Circular 4/bxd-Materials: Guidelines For Implementation Of The Management Of The Exploitation And Utilization Of Mineral Construction Materials

Original Language Title: Thông tư 04/BXD-VLXD: Hướng dẫn thực hiện công tác quản lý khai thác và sử dụng khoáng sản làm vật liệu xây dựng

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CIRCULAR of the MINISTRY of CONSTRUCTION Guide and make the management of the exploitation and utilization of mineral building materials made of mineral building materials in our country is very rich, to be distributed across multiple territories of the country such as: sand, Pebble, gravel, kaolin, clay, limestone, building land decorative stone, ...
Due to the distributed nature and are all over the country should the mining construction materials of our country has had for a long time, the kind of mining products have a positive contribution to the construction of the country. Besides the positive aspects to meet consumer needs in place, there's also the indiscriminate exploitation, illegal, unreasonable use of mineral resources caused huge resource waste. Many have the Department has invested rampant exploitation, lack of planning and unified plan leads to the condition easy to make hard to quit. In mining, the mining rules, rules, rules that use explosives ... are not respected and well made. Many deadly accidents have occurred, ensuring environmental environment of mining facilities are also weak.
To implement seriously the enforcement of the "Ordinance on mineral resources" and rectify the situation management, use of mineral resources in the building materials industry-wide set of building guidelines make the management of the exploitation and utilization of mineral building materials as follows : i. GENERAL PROVISIONS 1. The management of the exploitation of mineral resources make building materials all over the country to the full observance of the laws the State has issued about the management, exploration, mining, mineral resources; According to the planning and development of the construction industry and the production of building materials.
2. Minerals are mined is used for your purposes.
3. Tap is in the correct design of extraction and use of resources.
4. To ensure environmental, industrial safety and environment. When the extraction is finished to return the premises to use for these purposes.
II. GOVERNANCE Of MINERAL RESOURCES 1. The geological survey is the work must be conducted before doing the science base for the exploitation of all the construction projects or the project of geological exploration in the specialized agencies. Schemes, the scheme must clearly define the goals, content and extent of the reasonable research based on economic, technical, ensure high quality and effective practical. Approval or authority reviews the geological investigation report stipulates in paragraph 3 article 14 of the Ordinance on mineral resources.
2. The Ministry of construction is the construction organization planning, strategic, long-term and short-term planning, drafting policies to develop the production of ingredients for building materials. Draw out the specific regulations on the management of mineral resources protection made of building materials and the regulations on the technical economy of mining construction materials.
The Ministry of construction is justifying review agency technical and economic review of the design of mining of mineral construction materials made in the management of the State level before mine.
Based on the development of the industry, to help the Committee of review of the technical-economic justification and browse mining design of mineral building materials are recorded in section 3 article 14 in the Decree 95-dated 25 March 1992.
For the making of construction materials other central ministries to manage, when ministries governing mining justifying review must have the participation of the Ministry of construction is a fellow official of justifying Review Board if large-scale mining, or agreed in writing by the Ministry building before justifying review if small scale mines.
III. ABOUT MINING 1. After the mining permits and register mining area at the State Agency has the authority under article 15 of the decree dated 25-3-95-1992 to establish mining design. The exploitation of mineral resources make building materials are made in accordance with the development of the industry of building materials designed to protect the country's mineral resources.
2. Before conducting the exploitation of mineral resources in building material quarries to do well the work of construction in the mine as the canvas top, road works, peeling, cut the floor sure, create and build the processing category of service according to the approved design.
3. Mining necessarily exploit under the floor or stage throughout, ensuring high performance and safe for the Fiery explosion drilling exposed stitching, transport. In the technical conditions allow can dig wells and conveyor type transportation. Absolutely not exploit type cleft. For mine there are small production, exploitation by manually creating infrastructure to match.
In the high-elevation or depth to ensure safety for the workers up and down the floor in the production process must necessarily create a path variable.
Mining under river water to ensure no delays or changes of the flow; do not destroy the illuviation of beach without causing avalanche affect neighbouring buildings; do not pollute water parts of the population.
4. for those where large reserves of minerals, but immediate exploitation needs yet more, only produced in the form of small mines at design as well as the extraction process must take measures not to interrupt when switched to the big dig.
Particularly for the mineral resources make rare materials such as asbestos, ziêttcôn, natural pigments .... then mining would have to take pháplấy out of mining mineral resources.
5. All quarries mined land, stone made building materials must strictly observance of safety rules both in the extraction, transport and use of explosives.
Building stone exploitation or other resources do building materials by the method of drilling blasting drilling passport must have burst. Blast drilling must be Passport Manager review companies.
IV. SPECIFIC REGULATIONS for SOME MINERAL RESOURCES MAKE CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS 1. Decorative stone blocks quarried blocks of sedimentary, metamorphic, magma, phún to make decorative stone outside the hydraulic splitting wedge method, craft, should apply the techniques of advanced technologies to cut large blocks saw according to the design of extraction rules.
Decorative stone blocks extraction is not used, the blasting method in case of technical-economic justification for allowing only the detonator, wired to explode. The mine has a thick layer of soils need the peeling can also drill blasting young song to avoid these phenomena cause om rocks need to consider alternatives to solve require ground layer peeled and is determined to be the thickness of soil layer between access layer peeling fresh rock and stone.
Blast drilling passport to peeling layers approach must be the Board of mining engineering through Enterprise and technical director.
Customize each layer of lava that mining engineering Council decide to buffer layer between the layers of rocks and fresh approach or not. If it is necessary to have the buffer layer thickness cushion Ê 0, 1 m for all types of lava. Buffer layer peeling methods need to proceed by mechanical or manual methods and just finished peeling layers of new buffer progress has exploited blocks.
2. Building stone of mineral extraction is allowed as a construction stone must comply with the safety rules in the extraction and processing of stone (TCVN 5178-90).
In the stone quarry to build if there are other useful minerals come along (or is in the upper mantle) during primary mining need to take measures to exploit fair use the accompanying minerals.

Production facilities are regularly check physical properties, contamination, the flattening space shuttle products. In the process of crushing stone building is regularly adjusted and features of the machine, make sure the space shuttle mode control, the other piece of debris under the ragged against the size specified by the product.
3. Gravel, sand and crushed gravel products are mined from quarries on land or under water to ensure adequate quality of building stone products are processed. If the floor must be clean before peeling, the products must be clean, have to remove the impurities and must be classified in the correct way.
Sand mining in the mine on land or under water must also comply with article 2 section III this text about peeling floors, must take measures to ensure cleanliness team ready and product specifications.
In the mine has both sand and gravel seams seams or mixed sand and gravel when tapped to take measures to make use of both types of material, the case has not yet make the most of now, do not obstruct the extraction difficulties later on.
Sand or gravel mines were created in the form of lenses and has large thickness when mining must take measures against landslides and extraction methods are conducted in horizontal layers.
The white sand in the form of high value resources is the main raw material used to produce glass types and a number of necessary additives. When the white sand mining must choose, classified according to chemical composition standards and mechanical components with the method of ready recruits for each type of mine. Not be taken to have enough white sand using industry standard, used in the construction of a warrant and the other normal things.
4. Clay and kaolin organizations and individuals when delivered mines and allowed the extraction of clay, kaolin makes building materials are in full compliance with the provisions of article 45, 46 and 48 the law of the land. If the extraction of clay for making bricks and tiles, ceramic must follow the things defined in circular 07/LB/TT on 1-8-1992. When exploitation must have measures to make the most of the clay floor, kaolin or exploit to the maximum depth to which the techniques used. Not exploit small lava lost much of its area and the waste of resources. The case of exploration or kaolin in under water as article 2 section III has rules.
Depending on the required product quality and the technology of processing clay and kaolin is used to produce building materials based on the chemical composition and the physical properties of them in the process of exploitation is classify selected to ensure quality, regulation sold to consumers as the decision 255/BXD-BUILDING MATERIALS, has issued about material goods quality building on 15-10-1989.
V. PROTECTION And RATIONAL USE Of RESOURCES 1. Mineral resources used as a construction material composed of many different types. So in the extraction process uses any personal organization must apply scientific measures to harness appropriate technology with the sense of fair use for each type of mineral resources make building materials. The mineral resources have high value as the limestone to make cement, white sand with high SiO2 and low content of oxygen from carry risen to produce glass, glass, kaolin clay has a high content of oxygen from Al2O3 for production of construction ceramics and building materials marble and stone granitô were large monolithic beautiful colors every organization, individuals are not indiscriminate use of mining waste liberally. The mineral resources are mined only used as building materials by demonstration.
2. in the processing technology of mineral resources make building materials to ensure high recovery of the main ingredients and raw materials must be accompanied by technical solutions using the synthesis of mineral resources building material when mined including the mine's waste.
3. The mineral resources do not yet exploited building material to, or in the extraction of minerals or mineral-poor types is not yet used to be well protected.
The case of mining high value used as a building material that's building materials according to the standard rules only require the type of mineral of the same kind but usually near where the production does not have the right to economic efficiency product and must be issued specialized authorities decide to use.
VI. IMPLEMENTATION 1. This circular is effective from the date of signing and applied uniformly throughout the country for all the units and individuals who are citizens of Vietnam as well as the Organization and individual are foreigners while conducting mineral building materials.
Individual organization when conducting the exploitation and use of minerals made of building materials to the full enforcement of the State-issued documents, to research and implement in full the specific terms of this circular.
2. The province, city and have the task of submitting periodic reports 6 months to the Ministry of construction as content: mining production and product processing in six months and a year.
Product recovery rate during the year.
The changes of production technology (if any) the situation of consumption and the economic performance of the mining and processing facility closed in the province.

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