Circular 10/tt-Lb: Guide The Implementation Of Decision No 573/ttg Dated 12/9/95 Of Prime About Additional Adjustment Decision No. 327/ct

Original Language Title: Thông tư liên tịch 10/TT-LB: Hướng dẫn thực hiện Quyết định số 556/TTg ngày 12/9/95 của Thủ tướng Chính phủ về điều chỉnh bổ sung Quyết định số 327/CT

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CIRCULAR guide implementation of decision No. 556/TTg dated 12/9/95 of Prime about additional adjustment decision No. 327/CT _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ To unify the Organization directing the programme 327 in the spirit content, decision No. 556/TTg dated 12/9/1995 of the Prime Minister "About Tuning additional decisions, 327/CT on 15/9/1992 of the President of the Council of Ministers (Prime Minister) "and notice No. 71/TB of government offices on 16/9/1996" the conclusion of the Deputy Prime Minister Tran Duc Luong about the programme 327 ". Contact Ministry: Ministry of planning and investment, Ministry of finance, Ministry of agriculture and rural development instructions some of the following main contents: i. aim, OBJECT, method and FOREST PLANTATION DENSITY 1. The aim and object: 1.1. Create a new forest and the forest of special purpose: includes two content is planted forests and natural forest tending.
-About afforestation: 327 program retrieved afforestation is the task of the center of gravity, are growing focus end points, to form protective forest associated Department, mainland fleeting moments. Project forestation plan layout every year, must follow the planning of the project, planting zone would end zone that points, not scattered evenly over the entire area of the project.
Protective reforestation are planted mixed species create multi-tiered approval, not plain cultivated types, for an area of the forest has grown auxiliary tree pure (pure tree loss), are also the care period 1997 onwards to plan the planting of native trees in large wooden addition.
For the National Park, nature reserve, only grown in the forest ecological restoration with native tree species form mixed-species plantations, or garden plant collection.
-About tending the forest: To investigate specific areas where recovery conditions, the density of trees regenerate on 250 trees/ha, only need protection to keep farming the forest regeneration itself, if the number of tree regeneration under 250 trees/ha needs to cultivate enough miles for the demand density and vegetation protection such new, identified as the object of forest restoration, where farming would not be investigating specific design didn't put on annual plans because that will cost, not effective.
1.2. Forest Protection: protect the forest of mainly local authority levels, organizing and directing force of Rangers, the people, the armed forces are in place, through the implementation of measures of economic, administrative, educational, legal, policy, the Ministry of agriculture and rural development jointly chaired the related ministries early studies, the Prime Minister of policy mechanisms for long-term forest protection on the stock. In front of only 327 investment program to protect the forest, the forest of special purpose, key areas, where ethnic minority, while deforestation customs deal did not materialise, firstly the weak regions drained the great works: hydropower, irrigation, protecting sea dykes, against sand flies.
2. The method of planting density: 327 program projects, mainly to perform Agricultural and forestry methods combined forest stock land, delivered to households. Only the remote does not have the ability to bring people to the settlement, then the labour hire organisation new planting, care, protection, but to steer closely, ensuring the growth and development of planted forests. Customize the capabilities of land fund in each project that delivered to households in an adequate area, must clearly define the structure of the Earth and the forest, when delivered to the individual households. The delivery of the forest stock land, proceed at the same time and delivered long, which included:-an area of protected forest.
-Area to create protective forests (reforestation and tending new).
-An area of agricultural land to industrial crops, short on about 1-2 ha/households.
-The land in the Park and households about 0.5 ha/households.
Right from the first year to mobilize and facilitate the afforestation of land utilize short crops (maize, beans, peanuts, ...) to facilitate stable income, gradually improving life, assured production, performed forestry development principle of agricultural and forestry to keep and take long , create sustainable ecology, economic environment, develop effective conservation and development of forests, increasing the capacity of the National Guard.
The protective reforestation on bare soil, bare Hill, the slope are mixed forest plantation species, with native plants and trees to the appropriate support form the forest canopy multi-tiered to effectively hedge against long-term, land slope big, high rainfall, weak pulses are grown before the priority to work Quick hedge.
About density and crop structure: custom land conditions, terrain, tree species that the planting density regulations accordingly: for the protective forest watershed and the hills bare in plain, Central du General rules about 1600 trees/ha, of which about 40% long-term hedge plants : native tree canopy cover, shaggy, deep root growth cycle is longer, customize the conditions in each place can plant alternating some fruit trees, perennial plants such as: specialty labels, fabrics, mango, avocado, jackfruit, breast milk, ... have the equivalent effect as large trees, are counted as native trees, the remaining 60% of the auxiliary tree (the tree of economy) growing fast , has the effect of soil, prevent erosion create humidity for hedge plants grow better, custom specific conditions that select the species of fruit trees, trees, types of glue ... can get the flowers, fruit, plastic, wood oil ... medium is the auxiliary plants and increase the economic income for the households. About density and the plant maximum frame regulations, the provinces depending on the species of the trees, the land ... to determine the density and structure of plants appropriate for, but large trees including native fruit trees a minimum of not less than 400 trees/ha.
For planting in coastal protective forests: mangroves, protection dykes, the wind, the sand bay definitely ... custom conditions and aim to identify the species of tree, attach importance to the traditional tree proper planting density, according to the rules of the forestry sector.
In conclusion to achieve the target as on the Organization of the process in the direction of the provincial, district and facility must perform:-holds and Moved from forest planting in many types of projects, to afforestation Department on the basis of instant focus rearrange agricultural and forestry projects.
-Moved from plantation to plantation forest pure household rooms mixed with native tree species associated ancillary plants (economic).
-Made agricultural and forestry methods combine a creative and wise way.
-Forest stock land communication necessarily to every household, making households growing power grab.
II. To ARRANGE the PROJECTS in the PROGRAM 327 provincial people's Committee and based on the master plan for Forestry Department to identify the types of forest: the forest protective watershed of rivers, irrigation, hydropower, forest protective coastal importance (protection, against the wind, against sand flies) Bare hills, focus, environmental significance in plain, coastal municipalities, industrial area. Special purpose forests mainly national nature reserve, on the basis of that arrangement, layout the projects according to the following directions:-for the project being executed, should scrutinize, reorder the correct object for the forest, the forest of special purpose. Depending on the specific situation, protective forest project scale should be between 10,000-50,000 hectares to reduce clue, directing was focused, taking the district as a base unit. The district would have 2 to 3 agricultural and forestry projects, including projects of nature conservation, cultural history with the scale under 10,000 hectares; the project covers the different districts but the sailings (the same protective a hydroelectric dam lake basin, large irrigation ...) then enter into a master of forestry and assigned to the project.

-For national retained and invested according to the SOCIO-economic justification was browsing; Custom nature reserve scale and nature of the works that defined the project own or merged into local agricultural and forestry projects.
-The project mostly afforestation by the Defense Ministry, Interior Ministry, the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Central direct management, must scrutinize, sort reduce the clue in the correct object and scale. The project includes: the project directly, military zones, Military branches, military command of the province are closely related to defense and security, if within a province, then pooled into 1 project in general small points not tied to defense and security , merely make the economy for local delivery to the management and direct investment.
-The project of reorganization must correctly identify the on field, an area of planted forests need protection, an area of tending and the area is forest planting, then the people's Committee of the approval decision, the election Management Committee and project owners.
-Agricultural and forestry projects specializing in industrial crops, fruit trees ... by decision 573/TTg not subject 327 program, but has been growing industrial plants from the previous year, then customize specific situation, for these households really have difficulty will be considering further loans no interest , to take care of most basic build cycle, not rampant lending.
III. INVESTMENT POLICY, MECHANISMS To ALLOCATE, For LOANS To The STATE BUDGET Of 1. Investment policy: State budget investment for projects in 327 program with the following objects: 1.1. Capital budget allocated: a) of capital for the object:-planting, tending, protection of forests, dense forests, construction, nursery seedling preparation and even more like fruit trees for the following year, the initiative to create a tree like many categories, eligible, is sewn plantation quality decisions , for which create seeds for the following year is which rotation spin, only given to projects with the task of reforestation, project owners are responsible for implementation, recovery, conservation to invest again.
-Measuring costs, Woods stock, survey design (for the area for planting, farming, protection) and, this cost is calculated individually in addition to the price for households.
About sewing forestry investment unit price born: every year the Ministry of planning and investment, Ministry of agriculture and rural development will have instructions, but to the province and Ministry, now stipulates a number of General points are as follows: + protect forests: About 50,000 VND/ha/year, directly to households.
+ Tending has two levels: only tending (not cultivated) treated as allocated forest protection. If the area is growing, the base plugins designed to calculate the unit price according to the number of trees are planted.
+ Plant and take care of the forest: the Central Steering Committee specified only the average unit price, PPC based land situation, topography, plant species, density, located near and far, the level of difficulty ... on the basis of the specific design to determine unit cost of investment for each type of tree, in each region. Unit price plantation consisted of only two stitches: the cost of creating the seedlings, planting and care of first year.
+ For the price of the PPC, export seedlings need regulation framework for each species of tree, to avoid the arbitrary order lifting price unreasonable.
-327 program only support infrastructure construction, public welfare mainly water investment, watering the moisture, dreads, give priority to the point of receiving a new household, the essential works, where minorities are more difficult. The irrigation works, roads, schools ... due to the specialized capital investment.
-The project of special purpose forests (national parks, natural reserves ...) investment according to the technical-economic justification, but must consider, what works is really tied to protect forests do other works, do the following.
-Since 1997, forest resources, tax sale money tree stand (after the filing obligation) and other revenue sources from the forest (fines and money selling forest products confiscated ...) are focused on the State budget and regulate 100% for local budgets, this source of revenue is invested back to forested and are granting under financial management mode budget, State regulation, not be used for other purposes, this capital just for the wealthy of forest protection, lease, tending and forest planting. Be balanced in the annual plan.
b) Capital Capital + career career portability, a collapsed state capital support is given to the project owner, to give the region a flexible, portable household projects, mainly in the flexible, mobile district and commune. The Ministry of agriculture and rural development guidelines, dietary supplements, according to the spirit notice No. 71/TB on 16/9/1996 of the Government offices. Private capital management for the di, leads people to extract in 8% of the overall capital program, posed no other levels such as circular No. 15/LĐTBXH of the Ministry of labor, invalids and Social Affairs.
+ Capital Management career: 8% of the total capital of the program are classified as follows:-The central sector: 0.8%. Including the State Treasury, 327 program Steering Committee and the Ministry of agriculture and rural development. -The upper level of the project: 1.2% consisting of 327 program Steering Committee of the Ministry, of the province, district, Department of project management disciplines and departments concerned.
-Server project: to pay 6% of salary (if any) allowance for officers directly managing the project, forestry, agricultural extension officers, Office supplies, shopping means equipment necessary for the work of directing the project. 327 the program Steering Committee based on the actual situation to handle for each project, the project is additional revenue sources, or source of often genera such as: forestry, Grain, farm Ranger Station, the management of the National Park, forest, special purpose funds, the low level of career salaries , the project has no income other than capital project management, or in remote places, there are many difficulties, the rate higher, not necessarily the average allocation, so capital management, to consider a specific arrangement to create the conditions for project implementation.
1.2. non-interest loans: lending State support for households in the project, mainly to buy seed, children, materials and equipment necessary for planting, tree care industry, fruit trees, garden and household economic ... Since 1997, support lending only to those households, leading to production moving to new, have mounted with the task of planting and forest protection, while the former, in really hard then reviewed, continue lending tree care industry, with different levels, not the secondary lending. These households do not receive forest protection, forest planting and tending protective (not tied to the forest) cannot be grown, lending tree care industry or economic grounds.
2. loan allocation mechanisms, withdrawal and payment: capital and loan capital is still made according to circular No. 80 TC/KBNN on November 9, 1995 by the Ministry of finance.
The recovery of loans and loan processing principles: recovery-due loan recovery, project owners, households borrowed must be repaid in full for the State Treasury. The case project, deliberately delays of households do not pay the debt, the State Treasury will move to the overdue debt, incur overdue interest rates as loan resolution according to the resolution of 120.
-Recovery of loan, used to tell the server that the project lending, according to the plan due to the superior Agency of the proposed project has the agreement of the Ministry of planning and investment and the Ministry of finance.
-Case project owners and households to meet unforeseen risks can be considered renewed, or circled the debt.

The Finance Ministry will have guidelines specific provisions with regard to the processing of the loan withdrawal of the projects in the program 327.
IV. IMPLEMENTATION 1. Reviewing the arrangements the project and build the new project: provincial people's Committee, pursuant to decision No. 556/TTg dated 12/9/1995 of the Prime Minister, the circulars of the Ministry and the situation of local practices that arrangement, merger projects follow the object scope of the forest and the forest of special purpose.
The construction of the new project: according to content as section II above, but to ensure general balance, before building the new project must have the agreement of the Ministry of planning and investment, Ministry of agriculture and rural development. The project model, must be assessed on the contents of the Ministry of agriculture and rural development.
2. Strengthen the Ban only đoạ 327 program provincial, district and strengthen management of the project.
2.1. Steering Committee the program 327 at the provincial level: Vice Chairman in charge of Agriculture Chairman, members include: the Department of planning and investment, the Department of agriculture and rural development is the direct administration of agricultural and forestry projects and the Treasury Bureau. The provincial people's Committee responsible for governance programme projects of local 327. at the provincial level have to be dedicated, nests help steering do clue, along the branches directly handle fast, timely, necessary procedures for home projects such as: browser design, estimation of works ... Perform the test, urge regular, timely detect and rectify the deficiencies, defects of the base, grasp the situation, General monthly, quarterly reports to the provincial people's Committee and the upper level as specified.
2.2. The Steering Committee at the district level: The District has an area of large, protective forest has 327 project, then depending on the specific situation, the PPC could decide to establish the Steering Committee at the district level by the district Vice President in charge of the bloc Chairman, district-level Steering Committee, which is responsible for the governance of the project or on Central.
2.3. Strengthen the management of project: after the review, the project, the provincial people's Committee and The need to consider choosing the layout project and qualified staff enthusiasm, particularly the role of project owners, decisive to the success of the project. The province urgently arrange reorganized the forestry for forestry, mainly for forest protection management tasks, create a new forest, the forest of special purpose, then transformed into public business, or business units to start economic activities since 1997.
3. Build, and general plan: 3.1. Construction and general plan: the provincial people's Committee, the specialized Sets of base direction of the State, the situation of implementing the project, responsible for general construction program plan, 327 of the Ministry, local, send the Ministry of planning and investment, Ministry of finance The Ministry of agriculture and rural development.
The Ministry of finance, the Ministry of planning and investment to balance the budget for the program 327 in budgeting in the Government and Parliament to decide.
3.2. Delivery Plan: after Congress passed the annual plan, the Ministry of planning and investment, the Finance Ministry and the Prime Minister delivered a total investment level of the program for the province, central cities and the Ministry, the Minister of planning and investment, is the Prime mandate of planned delivery details for the , cities, ministries (direct management section includes: mission, capital structure, project list, and announced plans for the whole industry in relation to monitoring, directing, check. So the program's 327 total capital (capital grants, loans, equity, a flexible, mobile career management fee) just concentrate a clue, by the Ministry of planning and investment allocated to provincial committees and ministries.
Chairman of the provincial people's Committee, Ministers, planned for delivery project (direct management), is responsible for integrating, coordinating the content of local programs, the organization directed focus, make sure to use the resources of the State and contributions of the people effectively , including:-Mission: afforestation, forest protection, tending, taking care of the forest, prepare the same year after the planting and care of trees with lengthy industrial, specialty crops, infrastructure works, public welfare ...-number of households, leading to mobile projects.
-Total capital and capital structure: the budget levels, loan interest, career management and a flexible mobile.
Delivery of the plan text and the provincial people's Committee for project owners (direct management) sent to the Ministry of planning and investment, Ministry of finance and Ministry of industry professionals to follow, check. For these projects centrally, the Ministry must submit the text of the project planned for the province. 327 program Steering Committee of the province has the responsibility to monitor, check, manage the State central projects. The project owner of the local central must have regular contact with local and there are recurring reports according to the regulations of the Department.
– The Ministry of finance, the State Treasury TW base on the text of the planned Ministry of planning and investment and the register of the Ministry of planning, the province to transfer capital, provincial Treasury celebrated allocation and for timely loan service to project owners, households.
4. mode: reports To the Steering Committee, grasp the situation of implementing the plans of the regular, timely project, now unified regulating some of the following points:-monthly project owners have reported faster, about the preliminary results of a number of the target volume and money capital to the governing body (the Steering Committee) from November 25 to 30.
-Governing body (the Steering Committee the program 327) quarterly report synthesis, 6 months, 9 months, closing to the Central Steering Committee, the Ministry of finance and The majors.
-The Ministry of planning and investment (permanent program Steering Committee Central 327), General 6 month report and the annual sum to the Prime Minister.
5. General terms:-this circular in force from January 1, 1997.
-The previous text contrary to this circular is no longer enforceable.
-Specialized Ministries, based on specific guidelines situation, about the problems of management in the industry.
In the process of doing what matters bottlenecks, the provincial people's Committee has the text sent to the Ministry of planning and investment, Ministry of finance and The professions to consider settling.

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