Circular 3-Bxd/ktqh: Guidance, Planning Review To Build Towns And Cities

Original Language Title: Thông tư 03-BXD/KTQH: Hướng dẫn lập, xét duyệt quy hoạch xây dựng các thị trấn và thị tứ

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Circulars, construction planning review is the base town town ordinances about the specific powers, duties of people's councils and people's committees at each level are the Standing Committee of the National Assembly IX passed on 25 June 1996;
Pursuant to Decree No. 15/CP on 04/3/1994 of the Government of the functions, duties, powers and organizational structure of the Ministry of construction;
Pursuant to Decree No. 87/CP dated 17/8/1994 of the Government issued rules to manage urban planning;
Pursuant to decision No. 322/BXD-DT on December 28, 1993 the Minister of building regulations on establishing construction plan of the town and circular No. 25/BXD-KTQH on 22/8/1995 of the Ministry of construction planning review guide urban construction.
To implement the decision of the National Congress Party's eighth, The build guide the establishment, building plan review the towns cities as follows: i. GENERAL PRINCIPLES 1. Purpose the purpose of the work, considering the construction planning for the town, the Quartet aims to establish a legal and scientific basis for the management of urban development; make the goal of industrialization and modernization of the country; each step of forming the network of municipalities, to abstain form the megacity; Depending on the conditions of each place, all the towns are to be developed on the basis of promoting industry and services means the simultaneous formation of the town as the center of economic, cultural, social or phrases for each commune to the commune, the Quartet can play the role as the "fulcrum" of rural development accelerate the process of urbanization and regulate growth, development of the municipality.
2. Range of application of this circular, the sequence content guidelines, methods, review (appraisal and approval) construction planning of towns and cities across the country, except for the town, is the satellite town of the city has separate rules.
3. Classification of the commune and town 3.1. By location and function, the commune, the foursome are classified into the three following categories: a. The district capital is town and municipality-district Center, serves as the administrative centre, services, culture, industry, handicraft and technology transfer, science-engineering of a district;
b. the communes, the Quartet is a service centre for cultural, economic, a commune, a cluster of town or a region;
c. The town's satellite town were formed in the region affected, directly tied to the development of a National Centre for urban, intercity or regional economic-administrative region in the province;
3.2. The predominant standard for the classification of the commune and town: a. pursuant to decision 132/dated 5/5/1990 of the President of the Council of Ministers (Prime Minister), the commune was the municipality of V must have population size from 4,000-30,000 people, in the mountains with a population of at least 2,000 people; non-agricultural labour rate must reach a minimum of 60%; initially built the works public infrastructure mostly appropriate level; the average population density is 6,000 people/km2, in the mountains about 3,000 people/km2;
b. for the town, currently the State has not specified the standards of classification, so while planning can temporarily use the following criteria: the minimum population size is 2,000 people; in the mountains is 1,000 people; the rate of non-agricultural workers must meet minimum 40%; initially built some buildings technical infrastructure primarily as: transportation, power supply, plumbing etc. and the essential service works daily as fair; the stores trade, medical services; the common school level 1, 2; agricultural extension facility; technology transfer; the basis of craft production; the sports service, rest; the process of cultural information, etc.; the average population density is 3,000 people/km2, in the mountains about 1000 inhabitants/km2;
c. for the communes, cities have special functions, or is the satellite town, the classification standards are determined by the regulations.
4. to request, review and adjust the planning to build towns and cities 4.1. To be able to quickly complete the establishment and review of planning the building of towns and cities across the country, depending on the actual conditions of each locality can mobilize all the force professional staff in the Institute of planning, construction consulting companies, teachers and students of universities Professional high school, architecture and construction planning construction involved the towns town;
4.2. Planning the construction of the commune, the Quartet must conform to overall planning the social-economic development of the district, province, city planning scheme, built the district (if applicable), at the same time comply with the provisions of the law, the technical standards, standards of the State concerned and the social-economic conditions Naturally, every locality;
4.3. The project planning of building towns, cities must be competent State agencies after approval and review must be publicized to the inhabitants know, done.
The construction plan of the commune, the foursome are browsing is the legal basis for urban management; land use management; implementation of investment projects in construction; planning the annual construction investment, short and long term of the branches and local.
4.4. The adjustment of the planning of building towns, cities are made according to the provisions of article 7-Charter urban planning management attached to Decree No. 87/CP dated 17/8/1994 of the Government.
II. Content, Sequence And METHOD Of BUILDING PLANNING For The COMMUNES And 1 TOWN. The scope, boundaries and planning period 1.1. Range planning boundaries, building the town, to be determined by the administrative boundaries of the town, the surrounding of land located outside the administrative boundaries, but in the direction of expanding the town, then also be delineated on the scope, boundaries for planning;
For the town, range, building planning boundaries be determined depending on the conditions of individual practices where, due to competent authorities approve the planning decision.
1.2. Planning the construction of the commune, the Quartet was established for long-term development period is 10-15 years and first building period is 5 years;
2. Content of the planned construction of the commune and town planning content build towns and cities include: 2.1. Synthetic evaluation analysis of natural conditions, status and resources to develop the town, Sichuan province;
2.2. Justification defines the basis of design planning, forming the views and objectives of development;
2.3 planning design research, including 4 content: a. the development orientation of the town, town in the period of 10-15 years;
b. land-use planning, urban architecture, infrastructure and environmental protection, in order to materialize the development orientation;
c. construction planning for the first 5 years;
d. determine width; selection and introduction of architectural form, public works, engineering and technology solutions to fit the construction conditions in the town, the local foursome of 2.4. Construction management regulations of the town, according to town planning.
3. The sequence and method of construction planning of towns and cities.
Construction planning of the commune, the Quartet was formed according to the 4 following steps: 3.1. Step 1: collect the bases to set up planning, including:

a. The original maps, including maps and topographic map 1/2000. in areas where the terrain yet, you can use the maps, in conjunction with the field, consider the scene to record the planning outline (except those terrains too complicated), but when deploying the project to build, then necessarily map the precise topography measurements;
b. the text direction of the party, the State and the project planning, project-related investments has been the competent State agencies;
c. the current state of the economy, population, land use, architecture and construction of public works, housing, infrastructure, sanitation, etc.
d. The natural conditions: location, terrain, climate, geology, landscape, natural resources mainly etc.
3.2. Step 2: justification defines the basis for planning of building towns, cities (mission planning), including: a. the analysis reviews the planning bases, on the basis of which to draw the problems exist to be solved;
b. the Land Fund classification review building, determine the direction chosen land space development;
c. justification defines the nature and scale of population, land use, regulation and the technical-economic indicators primarily to infrastructure development (transport, water supply, power supply, exiting the water; the technical preparation of land, housing, public works);
d. build perspective, development and formation principle diagram the structure of the building of the town, the foursome.
3.3. Step 3: planning solutions cứa construction of the commune, town: study on the architectural planning solutions and infrastructure in order to materialize the principle diagram, shape the structure of the construction planning of towns, cities and the content of the planning outlined in item 2-section II of this circular , on that basis, making planning for submission to the competent authorities appraise and duyêt coffee.
3.4. Step 4: organizations planning review, enact the Statute under the construction management plan and publicize planning.
4. The composition of the planning profile to build towns and cities: the base article 12 of "planning rules to build urban" attached to decision No. 322/BXD-DT on December 28, 1993 the Minister of construction, the profile component of planning construction of the commune, the Quartet must guarantees are mainly technical requirements , but are simple, short, easy to understand practical effects in the construction management direction to the town.
4.1. The section of the drawing content of the drawings referred to in article 12 of regulation planning urban construction attached to decision No. 322/BXD-Tel construction of the Minister, be made into 4 drawings as follows: a/site map contact region, the rate of 1/10,000 to 1/50,000.
This drawing must show the following principal contents: position, function of the commune, the foursome in the network of the local settlement of the district or region where the layout of the town, town;
The mutual relationship between the town, the town with the district and the region economically, culture, social services, transfer of technology and natural conditions;
Scheduled network planning of infrastructure, border towns, cities (foreign infrastructure) to ensure enhanced intimate relationship between the commune, town district and minor neighborhoods;
b. map status and general assessment of building land, rate 1/2000.
This includes drawing content: reviews the current state of use of land, which identifies the area (by function) used stable, consistent with the master plan be retained; the area has used steady, consistent with the master plan, but must have custom solutions page, improving; the transition of land use; the cultural heritage, history, architectural works, valuable landscapes are rated, there are required to protect and conserve the created; the hallways protecting the infrastructure engineering works under the provisions of law and regulation, standard construction planning design.
Synthetic evaluation of natural factors, technical infrastructure, economy, society and the environment for the unused land to build lies in the direction of expanding towns, cities, on the basis that the land fund segment into the sort of favorable, less favorable and not conducive to building the commune thitu, depending on the purpose of use;
Plans choose land and chose the town expanded, the foursome.
c. a map of land use planning and technical infrastructure, the rate of 1/2000. This drawing must show the contents of the drawing number 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 the provisions of article 12 of the regulation establishing the planning urban construction attached to decision No. 322/BXD-Tel of Minister of construction, including: functional areas and the allocation of land for housing construction types , public service, green, transport, technical infrastructure, land and other land types produced within 10-15 years.
Đượt land use construction of fertilizer according to the 5-year plan, on the basis that clearly delineate the region characterized and rules clear indicators of land use management and for building the Department characterized it, including: land, purpose of use, total floor area, building density high floor, medium, coefficient of land use, density of residence and form divided into plots. -Network of roads the principal infrastructure works; the sections of road and highway regulations to routes; the public sanitation of the town.
d. The organization of space planning-the town's architecture, the Quartet consists of: detailed planning outline and preliminary central area ratio of 1/500 (including premises, facade and perspective);
Research, introduced the housing form; the work serves the public interest and solutions technical infrastructure mainly for townships, cities;
Site map-driven architecture, which clearly define the monuments of culture and history, the valuable architectural works are preserved; natural areas in need of protection; the central area and, where construction of the buildings; the main street and the Department of landscape architecture-creating frames, architectural layouts rib commune, the foursome.
The drawing above is expressed as follows: for the color profile used in the Review Conference, the drawing of a, b, c, d must be done in accordance with the prescribed percentage;
For the record the only ink drawing c in accordance with Pond national framework regulations; also the drawing of a, b, d are shrunk in A3 or A4 with the appropriate rate, with female dogs to take on part of the appendix or illustration captions: for the large towns, depending on specific conditions, drawing c can express two is drawing a map of land use planning and zoning maps build base technical infrastructure;
4.2. The text of a presentation Sheet, a., annex.
b. the draft "Charter construction management under the planned".
III. ORGANIZATION Of The REVIEW Of The MASTER PLAN To BUILD TOWNS And CITIES 1. The content and procedures for review of The plans to build the town, the Quartet must be held according to the following sequence review: 1.1. Appraisal, through the mission planning: building or Facility Director Chief Architect (for municipality had KTS) coordinated with the Chairman of the district people's Committee or equivalent-level evaluation and report to the provincial people's Committee, the city of centrally through the mission planning;
1.2. Conference the Council of architecture-planning of the province:

In the process of planning cứa research building towns, cities, according to the provincial people's Committee requests, central cities could organize the meeting of the Council of architecture-planning to get feedback before finalizing the planning profile, if it deems necessary.
1.3. organizations assess and process of building planning for the town, the foursome: Department of building or City Chief Architect (for municipality had KTS) chaired the evaluation planning of building towns, cities before the competent State agencies for approval.
2. The authority to approve and regulate construction planning of the commune, the foursome 2.1. The people's Committee of the central cities, planning to build the local town due to her management, after the people's Council was the same level through;
2.2. the people's Committee of the district level planning approval to build the town in his charge according to the hierarchy of people's committees, the central cities, once there is agreement on the text of the Department of building construction or City Chief Architect (for municipality had KTS) and the process of communal people's Committee where this building and town councils the same level through.
3. content verification and approval of the construction plan of the commune, the Quartet;
Content assessment, planning approval to build the town, town under guidance in circular No. 25/BXD-KTQH on 22/8/1995 of the Ministry of construction;
IV. IMPLEMENTATION 1. The people's committees of provinces and cities under central coordination with the Ministry of construction directs the construction planning review, the commune, town in the country to ensure timely service for requirements management and development of the municipality and in accordance with the instructions of this circular;
2. The facility built or chief architect of the city (for the municipality have KTS) based on the instructions in this circular, the Organization of training and the establishment of the construction planning review, the commune, the foursome in charge by themselves;
3. This circular is effective from the date of signing. The previous provisions contrary to this circular are repealed.
In the process of implementation, the organizational unit, or individual concerned, if the findings are things unreasonable then reflect timely The research building cứa solved.

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