The Decision 136/2007/qd-Ttg Dated: Approving A National Promotional Program To 2012

Original Language Title: Quyết định 136/2007/QĐ-TTg: Về việc phê duyệt Chương trình khuyến công quốc gia đến năm 2012

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DECISION approving the national programme to 2012 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ the PRIME MINISTER pursuant to the law on organization of the Government of 25 December 2001;
Pursuant to Decree No. 134/2004/ND-CP dated 9 June 2004 the Government promotes rural industrial development;
Considering the recommendation of the Minister of industry and trade, decision: article 1. Approval of national promotional program to 2012 with the following principal contents: i. the GOAL of the PROGRAM 1. Mobilization of domestic resources and foreign investment involved industrial production and promotional services in rural areas, contribute to promoting economic restructuring-labour towards industrialization, contributing to poverty, poverty reduction and development in socio-cultural life in the countryside.
2. industrial development in rural areas with no growth is lower than the average speed. By 2010, the proportion of the rural industry in the total value of industrial production reached 28-30%, export turnover of craft goods totaled about $1 billion, gradually increasing the proportion of processed industrial products of agriculture-forestry-fisheries.
II. The SCOPE And The OBJECT Of The PROGRAM 1. The program scope includes promotional activities defined in article 3 of Decree 135/2004/ND-CP dated 9 June 2004 from the Government, led by the industry and the people's committees of provinces and cities under central (hereinafter referred to as the Department) management and implementation to support the rural industry development in the hospitality industry scope the provisions of article 6 of Decree 135/2004/ND-CP dated 9 June 2004 from the Government.
2. The object a) organizations and individuals directly investing in the production industry in the district, town, commune and town (called the rural industrial base); including small and medium enterprises established, operating under the enterprise law; establishment of cooperatives, cooperative law activities; individual business households according to Decree No. 88/2006/ND-CP on August 29, 2006 by the Government on business registration;
b) promotional services organizations, including: the extension Center, research institutions of science and technology, business consulting, training, technology transfer, provide information, trade promotion and other activities related to the production of the rural industry.
III. The CONTENT Of The PROGRAM 1. Vocational training programs, career development and occupational transmission a) compiled the program, curriculum, materials and the Organization of vocational training courses, media (mainly spot), short (under 1 year), tied with rural industrial base to create jobs and improve skills for rural workers;
b a good welder training), craft artisans to form the Faculty of service programs for vocational training, career development and transfer in the countryside.
2. program management capacity a) compiled the program, curriculum, materials, corporate governance of rural industries have content matching actual needs and the training objects;
b) training officers of public services organizations qualified to join the consulting activities, the program's training (training of trainers);
c) the Organization of training courses, training on starting a rural business management;
d) organized the workshop, introduced the management experience, production, business, science, new technology and other topics related to industrial production for rural industrial base;
DD) Organization, support for rural industrial base taking the courses, seminars; visit the learning experience survey, production of domestic and foreign business;
e) consultants, project support, production and business plans to business start-up and new businesses established.
3. The program supports performing model building techniques, technology transfer and scientific and technological progress a) investigation, prospecting, list building technical demonstration model of the new technology, new products need to disseminate replicable; technology portfolio, technical and scientific progress need to support transfer;
b) support to build the models performed in craft production to promote modernization of traditional technology;
c) support to build the models performed on repair, mechanical manufacturing, farm tools serving the agriculture-forestry-fisheries, consumer mechanics; agricultural-forestry-fishery products;
d) support to build the models processed raw materials, especially the small scale in the areas of distributed materials to give the basis of processing industry, handicraft;
DD) support the transfer and application of modern machinery, advanced technology in the production of the craft-industrial, process and environmental pollution.
4. product development programs for rural industry a typical) build quality standard rural industrial products embodying traditional cultural identity, to meet consumer tastes in and outside the country;
b) formulated and promulgated the regulation system vote the rural industrial products conform with typical corresponding standards under 5 levels: village, district, province, regions (region), country;
c) periodic (annual) organized the vote and the certification of industrial products typical rural township level, district, province, region, country;
d) supports the rural industrial base have the products expands production, market, technological improvements, code samples, packaging ... to create the products that reach the higher levels;
DD) Organization Expo rural industrial goods. Construction, registered trademarks and trade promotion activities.
5. Program development advisory activities, provides the information a) active support promotional advice in the areas of: project investment; marketing; Production Manager-accounting and finance-human resources; packing, packaging; the land; application technology-new equipment related to the production of the rural industry;
b) formation and development of the activities, including promotional consulting: consulting point fixed; direct advice for the rural industrial base; advice through the internet and mass media;
c) built of electronic data center on rural industry, Network Associates promotional advice from central to local;
d) built the tv programs, radio, promotional publications, websites and other forms of mass communication.
6. the venture support programs, links, economic cooperation and the development of industrial clusters-a) support the rural industrial base established the Association, the professions; satellite link produce ancillary items; the model links the production base of traditional handicrafts with the travel business;
b) support form link clusters of industrial enterprises in the textile, footwear, mechanical, handicraft;
c) planning support and investment in infrastructure construction, industrial clusters according to the development plan of local industry in the difficult areas, slow industrial development.
7. program management capacity and implementation a) research the Agency has the authority to modify, supplement or enact new related documents aimed at improving the legal framework, mechanisms and policies about promotional activities;
b) intensify supervision, promotional activities instructions to enhance the effectiveness of promotional activities from Central Government to local;
c) Event the entire machine, the capacity to manage the State of activity at the Ministry of industry and trade;

d) investing human and technical infrastructure for the Centre for the promotion of professional direction, connected with the Agency, Institute, school of business, capable of implementing training activities, technical consultant at the facility;
DD) built the program, curriculum, materials and organization of training of capacity management, organizing promotional activities for staff as encouragement;
e) enhance international cooperation, enlist foreign funding and international organizations for promotional activities.
Article 2. Funding the programme 1. Economic career funding in the central budget for promotional activities by the Ministry of industry and trade management and implementation expected to be 400 billion.
2. Annually, based on the program, the Ministry of industry and trade (for the national promotional funding), the provincial people's Committee (for local promotional funding) building plans, cost estimates made for the layout in the estimation of State budget according to the provisions of the law on the State budget and the current rules. 
Article 3. Implementation 1. Industry has a mission: a) presiding, in cooperation with the ministries and people's committees of provinces and cities under central common, guide, inspect, monitor the implementation of the program;
b) issued or in coordination with the ministries concerned, locally issued the text of the guide program implementation;
c) building, implementation plans, annual promotional scheme, according to the program content specified in article 1 of this decision with respect to these activities, the manufacturing products mean the whole country or region consistent with strategy, Planning Industrial Development Department, the industry and the territory;
d) established several centers to implement national promotional scheme in the region, by the Minister of industry and trade decided by the authority;
Annual periodic) report the situation to the Prime Minister to implement the program.
2. The Ministry of Finance has the task: a) secured funding from the State budget for promotional activities and directions formed, managed to use the national promotional funds and local promotional funding to be effective, practical;
b) in collaboration with industry guidance, test, monitor the implementation of the program.
3. The ministries, ministerial agencies, government agencies, within the scope of the duties of its powers to coordinate with the Ministry of industry and trade, integrating the project in the national target program, the program of social-economic development differ from schemes in promotional programs to implement.
4. the people's committees of provinces and cities under central mission: a) presiding, in collaboration with the Ministry of industry and trade, common guidance, direction and supervision of the industry, the local-level implementation of the program;
b) build, implementation plans, annual promotional scheme under the programme content defined in article 1 of this decision;
c) ensure funding from local budgets and state management of the promotion; investment in infrastructure, people for local promotional Center;
d) Organization and mobilization of resources, integrating the project in the national target program, the program of social-economic development other than the promotional scheme in this program to implement;
DD) quarterly industry reports on the implementation of the program locally.
Article 4. Terms of implementation 1. This decision has the effect after 15 days from the date The report.
2. Ministers, heads of ministerial agencies, heads of government agencies, the Chairman of people's Committee of the central cities, is responsible for the implementation of this decision.

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