The Decision 589-Byt Dated: About The Mission Rules, The Office Of The Ombudsman And The Ministry Of Health

Original Language Title: Quyết định 589-BYT/QĐ: Về việc quy định nhiệm vụ các vụ, văn phòng và thanh tra Bộ Y tế

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The DECISION about whether to prescribe the duties of the service, the Office of the Ombudsman and the Ministry of health health MINISTER as proposed by Mr. Director held-officers;
Article 1 DECISION. The present mission of the Service Regulations, the Office of the Ombudsman and the Ministry of health (there is a regulation attached).
Article 2. This decision is effective from the date of signing. The earlier decision contrary to this decision are hereby repealed.
Article 3. The he: Chief, Director and Chief Inspector of the Ministry of health is responsible for the implementation of this decision.
A the DUTY REGULATIONS of the SERVICE, the OFFICE of the OMBUDSMAN and the Ministry of health (at the discretion of the Ministry of health no. 589/BYT-QĐ on 23-8-1994) 1. The Office: 1.1. The operating staff of the Ministry: gathering, General information about the policy, the policy of the party and State; research proposals with The leadership to manipulate and carry on the work of the industry; the operating staff of the Ministry; proposed decision opinion of the Ministry, Deputy Minister, about the irregular work not yet clear in the segment of mission Service, or it involves more Service. Organizing the prevention of floods and storms, natural disasters and do permanent Ban against hurricanes in command of the Department.
1.2. Guidelines and legal verification of the legal documents before submitting The registration issued, or the State. The system turns the legal documents of the Ministry and guide the unit directly, locally made. Plan, organize, aggregate and construction projects of laws and ordinances and legal process the Government issued. Legal education in the whole industry. Join the inspection, testing, General, reviews the situation in law the whole industry executive. Do clues in engaging comments the text of the law of the State, the ministries sent to ask for comments. Manage the use of the unit directly.
1.3. General guidance and advocacy work, emulating in the whole industry, build workflow and conduct the procedure suggested the Ministry or State considering emulative title, physician, teacher, titles, medals for the cause of protecting people's health and the sort order of the , another medal. Private review the Medal of independence resistance ... by Service personnel do.
1.4. Manage the administrative, clerical work, storage, communication, typing, printing, copy the text of the document of the entire agency. Make the reception and hospitality, wedding according to regulations. Responsible for the the opening in the new year, holidays, anniversaries, conferences and the irregular work related to administration, archives.
1.5. The supply and management of armed vehicles to ensure working conditions, held services for the Agency's activities (electricity, water, light, sanitation, equipment, petrol, cars, vehicles, Health Ministry and agency EMPLOYEES for the unscheduled work related to administration.
1.6. Make the work of financial accounting (including foreign currencies) within The Agency. Materials management the Agency's assets due to State funding and international aid.
1.7. The construction and implementation of the plan of building public interest labor rules and organized fire department, fire, protect organs, visit the Organization to recruit and train military service protection agency.
1.8. Do clue general situation and evaluation of medical practice, the private pharmacy in the country.
2. Service personnel: 2.1. Construction methods and organizational planning for the whole industry. Build the types of organisations in the whole industry to suit each locality and each stage. Consider The Charter approval process to organize the operation of the unit in the industry.
2.2. building or suggest amendments, additional classification standards, classification, the establishment, dissolution, change of sector organizations.
2.3. building or suggest additional amendments, the title of the standard professional civil servants, staff of the medical industry, as well as the title application instructions and standards of professional public servants, health sector officials on the air in the whole industry. Building research functions for the newly created organization.
2.4. The guide the basis of planning officers, general planning officers to the Ministry leaders and Ban the rolling. Monitor the implementation of this plan. Personnel management divisions according to the instructions.
2.5. General, balance and proposals with leaders of the Ministry, state the policy of the regime for medical officers to the central facility.
2.6. Participation of elevator construction payroll, payroll forms, modes of raising wages, quota transfer ranks public officials, officers in the medical industry, the regime around wages, at the same time check the implementation in the base.
2.7. The statistics tracking the number of public servants, health sector, officials involved in the planning of additional training to suit requirements.
2.8. Perform the maneuver staff according to needs, and plan the object hierarchy. Building officials annual plan. The track number and the annual performance of medical cadres in the whole industry and the annual performance of medical cadres in the whole industry. Records management officer in accordance with the instructions of the State (in collaboration with the Statistics Division of Informatics).
2.9. Along with the Service function to build training plans supplementary medical staff, long term, short term stay in and outside the country. Do the procedures for going to school, learning, visiting foreign countries. Do clue reports synthesis of the text of the staff meeting, learning, work in foreign countries.
2.10. Join training, professional training for officials and the Organization and management of the medical industry.
Periodic summary and summarized the work of personnel in the whole industry.
2.11. Monitor and oversee the Guide protects the internal political and economic safety, construction safety agency and in collaboration with the local Committee level in the management cadre, build party organizations, unions in the subdivisions, The close locally according to the rules of the Central Government.
2.12. Execution of the rewarding for officers in an policy of Medal, the Medal of independence, resistance, etc. Collect, document, prepare the prescribed procedure to process disciplined review the Ministry officers breaking the law. In the process of preparing the procedure should consult the relevant Services and The Office of Legal Affairs.
2.13. In collaboration with the Service related to the medical organization management industry.
2.14. In charge of personnel management in The Agency.
3. The science of training: 3.1. The Organization clue build local predictions strategic direction, long term plan projects, medium term, short on science development of specialized training and continuous training, technical expertise in community medicine, medicine, business management, foreign languages, for staff in the health sector.
3.2. The organization and approve or recommend approval Ministry and State, made registration of the subject technology and tracking progress, inspecting, evaluating the implementation of the plan of science and technology in the subdivisions.
3.3. Coordinate the Service relevant to the construction industry standards organization, manages the standards issued, popular, guide and monitor the implementation of standards at all levels.
Do General clue, guidance on the work standards and product quality control, medical, and pharmacy. 3.4. General reviews of the initiative, the technical innovation, invention and industrial property activities in the whole industry.
The proposed level of reward for the author to have the initiative, invention.

3.5. General, track reviews the implementation of the plan of scientific and technological cooperation with foreign countries. Recommendations to Minister to adjust or supplement the content and forms of cooperation to suit the actual situation and the ability to perform in the period of the plan.
3.6. information management KH-CN, health education, publication of books, newspapers, magazines in the industry.
3.7. Implementation of policies developed KH-CN, CN-management mode of State and the Department's regulations on the operation of KH-CN specialization within the industry.
3.8. Do duty for the Council: Science and Technology Council.
The Council approved the initiative, invention.
The Board of audit and evaluation work plan, KH-CN.
3.9. The construction and proposed training model, network training, equipment category for universities, colleges, medical school and join the standards and norms used, maintenance of equipment, means of teaching of the school.
3.10. In cooperation with the relevant Services in order to identify training needs, medical staff directory, build the objectives, programme content and training methods, ongoing training for each object in the industry.
3.11. implementation guide the regulation of Ministry of education-training in the training, continuous training, research and medical officials suggested additional training regulations, to suit the industry.
3.12. Join build standard lecturer, research officer at the same time the planning staff, research staff in the whole industry.
3.13. Join a selection of academic regulations and guidelines, research for medical officers, students, foreign students in learning, research and participate in workshops in our country.
3.14. The construction or proposed additional amendments the regulations on the procedure of registration of program content, the Organization of classes, workshops, health science guide units, locally made.
3.15. Instruction and organized the compilation and issued textbooks, reference material for the subjects of training in the medical profession as defined by the State.
3.16. The inspection, supervision and evaluation of the training, the management students, students in universities, colleges, medical school, pharmacy.
3.17. the permanent missions of the Committee 10-80.
4. international cooperation: 4.1. Build mining plan, joint venture, Corporation, group plan and the possibility of cooperation on Science and technology of medicine and medical equipment for countries and international organizations. Responsible for tracking and urge the implementation of that plan.
4.2. Tap aid, exchanging scientific and technical information, medical literature, medicine, chemicals, materials and products etc. do clue for the joint venture in the field of health. Build or suggest amendments, supplements the fish Statute of international cooperation.
4.3. Guide the implementation of the provisions of the State and the regulation of the Ministry of international cooperation. Build process, principles of the procedure, the delegation to the diplomatic etiquette. The urge, to check the implementation of the guidelines, the regulations on.
4.4. Preparing the text, the function, the agreement to Exchange leaders, exposure, remove the petition and signed with countries and organizations in the world in the field of health. Celebrated the signing of the agreement, check the urge, General and efficient implementation of the agreement.
4.5. Conducting the procedure of reception work, ensure procedures for the delegation, the delegation in accordance with the regulations.
4.6. Manage foreigners to work, study, research, healing at the Ministry of health and the Ministry of health units. Grasp the situation and suggest how to solve for all officials and employees in the industry study, Exchange, study abroad for shit to happen from the situation when the exit until the end the mission on water.
4.7. fast compiled some information on important world medicine, to report the Ministry leadership. Ensure the interpreters for the leaders of the Ministry while working with the international group plan of Service.
4.8. In collaboration with the Service plan – financial accounting to coordinate the international aid program for the healthcare industry, monitoring the process of implementation and evaluation of the effectiveness of international aid.
5. Service plans-financial accounting: 5.1. The construction industry development planning in the country. Local guide planning in local industry. Guide industry development plan implementation.
5.2. Guide units, local building plans according to the order prescribed. General balance of all domestic and foreign resources. The aggregate balance and regulate the project plan of the subdivisions, the Health Department of the province, central cities and health industry to build long-term plans, the industry's annual and 5 year including the development plan of activities to protect the health , plan the labor plan, nets, science and technology plan and staff training in and outside the country, plans to produce business plans, coordination of drugs and medical equipment, plan your budget and investment plan for basic construction, plan international aid and cooperation etc. the plan according to the social-economic plan of mobilization during war, plans to follow the Mission focus.
5.3. protection organization plans, on behalf of The planned allocation for the local unit after The State or browse the Guide organizations urge to check reviews of the implementation plan of the whole industry. Promptly detect the imbalance to the Ministry and State regulators. Make the report prescribed mode.
5.4. the unified guidelines implementing the mode programmatic methods issued by the State. Build the business mode of the work plans of the medical industry.
5.5. develop income plan, distribution plan budget resources in the whole industry and for the subdivisions, the national health program. Guide the unit directly to build budget revenue plan.
5.6. General, analysis of economic activity in the industry, the proposed methodology and effective measures in order to gradually renew the financial management mechanism in the industry and build active mechanisms of economic accounting applications into the unit directly. Managing and directing the health insurance work in the field of economics.
5.7. General planning and construction investment plan, building plan to upgrade the health (both new construction and repair) for the base directly. In cooperation with the Scientific Committee of the Ministry of finance, State building and General construction budget plan basically the basis directly to and upgrade the medical works in the whole industry.
5.8. The base of the development goals and objectives of the aid organization to study the construction of strategic, long-term plans and annual plans of work of international aid and cooperation in the whole industry.
Synthesis of aid resources to put into the General resource balance of the whole industry.
Proposed and drafted the leaders issued the text of the provisions concerning aid management in the whole industry.
5.9. track international aid management in specific industries: The leaders of ministries, relevant agencies and the Government to browse the project.
Guide to building base project documentation.
The Organization and approve foreign joint venture projects in the health sector (hospitals, enterprises, joint venture).
The track, urging, monitoring the implementation of the project on the aid plan has been agreed upon.

Instructions, urging the implementation of the procedure of receiving the goods, the payment of aid and money worth of aid on budget accounting system under the provisions of the State.
General plans to distribute the aid by the management.
5.10. To provide and report data about the situation of receiving and managing the international aid sector.
5.11. construction projects, plan military mobilization during war. Build a content plan and military training for self-defense agency Unit-Ministry of enterprise. Organize and monitor the implementation of the law on military service in the industry. Manage a team of officers and the reserve forces in the units directly. The Chairman of the Committee for a permanent program number 12.
5.12. Implementation of information statistics activities in the whole industry. Issuing and management of the unified form, statistical methods and indicators of health statistics in the same process, the statutes provide and use of health statistics.
Synthesize, analyze health statistics periodically every year, 5 years, and is the only clue provided figures to Ministers published in and outside the country. Testing, assessment and notification by the data of the medical plan of the whole industry.
Training organization, improving statistics and Informatics in the whole industry, applied research and building the information software program management in the industry.
The Organization reviews the situation of health and the environment as well as census judged the effectiveness of international aid programs and the national programme on health.
5.13. estimation review and finalization of the subdivisions and the national health program; dynamic management, examine the use of the kind of capital of subsidiaries (including foreign currencies). General industry-wide budget settlement.
5.14. The construction and proposed the addition of the modes of financial costs, management mode, use the properties of materials, regulations on accounting, book form documents, report to ... unite the industry. Organize and guide the message mode, financial rules and test the implementation for the unit by the Ministry directly investing funds.
5.16. To build or modify the proposal, additional prices, fees and charges.
5.17. Reconcile the fixed capital, working capital. Maneuver the supplies of the property between the subdivisions. Guide the implementation unit and check the inventory, use audio assets, resolving inventory supplies and stagnant capital of the subsidiaries.
6. Treatment: 6.1. Build orientation plan of prevention, cure, rehabilitation, nursing and science and technology development in the base hospital, nursing and rehabilitation.
6.2. Construction of hierarchical rules technical expertise in treating and build the structure for the specialists in network examination and treatment.
6.3. building regulations of decentralized technical expertise, treatment, patient care specialist; follow the direction the work of nurses of the whole industry.
6.4. Research, build or suggest amendments, supplements the principles, standards of professional engineering expertise for the Organization and personnel health protection for staff, and examination for foreigners in Vietnam.
6.5. The construction or suggest additional amendments to the text the law of private medical practice; management of private medical practice in the country including the base treatment of foreign investment in Vietnam.
6.6. management consultation and healing network throughout the country, medical examiners, forensic examiners and forensic psychiatry; build or suggest additional amendments to the regulation on the technical expertise of health and working conditions of the hospital.
6.7. The analysis reviews the happenings of disease models, construction processes and health management method for objects including foreigners in Vietnam.
6.8. The study proposes the need for medicines, medical equipment, construction standards and norms used the drug, equipment for medical examination and treatment, nursing and rehabilitation.
6.9. Managing and directing the clinical facility to perform medical coverage in the country.
6.10. check the urge, instructions, General and analyst reviews the technical expertise of the operation system of examination and treatment, rehabilitation nursing.
6.11. the build process and method of implementing prevention, health protection at work and the housing for the senior officials of the party and the State, the medical service for the important conferences of the party and the State.
7. Cleaning the room room.
7.1. building directions, plan projects about public hygiene, sanitation, hygiene and construction workers, school hygiene, food hygiene and so on. and on the prevention of environmental pollution, prevention, disease. Prevention of occupational diseases. Join the war against microorganisms, chemical warfare.
7.2. building or suggest amendments and supplements to the Statute, the professional rules on hygiene and prevention, diseases, diseases caused by micro-organisms, parasites. Guide units, local implementation.
7.3. The construction or the modification proposal, additional laws on hygiene, hygiene standards.
7.4. standard construction, test mode, the production of new vaccines and equipment please, export demand, import and distribute new vaccines types please disease prevention.
7.5. Construction of the direction the content of propaganda education in hygiene, disease prevention for the people. Build directory, the rules are not used or the use of a limited number of objects.
7.6. Managing the situation room in the country, reported the epidemic in the country and internationally. Guide and direct the implementation of prevention measures, standards and norms used drugs, preventive means of local departments and units.
7.7. The construction and content of the professional activities of the health sector.
7.8. Examine, urge, synthetic, analytical reviews of the professional activities of technical system for toilet room nets in the country.
7.9. A National Committee of AIDS prevention.
7.10. To manage the work of the international quarantine and food hygiene.
8. Service of traditional medicine.
8.1. Build, plans on inheritance, which promoted traditional medicine combined with modern medicine.
8.2. Directs the work of drug development of traditional medicine, acupuncture, motivate medical Salaries in the country engaged in the prevention of disease, healing and wellness.
8.3. Build or suggest additional regulation, about prevention, healing with traditional medicine has used the drug and non-drug.
8.4. building or suggest amendments, additional regulation of medical practice traditional Pharmacology, the faculty, the salary class y, the personal medical practice traditional Pharmacology in the whole country, on the basis that the salary good medical discovery to inherit and use.
8.5. the unified guide using the tree, do medicines according to traditional medicine. The proposal needs the medicine traditional medicine, medicinal herbs, the equipment for the research base on traditional medical treatment.
8.6. check, synthesis, analysis, and reviews the functioning of the base of traditional medicine from the central to local levels.
8.7. The relationship between the Ministry of health with the central authorities on traditional medicine. Acupuncture Society of Vietnam.
8.8. Manage of medical practice, traditional private lessons throughout the country, including the basis of traditional medicine practitioners have invested abroad and of foreign individual, organization, Vietnam people settled abroad.

9. Service the equipment and medical works: 9.1. Build and propose long-term plans, annual plans, reasonable demands on equipment, specialized tests chemicals for the health of the whole industry on the basis that planning to export, import, production, repair and distribution.
9.2. building or suggest additional amendments to the regulation on the management of medical equipment, use, maintenance, repair, and check the type of medical equipment.
9.3. Build processes, technical norms, in the production, circulation and distribution of essential medical equipment.
9.5. Guide the unit directly to the local construction and demand for materials and equipment, and specialized service for prevention, healing and wellness.
9.6. The research building and issued the standard of quality of medical equipment and monitoring the implementation.
9.7. The study suggested the maneuver equipment and supplies used in the units directly.
9.8. production and business management, import and export of medical equipment. Synthesis and evaluation of the production, sales, import and export of medical equipment, use, and preservation of supplies and medical equipment in the whole industry to report The leader. Training, advanced training for technical staff to manage medical equipment.
9.9. Verifies the technical-economic justification of the design and estimation, settlement volume of works was invested. Do duty for the Advisory Council on medical equipment.
9.10. Checking tracks the implementation of annual capital investment of the Ministry of works and adjust priorities for key projects under the direction of the Ministry.
9.11. The guide, steer business basic building techniques for the management of the work. Guide the subdivisions of the Ministry and local application of the sample design, process, rules and norms, unit price, technical-economic norms, the State's policy mode of construction. Study of the application of science and technology progress of building basic health professions.
9.12. the Council verifies the technical-economic justification and technical design works are invested.
10. Service Pharmacy: 10.1. Counsels for The leader to build Vietnam pharmaceutical industry development strategy, building and directing the implementation of the national policy on smoking. Coordinating and directing the use of safe and affordable drugs.
10.2. building or suggest additional amendments to the text of pharmaceutical legislation.
10.3. track, test and monitor the implementation of the law on pharmacy.
10.4. Managing the quality assurance of medicines to improve the quality of drugs and monitoring the implementation.
10.5. The governance for the Organization of drug import and export business in and outside the country. Review of import-export orders. Registration of drug production in the country and abroad.
10.6. Operations management information about the drug to the leadership and popular for the base when there is demand.
10.7. Join a plan on training, scientific research, international cooperation, drug clinical trial and monitoring the implementation.
10.8. Join the Board related to smoking.
10.9. The governance systems of State enterprises and the system of private medicine practice in the country including the practice of Pharmacy foreign-invested, of the Organization, foreign individuals, Vietnam people settled abroad.
10.11. How do clues in building regulation against counterfeit drugs, addictive drug abuse prevention in the industry.
11. maternal child protection and family planning.
11.1. Researched, built, propose measures aimed at gradually improving the indicators of health of mothers, children and family planning.
11.2. The construction or the modification proposal, additional standards of technical expertise and services in family planning, maternal care for children health online to do the test and evaluation facility.
11.3. construction plan of integrating and coordinating with relevant agencies to the health of child-mothers family planning as the National Committee for population and family planning, the Committee to protect Vietnam child care, social organizations, national health programmes to ensure the implementation of the duty to protect her health mother-child-family planning.
11.4. the general situation of health, illness, complications due to pregnancy, childbirth, recommending the precautions, limit the disaster.
11.5. Participation research and propose measures aimed at gradually improving the indicators of children's health, Vietnam.
11.6. To join the study, proposed the construction of the mode of labour policy for women during pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding.
11.7. The direction of the content of technical expertise in disseminating health education for women, maternal health education to children and family planning.
11.8. Construction, strengthen the network of protection of maternal child and family planning in the country including manpower, equipment and training. Looking for additional funding for protection services maternal child-family planning. Coordination with international cooperation to strengthen international cooperation on the protection of the health of mothers and children and family planning.
11.9. To coordinate with the relevant Service to the organization performing the research, Census judged technical services on the protection of the health of mothers and children-family planning. The Organization of research, experiment, conclude The process to allow the application of the new technique, the techniques are used and the methods of traditional medicine, etc.
11.10. Directs, checking and monitoring of the implementation policy regimes and rules of technical expertise in protecting children's health and family planning in the country.
12. Ministry of Health Inspector: 12.1. Inspection of the observance of the legislation on hygiene of State institutions, civil society organizations, collective, private and all citizens in the country.
12.2. the inspection of the observance of the law on the examination and treatment of the patient base state, collective and private including foreigners within the country.
12.3. the inspection of the observance of laws on Pharmaceuticals in the production, distribution, import and export traffic, use of drugs and drug ingredients for the drug and medical-technical equipment of the base state, collective and private in nationwide.
12.4. the inspection of the implementation of the policy, the law, the tasks of the unit directly and review, complaint resolution, denounced the jurisdiction.
12.5. The inspection, monitoring the implementation of the plan to fight counterfeit drugs, addictive drugs in the industry.
12.6. Directs the work of the Organization and inspection services for the agencies and units directly under the Ministry of health. Guidance specialist inspectors for the Department of health inspectors.
12.7. Participate in research, build and suggest additional amendments of the legal texts of the Charter industry management.
12.8. Synthesis, analysis and assessment of the situation of health inspection activities in the country.
12.9. professional training and specialized medical inspector for the province's Health Department, central cities./.