Circular 165-Hđbt: A Guide To The Election Of Delegates Of The People And The Ppc, City And District Level Term 1985-1989

Original Language Title: Thông tư 165-HĐBT: Hướng dẫn cuộc bầu cử đại biểu HĐND và UBND tỉnh, thành phố và đặc khu trực thuộc Trung ương nhiệm kỳ 1985-1989

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The CIRCULAR of the MINISTER NO. 165-DYNAMIC DATED 15-12-1984 DELEGATE ELECTION GUIDE PEOPLE'S COUNCILS and PEOPLE'S COMMITTEES of the PROVINCE, CITY and DISTRICT LEVEL TERM 1985-1989 the Council of Ministers has decided the election of deputies to the provincial people's Council, city and municipal district on April 21, 1985.
The industry, the level of need based on the instruction of the Secretariat of the Central Party leadership elections and circular guiding the implementation of the electoral law, deputies to the people's Council No. 18-dated 30-1-1984 to conduct elections to guarantee democratic, lawful and achieve good results.
While made to note some of the following issues: 1. About the advocacy work: people's Committee, the city and the district were centrally coordinated with the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of the same level have extensive propaganda plan for officers, staff, the armed forces and the people to grasp the purpose , requests of this election on the basis of promoting collective sovereignty of the people's Socialist choose who deserves to elected to the organs of power and authority in local governance; create high consensus among the people, motivate people to actively participate in the administration building, State planning and implementation of the policies of the local State.
Need to make people understand the structure of the people's Council, the standard of the people's Council to the introduction of the election results.
2. The point of the term 1981-1985 of the people's councils and people's committees is important to begin the stitching process of election campaigning, should do well to draw the lessons of operational experience for the people's councils and people's committees of next term. The people's Committee and other committees of the Council of the people need to have the check-point outline sent to the delegations, and the Organization of the collective exposure of the voters in the electoral district to direct voters to contribute comments for the activities of the people's Council The people's Committee, and each delegate in the past term. On the other hand need to motivate voters self-criticism of his responsibility for the building of the Government and law enforcement, the State's policy. The point of criticism and self-criticism must ensure practical content, to achieve consensus on politics and the high spirit of the people for the elections as well as for the leadership of the party and the administration of the State.
3. Regarding the number of participants and the selection of the election of deputies of the people's Council: the people's committees of the province level, the local population base that expected of the deputies will be elected and report the President of the Council of Ministers. The nhiền peoples lives alternately or has many workers need to increase further the number of delegates they must report and be Chairman of the Council of Ministers.
About the structure of the people's Council, to introduce the election after the election to have the rate from 50% or over was part of collective farmers, workers are directly involved in production, 30% are women, 30% were younger (under 35 years), 30% to 50% are scientific and technical officer , socialist intellectuals; in areas where minorities must have the proper proportions is ethnic; leaders in the industry and managers need to have the proper rate to keep the core position in the Organization and operation of the Government. The number of deputies to the people's Council the previous term re-elected not more than 50%. To ensure the structure and proportion, to people's Committee in collaboration with the National Council for discussion and exchange of voters nominated the democratic way, fix introducing mounds pressed or let go of the woman in the Organization directing the introduction of the election.
4. The establishment of the list of voters: people's Committee of the communes, wards and towns based on the law on the election of deputies to the people's Council on 26-12-1983; Resolution No. 498-NQ/HĐNN7 29-2-1984 of the State Council; Circular No. 18-dated 30 January 1984 by the Council of Ministers to set up the list of voters. Need to review thoroughly the voter list; the case is also questionable issues, must rely on people to verify it for clarity. The people have the right to vote but in others local to the people's Committee of the commune (town wards) and decide to write the name on the electoral list.
The bodies of companies in local central would have to participate in local elections. Military units in the mobile forces of the Defense Ministry by Ministry of Defense review, decided to join the election.
5. The establishment of the institutions in charge of elections: need to select people who have the experience, ability and prestige among the people to put into the election, the Election Committee, the Electoral Council. Need instruction about professional election task for those who are chosen, ensure no regrettable errors happen in the election process.
6. The election of the people's Committee:

Must be executed according to the instructions of the party central secretariat, article 50 of the law on organization of people's councils and people's committees and circular No. 66-dated 20 April 1984 by the Council of Ministers; the need for the people's Assembly Deputies discussed the master standard to choose who has the charisma and the capacity of governance, economic management, social management to elected to the people's Committee. Of the people's Committee members must have a number of people is female. Need to choose the people's Council is eligible to vote on the Permanent Committee of the Division. About a fellow Secretary of people's committees, in addition to the general criteria, and are fluent in laws and regulations, State administration procedures.
The Organizing Committee of the Government has the responsibility to research the President of the Council of Ministers instructions in assigning back people's Committee, the city for the match with the number of members and the current workload of provincial cities.
7. The work of the Organization directing the election: a) under the leadership of the Party Committee level, the provincial people's Committee, in collaboration with the City Committee of Vietnam Fatherland Front, the unions in local people to set up the Electoral Council.
In the process of preparing and while elections, needs attention to ensure a safe, orderly for the people rest assured election participation.
b) The ministries, State committees, other bodies in the Council of Ministers, within the scope of his authority, plans to serve the election.
c) Provincial Committee, the city has a responsibility to report the results of the elections over the Council of Ministers, the Council of State.
The Organizing Committee of the Government has the responsibility to monitor, guide and help the local elections and the general situation of the election results, reported the Chairman of the Council of Ministers.

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