, food, agricultural materials, quality as the varieties of crops, livestock and FOOD HYGIENE improved step by step. However, the quality of many types of agricultural and forestry products, agricultural materials is generally still low; microbial pollution, toxic chemicals, heavy metals in agricultural products still occurs, especially in leafy vegetables, fruit, tea; the use of growth stimulants prohibited the use of hormones, especially in animal feed in recent times become serious. Bad quality of products low, failing to ensure FOOD HYGIENE is becoming the big pressing in society, affecting the interests and health of consumers, to the development of production, especially for people who do eat. Meanwhile, many places have not properly concern the direction made lifting solutions, high quality products and guarantee FOOD HYGIENE; Yet the formation system of the powerful incentive policy to enhance the quality and FOOD HYGIENE; many quality standards no longer match but slowly be modified promptly; inspection, test and handle breach not comprehensive and often. The air quality management products and agricultural materials are not yet well defined, low capacity, lack of the necessary resources to operate. The application of the quality management system and advanced production processes into production still slow.
As assigned by the Government, improving the quality of agro-forestry products, agricultural supplies and ensure FOOD HYGIENE until the market is the responsibility of the agriculture and rural development. Make the direction of the Prime Minister, to overcome the above mentioned exist, restore order discipline in the management of the quality of agriculture and forestry, agricultural materials and products, FOOD HYGIENE, enhance the competitiveness of the products or goods in the process of international economic integration, the Minister of agriculture and rural development directive : 1. Science Technology: a. chaired, coordinated with relevant agencies to review proposals to modify or build new and published quality standards, rules, standard testing procedures for other types of agricultural production, agricultural materials consistent with the requirements of international economic integration, , put on a 2007 plan to perform; in the fourth quarter of 2006, the residual subsistence rate announcement lets the types of chemicals, microorganisms in agricultural products and foods.
b. Built under the project of strengthening quality management of agriculture and forestry products, agricultural supplies and FOOD HYGIENE of the agriculture and rural development (report before 30/10/2006) to implement since 2007.
c. build circular guidelines of quality management of agriculture and forestry products, agricultural supplies and FOOD HYGIENE in agriculture and rural development to issued before 30/10/2006.
2. Agriculture Bureau, in collaboration with the Bureau of HERBICIDE: a. directs the construction of the production process (GAP) in the agriculture sector (first of all for vegetables and tea-done before 30/11/2006).
b. guide the local construction of tea production, ensure FOOD HYGIENE.
c. proposed conditions of vegetable production base certification to ensure FOOD HYGIENE; certification form (completed before June 30, 2006).
d. the guidelines, make the task of managing state and regularly check on quality agriculture products, fertilizers, seed.
3. Department of livestock, in collaboration with the Department of animal health: a. directs the construction of the production process (GAHP) in breeding and guide local implementation.
b. guide the local push the transition form the raising, slaughtering and processing of livestock products; development of the breeding, slaughter according to models centering, disease safety.
c. the guidelines, make the task of managing state and regularly check the quality of livestock products, animal breeds and animal feed (TĂCN).
4. Plant Protection Bureau: a. local guide promoting applied production process and safety savings (IPM, ICM).
b. guide the strengthening local governance of HERBICIDE, focus strengthen pesticide management, regularly inspecting the business, manufacturing, pesticide use.
5. Animal Health: a. lead strengthen local animal health, focused effort against bird flu, FMD, goat pox ... b. guide the strengthening local governance of animal health, boosting management of veterinary drugs; veterinary hygiene during slaughter, breeding, livestock products trade; regularly check the production, trading, use of veterinary drugs. 6. The Forestry Bureau: enhanced local guide, state management of forestry plants, regularly inspecting the business of forestry plants.
7. The Bureau of agriculture and forestry products processing and salt: a. guide the local unit to strengthen the application of advanced technologies, systems, advanced quality management (ISO, HACCP, ...) in preserving and processing forest products.
b. guide the local implementation of the tasks of the State administration of quality salt and Agriculture and forestry products have passed the preservation, processing; machinery and equipment for forestry, agro-chemical engineering career matches.
8. Hydraulic Bureau: local guide on standards and procedures for water use to ensure FOOD HYGIENE and check the performance.
9. National agricultural extension Center: a guide to locally integrate the dissemination standards, production process, ensure FOOD HYGIENE during the program, agricultural extension projects, promote the advocacy information on the quality of agricultural production, agricultural materials, FSH.
10. The Center for Informatics and statistics: a. guide the local unit, enhancing the quality of information products, FOOD HYGIENE and agricultural materials on the website.
b. recommendations and instructions of the local unit to collect and process statistical indicators on the quality of agricultural production, agricultural supplies and FOOD HYGIENE.
11. The basis of scientific research, technology and training: proactive suggestions and actively involved in research, technology transfer, production processes of cleaning products, high quality and ensure FOOD HYGIENE, focusing on vegetables, fruits, tea, cattle-breeding, slaughter livestock concentration.
12. The business directly to: promote the technological innovation, applied quality management system and manufacturing process on the preservation, processing, construction, export and production region of raw materials, the high quality service of domestic consumption and export.
13. The Department of agriculture and rural development of the province, central cities: a. strengthen State management of the quality of agricultural production, agricultural materials, FOOD HYGIENE; investment in equipment, arrange necessary funds to ensure the implementation of the tasks of the field.
b. direct the planning of expansion of the safe production and implementation, firstly for the vegetables, the tight supervision of the specialized agencies.
c. cooperation with the Agency of information, health, enhance information quality propaganda material products, agricultural and FOOD HYGIENE.
d. coordination with the health authorities, police, market manager regularly checks the manufacturing business, agriculture and forestry products, agricultural supplies and the enforcement of laws on FOOD HYGIENE and quality.

14. Steering: The Bureau, the relevant Service, Department of agriculture and rural development in the scope of the assigned responsibilities have the responsibility to steer the industry and local unit performed well this directive; rewarded the Organization, individuals do well and handle infringement cases; The reports of the difficulties and obstacles to timely remove; reported results in December every year.
VICE (signed) high Germany

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