154/decision 1997/qd-Dcks: Regulation Of Minerals Classified As Minerals Do Conventional Building Materials

Original Language Title: Quyết định 154/1997/QĐ-DCKS: Quy định các khoáng sản xếp vào loại khoáng sản làm vật liệu xây dựng thông thường

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The DECISION to prescribe the minerals classified as mineral construction materials often do _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ MINISTER of INDUSTRY pursuant to the law on mineral 20 March 1996 and Decree No. 68/CP dated 11 November 1996 from the Government detailed rules implementing the law on mineral resources;
Pursuant to Decree No. 74/CP dated 16/11/1995 the Government functions, tasks, powers and organization of the Ministry of industry;
Is the agreement of the Ministry of construction, Ministry of science, technology and the environment;
According to the proposal of the Director General of geology and mineral resources Vietnam.
FIXED QU2YẾT to article 1. Issued "regulations the mineral is classified as mineral construction materials often do" to apply within the country.
Article 2. Ministries, ministerial agencies, Government-affiliated agencies, provincial people's Committee and the central cities are responsible for the implementation of this decision.


Pounding Tons of Ying (signed) regulations the MINERAL is CLASSIFIED AS MINERAL CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS OFTEN DO (attached to decision No 147/QD-ĐCKS 23 January 1997 of the Minister of industry) i. GENERAL CRITERIA: these minerals are classified as mineral construction materials usually is the chemical composition of minerals , physical properties, texture, color or other properties do not meet the requirements as raw materials to processing, the production of higher-value products, construction materials and radiation below the level allowing for human health.
II. The FOLLOWING are MINERALS CLASSIFIED AS MINERAL CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS OFTEN DO: 1. Sand the kind of unsatisfactory materials produce cast steel, refractory materials, mixed materials, including porcelain and white quartz sand not;
2. Lightning types of unsatisfactory material produced refractory materials, detergent, cement production, durable materials, acids and not pliable clay, bentonite, keamzit, caolin;
3. Rock sandstone, stone quarzit unsatisfactory work production materials stone, refractory (dinat), metallurgy and content does not contain metallic minerals, gems, bitumen content of commercial significance;
4. Slate, shale and slate roofing except fire;
5. Types of sedimentary, metamorphic, magma does not contain metallic minerals, native metals, gems with meaningful trade, unsatisfactory work production materials stone, stone carving, fertilizer raw materials, refractories, cement manufacturing additives;
6. The kind of Cobbles, gravel, and quality ingredients available in type 3, 4, 5, quartz and rock the bee does not contain the native metal or metallic minerals with commercial significance, unsatisfactory work production cement additives;
7. Types of limestone, clay, lime is not satisfactory as raw materials for chemical industry, raw material, production of cement, stone, stone carving, metallurgical content and contains no bitumen;
8. Rock the đolomit unsatisfactory as raw materials for the chemical industry, glass, metallurgy, production capacity, refractory materials, manufactured stone, stone carving.
III. ENFORCEMENT of TERMS: this regulation is effective from the day of promulgation.
The previous provisions contrary to this regulation are repealed.

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