The Decision 116/2006/qd-Ttg Dated: Approved Master Plan For Socio-Economic Development Province Of Yen Bai To The Period 2006-2020

Original Language Title: Quyết định 116/2006/QĐ-TTg: Phê duyệt Quy hoạch tổng thể phát triển kinh tế - xã hội tỉnh Yên Bái thời kỳ 2006 - 2020

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The DECISION approving the planning of the overall socio-economic development in yen Bai province in the 2006-2020 period _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ the PRIME MINISTER pursuant to the law on organization of the Government of 25 December 2001;
The Commission's proposal of Yen Bai in the sheets of 240/TTr-April 24, 2006 and no. 2470/BKH-APPLIED PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY & GSĐT on April 11, 2006 of Ministry of planning and the head you approving overall planning the social-economic development province of Yen Bai to the period 2006-2020 the decision article 1. Approval of the master plan for socio-economic development in the 2006-2020 period Yen Bai with the following principal contents: 1. Development perspective: overall planning of social-economic development province of Yen Bai 2006-2020 period are based on the following point:-set in the organic relationship with the socio-economic development of the Northeast and the northern mountain Region.-guarantee the aim of increasing tr rapid economic and similar sustainable, economic growth is tied to poverty reduction objectives, the development of the social sector. Production development is tied to the market slid ờng consumption, creates speedy the breakthrough to be raided a faster growing economy, each entered alien ớc overcome the risk of lagging behind compared with even phoney ớc.
-Considered and calculated in the context of soil wate ớc are active and urgent tr run international economic integration.
-Tied to protect ecological field to ensure the long-term and sustainable development.
-Make use of the potential, promote strengths, advantages of The ...-The close between socio-economic development to ensure national defense and security, uphold social safety order.
2. the principal development goals: a) general objective: continue to maintain speed play fast and economic tr sustainability, create the conversion quality level in the process of socio-economic development. Striving to 2020 Yen Bai basic became a province and is one of the central development of the Northern mountainous Region. promote economic restructuring and labor structure under user industrialization, modernization with the structure: agriculture, forestry-industry, construction and services. Gradually increase the efficiency and competitiveness of the economy. Promote the application of scientific advances and improve technology in the manufacturing industry. Improving the education and training ợng Lu and level of human resources. Effective exploitation of foreign economic relations. Build the system of favorable infrastructure, ensure the required development of the economy and society. Continuously improve the material and spiritual life for the people. Continue to make poverty reduction, creating jobs for workers. Maintaining political stability and social order and safety.
b) specific objectives:-speed tr average economic play the 2006-2010 period reached 12% per year; the 2011-2015 period reached 12.5% per year; the 2016-2020 period reached 13% per year.
-Economic structure: agriculture, forestry, fisheries, construction, industry and services in 2010 is: 27%-38%-55%; 2015 is: 20%-44%-36%; 2020 is: 17%-46%-37%.
-Average income of fishing life, 2010 is 9.2 million; the year 2015 is 17.5 million; the year 2020 is 34 million.
-Export turnover reached 25 million in 2010, rising to 35 million by 2015 and by 2020 up to 50 million.
-Natural population growth rate until 2010 to 2015, 1.186 also reduced 1.086% and by 2020 reduced to 1%.
Strive to reduce the rate of poor households on average 4% annually, by 2010 to 15%.
-To 2007 complete universal secondary education, every step of the implementation of universal secondary education.
-Decreasing the rate of child d described below 5 years ỡng balance nutrition insufficiency in 2010 to 22%, 19% and also by 2015 2020 16%.
3. development of the sector and the field: a Farm, forestry):-agricultural, forestry development, continue to shape the Department focused intensive crops, respond to raw materials for industrial processing.
-The construction and upgrading of infrastructure systems in agriculture and the countryside, each entered alien ớc formed a new rural and modern civilization.
-2/3 the area of paddy fields 1 service up 2 service, 20% of the total area of 2 service up to 3 service.
-Build models of agricultural production, forestry has gained value from 35-40 million/ha the 2006-2010 period and 50 million/ha the period 2011-2015. Strive to ensure the security of the real Central, stable level l l real malady head Central 300 kg/person/year from 2020 onwards.
-Promote livestock development became a breakthrough in agricultural development to increase the proportion of livestock breeding.
-Promote the advantages of developing forestry, reforestation, continue lifting the cover of Woods up 58% in 2010 and keep stability on 62% from 2015.
-Take advantage of the surface area n Convention to develop aquaculture, aquatic connections products strive to reach 7,500 tons in 2010 and over 10,000 tons in 2015.
b) industry-handicraft:-continue to focus on developing the industrial sector has the advantage of source material such as: mining and mineral processing (iron and steel production and processing of white limestone), cement, electricity, building materials, agricultural and forestry processing.
-Focus on developing the manufacturing industry and export consumer goods such as paper, wood, tea, household, electrical porcelain, ceramic, stone beads, stone flour.
-Developed some new industries: industrial paint manufacturing, fiber Board, kraft paper, processing the fruit.

-Development of processing industry and handicraft, rural villages and traditional professions and new professions: agriculture, forestry, small mechanical, textile production, woolen crafts.
-The value of industrial production reached 2,900 billion in 2010, reaching 6,500 billion in 2015 and 2020 reach 14,000 billion. The proportion of the processing industry reached 76% in 2010, rising to 77% in 2015 and increased 78% in 2020.
-The development of industrial clusters: Southern industrial and industrial clusters: van CHAN; Van Yen District; Luc Yen; industrial and handicraft Swamp Pink; the industrial, craft villages in the district, the town of Significance, the city of Yen Bai and in the communes, meet production for enterprises, the production craft households.
c) services:-total retail goods and social services revenues in 2010 of about 2,700 billion in 2015 of about 5,300 billion in 2020 and reach around 11,000 billion.
-Ho development till 2015 She Falls into a thematic ecological tourist area in the national tourist routes of Hanoi-Haiphong-Hanoi-Vietnam. Expected in 2010 to welcome Lu ợt, 350,000 in 2015 to welcome 500,000 visitors and welcome the year 2020 l send 800,000 tourists to Yen Bai.
-Total budget revenues in 2010 reaches over 600 billion, by 2015 is 1,500 billion in 2020 is 3,500 billion.
-Improving level of service b pros and telecommunication, to promote the development of information technology. As of 2010 there are 70% business managed and operated by information technology, to increase the proportion of the population using the Internet, optical cable turns all districts and residential areas of focus. In 2010 the average telephone density reached 10/100 inhabitants; 100% of people's Committee of the Communist Party and the Social Committee has telephones; 100% of the town newspaper of the day.
d) management and innovation of enterprise: continue alignment, innovation and enterprise development on the province to 2010 business enterprises would complete the consolidation of reordering the manufacturing organization according to user conversion property holdings, when eligible, except for some important business home n Convention should hold. Delineate clearly the rights and responsibilities in implementing the role owner, the Elimination of subsidized Home n Convention, promoting the autonomy and responsibility of the business to enhance business efficiency. Develop new types of business enterprises.
DD) social sector development:-by 2010 the rate of natural population growth reduced to 1.186% 2015 reduced 1.086% and by 2020 reduced to 1%.
-Each of the five jobs for about 16,000-17,000 workers and training for approximately 7,000 employees. Increase the rate of trained workers in 2010 up 30%, 35% up in 2015 and 2020 up to 40%.
-Expected until 2010, seven doctors, ten thousand inhabitants, 2015 is the physician/7.5 thousand inhabitants and in 2020 is 8 doctor/ten thousand inhabitants. The rate of communes, the doctor on the go 2010 ph reaches 80%, increased 94% by 2015 and reach 100% by 2020.
-100% there in 2010, ờng ờng preschool, whichever available modes, the youth mobilization rate of 5 years 97.5% achieve grade out, the rate of mobilization of children to primary school 97.5% reached the field, reaching 88% of junior high and high schools reached 45%.
-By 2010 the rate of communes have cultural modes in ờng a village of 100%; the rate of family culture 2010 reaches 85%, reaching 90% in 2015 and 2020 reach 95%; the agency rates, standard unit of culture 2010 is 94%, 97% is in 2015 and 2020 is 100%. Increase the proportion of the population fitness training, regular sports up 26% in 2010, 30% in 2015 and 35% by 2020.
e) science, technology and environment g:-promote the innovation, improve technology in the manufacturing industry. Investment in modern technologies, advanced, in line with the requirements of production and life; prevent and handle SLI ờng combination and use of polluting technologies slid ờng.
-Social-economic development associated with environmental protection ecological slid ờng, ensure sustainable development goals. Striving to 2010 the new production base construction are applied measures of waste water treatment, solid waste, emissions to the environmental protection field. The hospital, industrial, urban and rural areas has an estimated n drainage system and processing of waste wate ớc standard.
g) Defense Security: economic development always aligns with defense consolidation, in order to improve the security posture of civil defense and security posture. Ensuring security, order and social safety, the prevention of social evils, reduce traffic accidents. Continue to build the yen Bai province rich in economic strength on defense, becoming solid defensive area.
4. development of infrastructure: a) traffic:-route: as of 2010, the entire upgrade highways; Restore 70 Highway improvements; complete 32 phase 2 route (Highway-Kim Wall). The new high speed line opened Hanoi-Lao Cai in the economic corridor of Kunming-Lao Cai-Hanoi-Hai Phong. From 2011, the continued upgrading of the national highway, some important segments on Highway 37, 32 highway you speedy first upgraded to dd the go 4 lanes.

-The Highway: by 2010, the upgrade of the existing line, plastic goods rate of 100%; a number of new open, the total will have 19 go Ridin The routes with a total length of 675 km. study of left-send bridge construction of the Red River and the Red River area to send the city, district and commune Yen. From 2011 onwards, upgrading some of The markets and important PREC build some new routes in the area needed.
Municipality: the go-to complete the 2010 according to city planning, Meaning town Highway and other municipalities. 2020 system DD markets combined with technical infrastructure system in the municipality.
-Rural traffic: by 2010 the rate of surface chemistry ờng GE hard reaching 95%; the ratio featuri go speedy travel 4 season reaching 90%; bridges, drainage wate ớc reaching 50%. From 2011, upgrade the district markets, contact the go Ridin Ridin commune, solidified the whole system go Ridin, drainage.
-Iron: ờng Str until 2010 to upgrade some snippets from Van Phu to ga City Lu to assure the running of ships; building markets railways DD segment ga Van Phu-H central harbour in Thai Nguyen online-Tuyen Quang-Yen Bai; New construction, upgrade the key terminal by 2020; modernizing signal information system construction, Yen Bai station in the commune of Tuy Lộc. Railway construction, modern fit with the overall development planning of industry markets railways DD Vietnam has Its speedy Government approval route t.
Interior: the go-to 2010 harbor construction: outdoor Waterfall, Mau A, Van Phu. Until 2011 the whole upgrade Red River route to the means of inland transport.
b) power supply system:-complete works: GE ờng 110 KV electric lines and substation 110/35/22 KV town Twinned Highway; DD 220 KV line Viet Tri-Yen Bai and substation of 220/110/35 KV Yen Bai. New construction works: GE ờng wiring 110/35 KV Khanh Hoa-Lu Yen; DD line 110 KV Künes-Mao A and substation 110/35/22 KV Mau A; DD 220 KV line Yen Bai-Tuyen Quang; DD 220 KV line Yen Bai-Lao Cai.
-Complete the construction of the East 3, 4 hydro and van Chan. Build new hydroelectric works: Four Lakes, Trio, Fuses-Stations, Area weeks, Longing to bring. The survey, the first project you build new Fish Falls hydroelectric works, Nam Kim, Pá Mỳ Hu, Nam Increase, Stinger-2, 3. At the same time building small hydroelectric works and hydroelectric power.
-From 2010, 100% of the commune ờng modes in power l national described below.
c) communications system: by 2010, and 9/9 district, the speedy improving level of mobile phone coverage. Yong Lu ợng switchboard reached over 100,000 numbers, level of use reached 70-80%. On average each year new 8,000-10,000 installed telephones. By 2010 the total number has 43 b pros.
d) irrigation system, living wish: n-irrigation: repair and upgrade new build construction 485 clue. The period 2006-2010 build 252 works, the period of 2011-2015 233 construction works. To 2015 have 977 irrigation, ensure t described below for over 90% of the total area of paddy fields 2.
-Estimated urban activities: N the period 2006-2010: improving Peaceful water plant (Yen Bai), the estimated Mean n Highway; renovating the plant n co Phuc Convention; expand the trade ớc wate A factory; construction of the plant, estimated the n Town: Trio Stations, Jasmine. The period of 2011-2020: expand the plant n was estimated in industrial clusters Van Yen and van Chan.-Hairpin ớc rural living: striving to 2015 have 85% and 95% of the population have in 2020 countryside speedy used phoney ớc hygiene. From now to 2015 to build 119 ớc wate supply new focus. In the 2006-2010 period that built 30 works, the period of 2011-2015 89 construction works.
DD) physical education, training: expected in 2010 are a total of 644 field study, 2015 rising to 686 g ờng, 2020 increased 721 field. Case number ờng national 2020 consists of 35 field preschool, elementary, ờng slid 79 63 field and 28 junior high school field.
The 2006-2015 period building 1 field you University Shu; upgraded, merged some SLI ờng high school into College: field technical economic, culture and art, health. Until 2010 to build 5 more technical center route, synthesis and stability of level 10 Center by 2020.
e) nature of the health sector: From 2006-2010 build 3 more medical facility (of which there are physical examination Center displacement high ợng), by the year 2015 to build three more regional clinic. Of the go gi disease/1 lakh population of 2010 reaches 37.56 gi markets, reaching the 2015 and 2020 the go gi 38.45 reached 39.1 gi markets. Number of communes, ờng national standard modes of health 2010 is 126, 2015 is 155 and 2020 is 180.
g) nature of cultural industries, sport: by 2010, the provincial level sport have enough national standards; district-level stadiums, swimming pools and tennis courts; 70%, ph sport center area markets and places of amusement; 80%, whichever is ờng sports training yards.
Each b estimated investment to be full of cultural institution. By 2010 the district, the are versatile culture, independent library; by 2020 the district, the are a Museum (or traditional), book stores.
5. Space Development territory:

a) developed economic regions: the Eastern economic zone comprising-Yen Bai was the development of the kernel and the District: peaceful, Luc Yen, Yen, Yen. Focuses on developing the central food, l tea, cinnamon, fruits, animal husbandry, fisheries, forest planting material, the forest, the development of processing industry of agricultural, forestry, mining, tourism, service industries.
-The economy of the West including the town Meant Exposing nuclear development is of the region and the District: van CHAN, Jasmine, Stations. Development of tree planting, flowering forest Central l, Shan tea, fruit trees, trees, livestock, great hearing aids. d livestock, development of processing industry of agricultural, forestry, mining, tourism, service industries.
b) urban development:-the city of Yen Bai will top you built according to the standards of the town category II, with 5 functional areas: mail, ơng industrial zone, administrative area, tourism, culture and sports, health, education.
-You First upgrade the town Literally Expose of standard type III municipality.
-Peaceful capital of the town will develop according to the scale of a town, a municipality of standard type IV attached to the southern industrial zone.
-You First upgrade the trade town A (Van Yen district) into the town municipality of standard type IV.
-First you develop some new town: Khánh Hòa (district Alone) and Long (district of Yen).
-Build cluster at the Township Center 40-point residential concentration associated with the development of the town.
6. A number of solutions in order to make the planning: a) On the top of you:-total capital demand you develop the 2006-2010 period is 13,000 billion; the period of 2011-2015 is 21,000 billion; the 2016-2020 period is 42,000 billion.
-Focus on investing in the construction of infrastructure systems, especially in the area of infrastructure, industrial clusters, ensuring conducive to production and business activities of the investor. To further improve the policies to attract investment.
-Promote the foreign economic activity, building a number of mechanisms, specific policies to attract the top favourites t n addition to the Convention. Study the streamlining of processes of licensing, approval of projects and preferential investment policies.
-Increased c venture markets, associated with the province, major cities, industrial zones, export processing zones in both Convention n the same cooperation for development.
-Encourage all economic sectors to establish various types of business enterprises in the areas that the law does not prohibit. Delete the subsidy for home business ớc wate, created all conditions for the economic development component.
b) human resources:-improving Lu ợng human resources to solve the problem of the lack of qualified skilled workers is high. Promote vocational training, encourage all economic sectors to participate in vocational training and job referral services, Labor export regulations. Take measures to closely monitor the operation of enterprises and export of labor organizations.
-Have u noticed her policy regime favors to attracting talents and labor have high work qualifications in yen Bai, long-serving career social-economic development of the province. c) in science, technology and environment: case-have the policy to encourage enterprises to apply scientific advances and technological innovation. Encourage enterprises to use clean technology, biotechnology.
-Construction planning, planning of economic development-society is tied to the protection of natural resources and ecological field environment to ensure sustainable development goals. In balancing the budget, annual ớc gvernment should prioritize capital you layout for the disposal of waste, the waste of the public works, urban and rural, especially waste treatment system of hospitals, waste treatment plant of the city of Yen Bai , the town of Sense Highway and exit system n Convention, dealing with the waste of the divisor n municipality.
d fin a) on:-strengthening and further expanded the market slid in and slid a divisor n ờng ờng international, focus on developing markets a rural, mountainous, particularly difficult region to promote delivery of goods Exchange and save, and consume the product for the people, promote the development of production.
-Synchronous development of the rat ờng a type in order to create healthy competition field environment for investors. Each ớc entered alien form slid a ờng property, the ờng fin workers, slid a ờng science technology consistent with the requirements of international economic integration.
DD) Organization: based on the master plan for socio-economic development were speedy, the industry, the level of construction of the planned 5-year plans, annual and ensure conformity with The developmental route. Widely published planning to enterprises first choice self you business. Explicitly responsible for planning and implementing inspections, monitoring the implementation of the master plan.
Article 2. GE planning approval to come along is a document "frames" to the goals, the route and central route ph major development, mechanisms, policies and organizational solutions; as the basis for the creation, deployment and browser perform the specialized planning (planning the building, zoning, land use planning and the planning of other professions), the project to you on the area of the province under the rules.

Article 3. Committee of Yen Bai to base the goals, tasks and user-level socio-economic development of the province stated in the report of the planning after speedy approval; in coordination with the ministries concerned, the direction and implementation of the browser as specified:-planning of urban system development and general planning, settlement building, planning, land use planning, development of the industry, the areas to ensure overall growth and synchronization.
-Construction studies, issued or the home agency n Convention Authority issued (if the problem ợt too beautiful and the authority) a number of mechanisms, policies consistent with the development requirements of the province in each stage in order to attract, mobilize resources to implement the master plan.
Article 4. The ministries involved in the scope of the functions, duties, his powers have a responsibility to support the people's Committee in yen Bai province research established the planning said on; Research of construction and process of the competent Treaty n issued a number of mechanisms, policies consistent with the requirements of socio-economic development of the province in each stage in order to mobilize and effectively use resources, encourage, attract investment ... to ensure implementation of the goals ph user tasks and damaged ớng social-economic development of the province stated in the report of the planning. Accelerate the start of t, perform the work, the project has the scale, nature and important for the development of The already speedy investment decisions. The study considered adjustments, additions to the industry development plan, first you plan the work, related project expected speedy investment outlined in the report of the planning.
Article 5. This decision has the effect after 15 days from the date The report.
Article 6. Chairman of the provincial people's Committee, the Ministry of tr, similar Ministerial heads, similar government agency tr, Chairman of the people's Committee of the central cities, is responsible for the implementation of this decision.

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