Circular 4/1999/tt-Bxd: Guide The Implementation Of Decree No. 11/1999/nd-Cp Dated 3/3/1999 Of The Government With Respect To The Item Of Business Building Material Condition

Original Language Title: Thông tư 04/1999/TT-BXD: Hướng dẫn thực hiện Nghị định số 11/1999/NĐ-CP ngày 03/3/1999 của Chính phủ đối với mặt hàng vật liệu xây dựng kinh doanh có điều kiện

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CIRCULAR guide implementation Decree No. 11/1999/ND-CP dated 3/3/1999 of the Government with respect to the item of business building material condition of item building materials circulation in the market is largely large volume goods and bulky when shipping, stock , buy sell, some type of easily cause dust, dirt, liquids, influence the environment and social management order;
In order to minimize the harmful effects to the environment, hygiene, landscape, social security at the same time ensuring the quality of products for the consumer goods business at the stage of building materials;
Pursuant to Decree No. 11/1999/ND-CP dated 3/3/1999 about prohibited goods circulation, commercial services banned; goods, trade service limiting business, business condition. After exchanging United with Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of construction guidelines for items and construction materials business condition as follows: i. SCOPE 1. When traders trade business activities with building material items of business conditions, irrespective of the economic component is of Vietnam or abroad must have a registered business, equipment and business locations in accordance with the conditions specified in this circular.
2. Location of business include construction materials, receiving stations, warehouses, storage yards, demo shop for building materials, trading, trading in building materials.
3. The list of items and construction materials business conditions: a) the cement type b) building the type c) brick, tiles and roofing tiles, asbestos-cement roofing, metal roofing, steel, steel pipe, rocks, sand, gravel, concrete, glass construction.
d) construction Wood types, tram, Cu, bamboo, leaves, plastic, plastic pipe, roofing, oil paper cot.
e) additives in building types, building the kind of paint.
II. BUSINESS CONDITIONS for the BUILDING MATERIALS BUSINESS CONDITIONS business conditions for the building materials business must obey the provisions of commercial law and documents guiding the implementation; at the same time satisfy the General conditions stated in article 6 of the Decree 11/1999/ND-CP dated 3/3/1999 in the category 3 for the points a, b, e are detailed as follows: 1. General conditions: a/to be registered traders doing business under the provisions of the law.
b/there are physical-engineering and equipment standard by the competent State Agency regulations c/business location must be: + in accordance with the requirements of the planning network of local business locations.
+ Ensure the requirements of environmental protection, landscaping, fire prevention.
+ Ensure orderly traffic safety: do not violate just about traffic, do not encroach on the sidewalks, roadways.
+ Must have the table name and business name or personal name of business.
2. The specific conditions for each group of items and construction materials business conditions: a) for cement: cement building materials are easy to cause dust, reducing the quality of the preservation process; cement business locations are not placed in the axis of the road through population centres, urban.
-If the retail number under 1 cover (under 50 kg) it must have the exact needs tools and packaging for clients.
-Stores or warehouses for storage of cement to ensure the sealed dry, wet rainy weather does not reduce the quality of the cement.
-Cement business locations must have a price list for each type of cement, listed with the client.
b) for building:-building is the type of material if in the form of lumps of dust easily cause, to see the country react to high heat can cause fatal burns, in dilute form easy to eat the skin, causing the dirt roads and surrounding buildings. Building business location is not set in the populated areas, schools, hospitals, markets. The stock must be sealed or warehouse Bureau lime packaging moisture resistant, place where high drain can prevent flooding, the lime and the lime I reserve my right with barrels, concrete tank with lid or Peach pits have fences cover, put in place at least, and are required to have the sea banning dangerous lime pits signaling.
-The business of building just sold and production up to the means of transport or the packaging guaranteed when transported on the road not only dirty and Fleur-de-lis, and the United Kingdom are transported to certain hours during the day due to local government regulations.
c) for groups of bulky materials, including: building bricks, tiles and roofing tiles, cement asbestos roofing, metal roofing, steel pipe, steel, stone, sand, gravel, concrete, glass construction. The type of material is usually purchased in large volume, bulky, easily born dust, obstructing traffic when unloading, shipping.
The business location on the material is not set in the streets of the Centre. business locations must have enough stations to the advantages for the means of transport in and out, where the stats showing are tidy, neat, avoiding crashes that cause accidents for people.
The business was sold only on material and production up to the transport means ensuring no dust, not the United Kingdom, Ian, not so size and weight compared to traffic safety regulations and must comply with the provisions of the local Government on the hour allowed shipping.
d) for groups of bulky materials flammable, smells, including: construction Wood types, tram, Cu, bamboo, leaves, plastic, plastic pipe, roofing, oil paper cot.
Location of business materials in this group must satisfy the conditions as to the group mentioned above (point c). In addition where stored materials must be placed away from home to fire and must have measures, effective fire prevention rules.
e) for other types of additives, coating: this material group, usually in the form of liquid solution, powder, when buying and selling on the market that can cause environmental pollution, dirty. The storage and shipping for this material must have the packaging for powder or boxes, containing cisterns for liquid-sealed, must-have tools for needs safety when buying and selling. Not been put in place near sources of water, eat well, ponds, where there are high temperatures likely to start for the home side's solvent and paint.
III. IMPLEMENTATION 1-provincial people's Committee, directly governed cities planning location sales nets construction materials of local conditions by the local building Department in collaboration with the Department of trade and the Organization widely published after the approved planning.
2-for traders have been certified eligible building materials business Circular 19/BXD-MATERIALS on 01/7/1995 shall continue business and are guaranteed in accordance with the conditions specified in this circular.
3-the competent authority grants registration to coordinate with the Department of construction and commercial Department in the provision of business registration for traders who meet the conditions stipulated herein at your nails II to this circular.
4-Building Facility in collaboration with the Department of trade and industry departments of local organizing periodic inspection or irregularly in all trading building materials of local conditions on the implementation of the provisions of this circular and reports the results to check up the PPC The city, and the Ministry of construction.
5-organizations and individuals violating the provisions of this circular, depending on the extent and the consequences of the violation will be disciplined, administrative sanctions, material compensation or prejudice criminal liability under the law.
6-circular supersedes Circular 19/BXD-MATERIALS on 01/7/1995 and have effect after 15 days from the date of signing.

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