656-Ttg: Decisions On Socio-Economic Development Of The Highlands To The Period 1996-2000 And 2010

Original Language Title: Quyết định 656-TTg: Về phát triển kinh tế - xã hội vùng Tây Nguyên thời kỳ 1996-2000 và 2010

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Decisions on socio-economic development of the Highlands to the period 1996-2000 and 2010 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ the PRIME MINISTER pursuant to the law on Government Organization, 30 September 1992;
According to the recommendation of the Minister of the Ministry of agriculture and rural development, planning and investment, the Finance Minister and the Chairman of the Committee of ethnic and mountainous.
Decision: article 1.
A. position, the potential and advantages of socio-economic development of the Highland Plateau has a strategic position very important political, economic and Defense Security for the country. The protection, promotion of the advantages of the Highlands on the geographic location and natural conditions, including climate, forests, water sources, basalt, Red Earth the other favorable conditions for agricultural and forestry development-especially important industrial crops ..., will create the dynamic development of the Highlands in a sustainable ecological environment , directly improving the lives of the people of the Highlands, the minorities, and create the associated factors of economic development in the Highlands with the South Central coastal region of the East and of the country.
Currently protecting, harnessing the strengths, the enormous potential of the Highlands limited, forests are valuable resources and the country's largest remaining in the Highlands still continues to be chopping and decline; Red Basaltic soil area so you but not yet exploited rationally, water sources are tend to be exhausted, the technical infrastructure is still very weak, a fellow ethnic division in the region continue to live nomadically poverty households also grew, cultural life is still low. To rectify the situation and promote the advantages of the Highlands, the State advocates the implementation of consistent, long-term policies and mechanisms to encourage and mobilize all resources in place and the country's comprehensive development to socio-economic Plateau.
B. target development, socio-economic Plateau to the period 1996-2000 and 2010 is: 1. About development of agricultural and forestry production.
a) forestry: Need full and profound awareness of the duty to protect and develop forest capital issue is the long-term survival of the Highlands and of the country. The forest must be considered a strong, the spearhead of economic important factor leading to the development of comprehensive social-economic Plateau.
The protection, development of forest in the Highlands to reach the following goals:-economic forest development in the Highlands is aimed at enriching the forest capital, exploitation and efficient use of the advantages of the forest, protect the ecological environment, keep the water source, to regulate the flow, limited in Prevention of erosion and increase the social product.
-End of the forest, burning the victims, strengthen management, protect, enhance the quality of 3 million hectares of existing forests, and planted 300,000 acres of new forest and 400,000 hectares of perennial industrial trees, lifting the cover up over 70%. Consider the task of strengthening the building of protective forests, the source of irrigation, hydropower, the National Park and nature reserve is the requirement of survival to environmental protection, water resources for highland and for large parts of the country.
-Promote afforestation and forest industrial raw materials, primarily to apply measures of intensive farming and the planting of forest tree species selection of rapid growth, early product, yielding and high efficiency associated with the development of the base paper industry, wood processing and forest products.
-Encourage people to take advantage of the land outside the region planned to plant trees get firewood, take measures to gradually replace firewood with other gas sources, first of all in the urban and residential areas of focus; prohibits the use of firewood made of gas in the production of building materials and burn coal goods. grab
-To transfer the majority of existing natural forests into the forest, the forest of special purpose to perform the management mode, strictly protected. Each village merchant, each town, each unit must build protection forest management conventions for people to make.
-The application of scientific and technical progress, including the biological industry, tissue grafting, hybridization, selection, just like to soon have the appropriate tree group, worth (timber trees, tree SAP, fruit crops, medicinal plants and construction materials, industrial raw material crops, medicinal plants medicinal herbs etc.) service for the target forest.
-Mobilize all sources of capital in the domestic economy components including forms joint venture with the economic sectors to invest in the development of the forest, (in areas where security conditions allow, defense, can mobilize both direct investment abroad).
b) on production of industrial crops: focuses on developing the industrial plants of Highlands, firstly, rubber, coffee, and on the basis of planning to expand the area of the other industrial crops such as cotton, sugar cane, mulberry, etc..
-Rubber: Is the plant has tremendous potential in the Highlands. To achieve the goal of 350,000 hectares in 2010, make use of the vacant land, Bare hills extraction suitable for rubber development in order to provide raw materials for rubber industry, covering the soil and improve the ecological environment. Striving for new plantings each year about 20,000-30,000 ha towards diverse economic elements planted rubber (rubber, people, minor rubber filled), mobilizing all the resources in people, enterprises of all economic sectors and take advantage of the preferential loan funds of the World Bank loans to plant rubber.
The Vietnam rubber Corporation along with the Highlands must have investment plans preliminary industrial development and deep processing industry, processing of rubber products to become one of the important industries in the economic structure of Western Resources.
-Coffee: this is the crop products the main goods not only of the Central Highlands of the country, which constitute the productive populations, the new municipality, district, commune, village mercantile new, many have escaped poverty and a no small proportion becoming wealthy. Song should immediately terminate the massively growing deforestation for coffee not as planned, causing an imbalance of water resources and serious violations which the forest. Prohibiting the unauthorized land transfer and land disputes in the community of the peoples in the Central Highlands.
Coffee tree development goal is to maintain and promote intensive aims to improve the quality of the existing coffee grounds, open more tea in the coffee area where conditions in the correct planning, balanced with the ability to provide capital protection, water resource forests. Striving for an average yield of 2 tons/ha of coffee upwards, to yield each year about 300,000 tons of coffee.
The Vietnam Coffee Corporation along with the Highlands early industrial development planning and processing of the coffee products, diverse products such as coffee, roasted coffee powder with high-quality, nice design, export eligibility consistent with the tastes of the clients, making the products of Vietnamese coffee lasting competitive on world markets.
-Of cotton: crop Is already sticking to traditional cotton and woven Brocade of minorities, much of the land in the Highlands with suitable crops (planted with alternating with another crop, growers have irrigated and non-irrigated). The need to promote the results of the first step of the technique of synthetic pesticide, hybrid hybrid cotton varieties created and developed, invested and implemented policies and measures about the same incentives, agricultural extension, loans, subsidies to expand the planting area of cotton, cotton became an early industrial plants have economic efficiency in the Highlands in order to meet the huge demand of cotton fibres and of the domestic market.

-Mulberry: apply measures and intensive area of Strawberry in the Highlands, on the basis of the accumulated experience of cultivation of mulberry, mulberry varieties used have high productivity, breed silkworms, along with good nursery modern motor technology to improve the output and quality of silk; step by step development of the manufacturing industry products from silk, silk. Motor output of about 3,000 tons a year, to meet the needs of export and domestic consumption.
The Ministry of agriculture and rural development, and other relevant ministries and people's committees of Lam Dong Province is summarized reviews the sericulture Ainsworth to have concluded toward the development of sericulture in here. Urgent and immediate was by all measures, linked, attracting all sources of capital to take advantage of and exploit effectively at full capacity the base of existing processing industry Corporation Vietnam sericulture in Bao loc.-cane: the development of sugarcane must conform with the development of infrastructure processing ability, and on the basis of comparative advantages in climate, land in the Highlands with the other plants to choose the level of development for appropriate, effective firm.
c) On food production.
Food production in the Highlands have important place in the strategy of national food security, helping to direct the settlement of the ethnic community, limiting deforestation, slash and burn methods, nomadic. The need to increase the area of winter-spring rice in high yield in where condition, descending, proceed to delete Lady Ray rice have low productivity is not stable, thriving high-yield corn, cassava products of high yield color rules to increase paddy. Striving to put food output reached 1.5 million Highlands tons/year.
-Rice Plants: the striving for an area of 200,000 hectares in 2000 and 240,000 hectares by 2010, based mainly on irrigation development in order to increase the area of rice have irrigated the paddy area more open water and in conditions, apply the system intensive measures, increase the productivity of rice.
-Color Tree: promote the potential of the Highlands to develop production of maize, cassava and potatoes. Construction of the high-yield corn, cassava products of high concentration, associated with processing industry, use the same hybrid had the advantage to reach 600,000-700,000 tons of color, meet the needs of Desmodium rules in place and provide for other regions in the country, settled in industrial raw materials, animal feed.
d) vegetables, fruits and flowers.
Exert the advantage of the climate on the plateau to grow vegetables, the fruit of the flower serves domestic consumption and export. In the advanced and export must be produced according to advanced industry, from production to packaging, storage, transport to rise to dominate the market.
About vegetables strives to put an area of production and the entire region to the year 2000 reached about 20,000 ha, 400,000 tons in 2010 and reached 30,000 hectares, 750,000 tons.
About fruit tree improvement, adding 14,000 hectares of the garden of 2000 to approximately 40,000 ha and 2010 of about 60,000 ha.
In Lam Dong Province should choose grown temperate vegetables have the advantage over other areas such as cabbage, spinach, potatoes, cauliflower, red, cherry ... to give the city of Dalat, Ho Chi Minh City and other cities, other industrial zone; planting the flowers you like chrysanthemum, rose, lay dơn, Philippines ... to export.
DD) breeding.
Along with the development of industrial plants, forest Highlands also has strong potential, breeding great cattle (oxen) need to be developed.
Striving to 2010 have meat cows reach around 1 million children with the same good beef, of which about 10% are high quality meat cattle and 10,000 dairy cows, milk production reached over 30 million litres/year. Industrial development and processing of milk, meat and skin in place, forming an important industry of the Highlands.
Build the project to develop the cattle meat, dairy cows with new technologies on the basis of the grassland was intensive and is part of the Prairie area was irrigated during the dry season.
The cattle development program (meat and milk), animals in the wild Highlands to sale in the direction of focus, diversifying the forms of livestock, taking household was the main, the State Enterprise core in providing good seed, agriculture, and consumption organizations advocate the livestock products.
2. industrial development.
The goal of industrial development in the Highlands are mostly agricultural and forestry industrialization and the development of processing industry of agricultural and forestry products.
-Industrialization of agricultural and forestry production: is quick to apply science and technology progress and industry on agricultural production, forestry as breeder, filtering, the new varieties have a high yield, good quality, tissue extracts, methods, new farming methods, synthetic pesticide to limit the use of chemical pesticides using microbiological fertilizer, fertilizer is growth; mechanization step by step stitch do soil, watering the plants, harvest, and transportation.
-Agricultural and forestry processing industry: expansion, combined with industrial modernization for the paper industry, rubber, coffee, cotton, sericulture, plant oil, tapioca, sugar, candy, food, drinks, husking rice, corn, food processing, animal feed.
-Mechanical industry mainly repair, manufacture of simple machines, agricultural tools serve for production and replacement parts, and some metal items for people, especially fellow ethnic areas, the region is high.
3. About education-social-cultural health.
-Striving to 2010 universal basic-level elementary education, all children up to school age are in school, expand the boarding school and the sale of children for ethnic people. Extended forms of vocational training to technicians. Construction of curriculum system in the schools by both ethnic and economic.
-General medical development in the Highlands is the prevention and cure in many forms: State, private, people-founded, combined civil and health medical defense, modern medicine with medicine; develop forms of fixed and mobile health to serve the high, remote areas. The chalk early reached 100% by the year 2000 the number of communes have clinics for consultation and common cure for inhabitants.
-Promote traditional cultural traditions of peoples in residential communities, build civil, mercantile, a village, a family of new cultural lifestyle. Remove jar procedure superstition, forms development, cultural arts, folklore, guaranteed for all people to enjoy cultural arts.
-Striving to 2000 across the Highland region is broadcast television, 100% of the radio stations there, about 80% of households are listening to the radio, about 60% of households are watching tv. -Focus on building 7 categories of key projects in the poor Township: the road for motor vehicles travel through both the dry season and the rainy, electricity to the town centre, classrooms for students, medical stations, telephone stations, has a market for the town and commune, with enough clean water for the population of users.
4. Certain farming, settlement, migration, development of the new economy.
First of all, the soup, settled and stable life for 1 million minorities. Complete basic sedentary work in remote areas, the high, the old revolutionary base areas, border areas, perform sedentary work for 60,000 households, arrange for 27,000 households migrating freedom are having difficulties, resolve the settlement the new economic community (including immigrants) have come from the past year.

Putting people away to build the new economy must follow the planning and projects of the State to attract more workers from the populous province to the Highlands, mainly for the northern province and the central coast. By 2010 the Highland population stable at about 5-6 million people.
5. Poverty alleviation.
Poverty alleviation is an important program of the Highlands. The ministries and people's committees at most levels in the Highland region must focus by all measures the direction taken to to the end of 1998 no longer hungry households, hunger, hungry, exhibiting packed borders of decreasing poverty. 2000 the auction section of the majority of households in poverty has reached self sufficient conditions and reduce poverty, particularly ethnic households, households have to live by the policy or on an average of the community.
Article 2. The basic solution: To achieve these goals primarily on here need to be resolve synchronize some basic solution depth: 1-Transportation: Are based on the planning of social-economic development of the Highlands to have optimum planning, there are specific steps and selecting the priority works in the development of transport in the Highlands. Priority traffic network expansion and upgrade gradually as economic ability allows. Striving to make the motto "traffic is a step ahead" to serve and meet all requirements for the Highlands economy grow attached and meets the planning layout of the settlements, the economy as well as good defense security service. Traffic in the Highlands is to be expanded with the development of the region.
-For national highway and Federal Highway.
+ Upgrade, improvement direct route along the Highlands Highway included 14 from Kon Tum to go Dak Lak; and the Magic Merchant-chon TAM Thanh to Ho Chi Minh City, 14c highway runs along the Plateau.
+ Renovations to upgrade the highway connects Highway axis with fish bone is 14:24 Highway connected to Quang Ngai and Kon Tum, Quy Nhon 19 Highway-Gia Lai met 14c Highway, National Highway 27 Phan Rang-Lam Dong-Magic Merchant, Highway 28 in Phan Thiet-Chiayi, Highway 20 Seconds Oil-Dalat-single ocean.-with respect to rural roads.
+ Planning, development and upgrade transportation down the district, each step could go back two seasons.
+ Focus make way from the district to the town yet there way for the vehicles by motor vehicles.
+ Maintenance upgrade path about 4,000 km of district level, on 8,000 km of road town to meet long term sustainable use, increase the capacity of transportation, ensuring the needs of the people.
+ The commune should coordinate with the agriculture and forestry nặt quality upgrade of the road the main shaft combined with economic livelihood.
-Ministry of transportation along the Highlands now need to research planning, plans to renew, upgrade, maintenance repair system roads in the Highlands (including national highway, Federal Highway, provincial road traffic and rural); at the same time as early research, surveys, planning to come after 2000 can invest to build railway lines cross the Highlands.
-The need to promote and address the sources of capital can be raised under the motto "all over the country, every person, every organization has the responsibility and obligation to join do traffic", namely: + for highway traffic works are invested by the capital budget, ODA, choose some preferred route made before making the investment by which the budget is 40% credit capital, loans of commercial banks is 30%, selling bonds and mobilizing other sources is 30%; When the upgrade is completed investment was passive traffic fees to repay the principal and interest, the loan principal and interest repayment of credit.
+ For the highway and transportation district roads primarily by local budget, capital of the central budget to support the annual balance.
+ For rural traffic based on population of do main, including a population is in place in a wholesale, the village, the district needs to make roads, and people in the cities, towns, townships, A wholesale, the village, the other of the province has had good roads must also have contributed to build.
+ For rural roads in remote areas, the high life, poverty that has not offers for transportation by mechanical smoothly both dry season and rain, the local population contribute mainly by labour, the Central and the technical support will open online, mines breaking rocks , asphalt and more support by the population to food has participated in the outside line on the public interest obligations.
2. On the protection and exploitation of water resources.
Irrigation development is meaningful premise decided for the use of land, labor, residential layout, improve the ecological environment. Each of the forest system watershed, of the extraction flow diagram has a global impact and groundwater reserves are likely to exploit in the Highlands.
-For water supplies serving for production: the construction and exploitation of the irrigation works in the Highlands is associated with the construction of the reservoir to irrigate, improving the ecological environment for the region. Need to attach importance to take advantage of the topography, land-specific and reasonable distribution requirements in planning the construction of large water reservoirs, small and medium associated with the protection of forests and planting new forests, groundwater extraction, combined with hydro-irrigation to irrigate rice, coffee, vegetables, pastures focus , livestock.
+ Continue to upgrade, strengthen the existing irrigation works, step by step in the neutralization of small irrigation works, ensuring the entire land area of rice in the Highlands there is enough water in the transplant.
+ Concentrate additional, upgrade and improve the medium type irrigation works but low efficiency promoted by additional investment, upgrade and improve the system of canals as the Royal works in philosophy, Eakao, Merchant, Sea Lake, lower Krongbuk ... striving to put a 60%-70% of design capacity.
+ Urgently complete and soon developed the irrigation works in large and medium type including works created as water source: Dak (Kon Tum), Lak, Buon Kaffir lime (Dak Lak), Iamơ (Lai), sand (LAM Dong).
+ Sớn complete outdoor under construction as indoor Easoup 1B (Dak Lak), Ayunhạ Lake (Alexander), Lakes Tẻh district (LAM Dong), construction of new indoor Ea soup 2 (Covers), outdoor Dak chili (Kon Tum), outdoor Iamla (Lai), the Lake, the upper Păk Krong Buk Krong (Dak Lak).
+ Encourage every organization, personal construction of medium and small water reservoirs, irrigation to irrigate crops and vegetables, water and pasture production and life in the Highlands.
+ Complementary studies, planning, establish an overview diagram of the Sesan, srepok mining, Three Rivers, to prepare for the next step.
-For water resources for population activities: the domestic water supply program in the Highlands should focus: + basic solving the water fed to the cells the lack of serious water high, firstly for 30 thousand inhabitants, new economic zone.
+ Development of the forms of water during the rainy season, plans to study the use of groundwater irrigation needs and water level. By the year 2000 to settle the water resource base for people's activities (including inhabitants in the new economy), and other needs.
The Ministry of agriculture and rural development must build project planning protection and exploitation of water resources (including groundwater) in order to meet the needs for socio-economic development of the Highlands.
3-About your:

-Exploit the advantage drained by the rivers for hydro-electric development in the Highlands. By the year 2000 to put 100% of Yaly hydropower capacity into operation (700 MW), between 2000 to 2010 will complete the construction of the SéanI hydroelectric plant, SéanII, and Sêrêpôc with the total capacity is the total power MW and 1,771 production reached 8,400 million KWh (up to the national electric system). Besides the large hydro works will develop small and medium hydro power, wind power based generators, solar power ... to provide electricity for residents in remote areas.
-Strive to have 65% of 2000 households used electricity from the national grid, will have to use the power source: small hydro power spot, extremely small, solar power, wind power.
-Building, improving the power source, the grid (high, medium, low), to bring the power of the population clusters follow the mode of the State and the people doing the same. The Ministry of industry, the Vietnam electricity Corporation must have plans and specific projects towards: + for high-voltage grid and power source: balance from the State budget, which the OSA, the loan of State credit.
+ For medium-voltage power grid: by the central budget, local budget investment is 30%-40%, credit loans with preferential interest rates of 30%, the remaining bonds and other capital sources.
+ For the grid: to encourage and mobilize all resources (capital, labour) of the local population to build, diversifying the types of organisations in the construction and management of the grid such as: management of electricity, electric cooperatives, private companies ... to bring electricity to households and residential. The low voltage grid works built by capital, the labor of the people, after completing entered the Vietnam electricity Corporation must allocate, except fade into the selling price of electricity to repay capital to them as agreed between the dropped capital with Vietnam electricity Corporation.
+ Add to form the residential clusters with building, renovating grids to residential. For areas with ethnic live too far away, your people need to find funding for humanitarian development of other power sources (small hydro, extremely small, wind power, solar power, etc.).
The Ministry of planning and investment, coordinated with the Ministry of finance, Ministry of industry, the Vietnam electricity Corporation soon built research specific mechanisms to mobilize resources for the development of electricity in the Highlands the Prime decision.
4. Urban Development: this is the strategic issue long to urbanization in the Highlands. The Ministry of construction in coordination with the ministries concerned early urban development planning and the settlements associated with the development of the municipality as the city of Dalat, Buon Ma, town of Pleiku and Kon Tum and 65 of the existing towns, with the residential relocation and construction of the highway axis , the highway. Need planning, identifying specific towns, cities have formed, gradually forming the residential focus, the Centre of the commune, town (Cho) to proceed to the formation of the town, new town, facilitate the gradual transfer of socio-economic structure and rural urbanization.
5. human resources development: creating human resources and improving the quality of human resources is a very important factor for socio-economic development in the Highlands.
-Firstly, enhanced training of human resources, fostering the talent in place, at the same time attract the human resources, the scientific-technical officers, the experts from outside the region to work in the Highlands.
-Strengthening the educational system especially for minorities, put the content navigation agriculture forestry, forestry, agricultural extension on the ethnic school policies and encourage the students graduating from this school participate in the work of agriculture, forestry, community health development , illiterate in the Highlands.
-Encourage and facilitate children of the highland peoples in the study at the College and professional school in the Highlands through the Foundation School, boarding school.
-For children of the highland peoples entered the College and vocational school outside the Highlands should also have policies to attract the number of students after graduation returned to build social-economic Plateau.
-Encourage and create favorable conditions to attract students outside into the University and secondary school vocational in Highland and voluntarily stayed in the Highlands.
-Build enough classrooms for the primary school, built solidly middle schools. There is a policy priority for the teachers to work in the Highlands is in the minority community, the high, remote areas.
-Building the District Hospital, the regional hospital (the town), the hospital is strengthened the epidemic prevention team, malaria, goiter, protect the health of mothers and infants, the disease is chronic and medical specialty societies.
-On the basis of census classification of poor households, the causes of poverty should have remedies towards creating the conditions for the apartments rise to overcome difficulties and effective production, increase income.
+ For those households and poverty because of the lack of land for agricultural production, forestry must go deforestation methods to grow food, the people's Committee should have the right to grant land, lease forests for households to the households have produced land towards the combined agricultural, forestry, and food aid in time of 1-2 years to head the households and conditionally stable life live.
+ For those households and poverty because of the lack of capital, lack of production experience, the people's Committee of the levels should facilitate the households loan is the Bank's capital to serve the poor, the 327 programme, the programme 120. by the form of the voluntary loans, nest trust ... Add the loan to guidance measures for forestry, agricultural extension is effective.
+ For the households in poverty and an absence of policy, household labor, people's Committee levels (provincial, district, commune) need to have specific statistics inserted into an object of social subsidies annually to have food assistance policy for households.
-Formation of long-term funding (from the State budget and other sources) to mobilize officers understand agriculture and forestry, rural Highlands comes into the village merchant guide people do eat progressive, civilized life, firstly for the minorities still more difficult.
-Mobilizing resources from other places come to Highlands development must follow the planning and project-specific. This is a very important measure to prevent deforestation and immigrants.
+ Browse soon forming a new residential areas of focus as the project has been planned.
+ Sync investment projects approved, in which State investment in the construction of a number of key infrastructure, such as irrigation, roads, clinics, schools, water supply made the initial conditions for stable life and production development.

+ Ministry of agriculture and rural development, along with the people's Committee of the population of the people's Committee goes on Highlands getting inhabitants to soon meet to agree the responsibilities and obligations of each party, the policy, the specific implementation mechanisms, the Department had gone to plan registration standard , the receiver who came to have the land planning, building the initial infrastructure to perform the maneuver and the reception of population to the social-economic development of the Highlands. Encouraged to synchronize all the workforce availability of agriculture, forestry, irrigation, health, education, catering for Western development requirements.
6. On development of science and technology.
-Consolidation of the scientific research base of agricultural and forestry engineering in the Highlands to take quickly the technical advances and new technologies into production, we must first mobilize good ability of the scientific research base in place, encourage the agencies and foreign scientific research and technical transfer to farmers rural, Highlands.
-Ministry of agriculture and rural development in collaboration with the other ministries concerned the construction project to move the coffee Research Institute (Eakmat) into technical agriculture Science Institute of forestry Highlands Prime decision maker.
-Ministry of science, technology and the environment of interest appropriate funding source layout in the annual research plan for the program and the research projects of agricultural forestry and rural development of the Highlands.
The Ministry of education and training investment plan to upgrade the University of Highlands, da LAT University, research may renew the content and training methods to suit the orientation and content of development programs, and works closely with the Institute of agricultural and forestry science and technology the Highlands transfer science and technology advancements and technology production and fellow Highland life.
7. Land and protect the forest resources.
-For agricultural land needed to complete the delivery of stable agricultural land, long for individual households, according to Decree No. 64/CP dated 27 September 1993 by the Government. For forest land need to make right the delivery of long-term stable forestry land for households and individuals, according to Decree No. 12/CP on 5/1/1994 of the Government. Agricultural and forestry land for the State Enterprise shall follow the Decree No. 01/CP dated 4/1/1995 of the Government.
-For those households currently have no land to production, especially for minorities in place, the people's Committee of the level must have the right measures to have the land under planning and settlement.
-In section of forestry land allocated to individual households, necessarily have farmland to households that made production agroforestry as industrial crops, fruit trees, livestock, food crops, economic and land in the garden, this is the prerequisite to peace of mind do fellow forest and forest protection.
-For the forest land was given long term use which parts of Forest Economics, including: natural forest, planted forests, forests are regenerating protective farming, the need of protection is the main development, combined with the exploitation under the planning, planning and process engineering. State tax resources and only a portion of the value of products allowed to exploit. The Ministry of agriculture and rural development of specific guidelines for local implementation.
-A policy of land allocation, land rental, Bare hills and mountains for the economic sectors within and outside the region have invested in forest development.
-For special purpose forests, forest protective even the land was planned to develop the kinds of forests, Ministry of agriculture and rural development coordinated with the ministries concerned and building research soon enact real policy mechanisms specific to the local execution of share the care of protection in order to keep this forest types are combining protection with exploitation of the forest's advantage in preserving water resources, protect the environment, conserve cell gene Fund, eco-tourism development.
-Urgently needs the investigation of the forest, to serve as a basis for planning forest development, determine the area of each type of forest, classified into the types of special-purpose forest, forest, Forest Economics, these forests need improving, new planting, determines the optimal trees for each type of forest, gradually improve the quality of the forests preserved and improved forest management , proceed to execute periodically check and forest inventory. With regard to economic forest need to build the planting and pruning plan ensure growth requirements and forested faster than the speed of extraction, the gradual recovery of forest lost.
Redefine the scope of forest section of each province, each district, each of the communes and for each village merchant, it would still not have forest management measures for protection by being, it would have to have a new policy of reforestation incentive to mobilize all resources, all economic sectors to participate in the development of forest capital , quickly gaining coverage as objectives.
From 1997 onwards the State to tax the entire sale, money tree forest resources stand, fines, proceeds from forest products for the investment in forest protection and reforestation. The Ministry of finance to specific instructions for local implementation.
-President of the people's committees of the province United with the Ministry of agriculture and rural development ordered the closure of the forest in the area of extraction, mobilizing all forces, including the police, the military, schools, agencies participate in forest fire prevention, prevent unauthorized deforestation ills. The mass media are regularly reminded, reported the situation to fight forest fires, illegal logging. From now onwards if the local unit would also happen to fire, deforestation, the first President of the people's Committee, the heads of units that directly responsible.
8. Capital and investment.
The mobilization and effective use of resources, including the capital of the State, the capital of the enterprises in and outside the region, capital of nationals and foreign investment to develop agriculture and forestry and social-economic Plateau towards the State and the people doing the same, the maximum mobilization of all sources of capital Labor, in place of the Organization and the dwellers are living in the Highlands.
the State's Capital, a)-capital budget supports investment mainly on the following areas: + About irrigation: The large and medium irrigation works, works created the source, the water supply for municipalities, the Department concentrated population and industry.
Capital budgeting investment support of irrigation in 1996-2000 to about 1,800 billion, in the period 2001-2010 about 2200 billion.
+ About highly areas, old revolutionary base areas: State support to do 7 social work associated with sedentary work for about 100 communes and villages of about 40,000 merchant 700 households.
+ about building the new economy: supporting investment in building infrastructure, transportation, irrigation, electricity, communications, education, health ... in some key areas such as: Ea Soup, Ayunpa-Krong Pa, Ia Ia, Long Dream ... has the potential for economic development of large goods, stabilize the lives of fellow Member and receiving residential labor elsewhere to.
Before your eyes, focus which made these works should soon put into operation, and upgrade and improve gradually in the course of later development.
+ For national programs such as the program 327, 120 programs, poverty alleviation programs, sedentary, the Bank served the poor ... need to prioritize which layout and officials to make this decision.

-Credit Capital of the State: win enough capital for the economic component of the loan to develop agriculture and forestry and agro-forestry processing industry. The State has appropriated for interest rate policy organization, personal loans to industrial crops and forest industrial raw materials, the first priority for the compatriots living in the place.
Win about 100 million USD loan of World Bank loans to plant rubber, according to the regulations and instructions of the Bank.
The capital investment credit loan to empty economic forest follow the policy set forth in decision 264-CT on 22/7/1992 of the President of the Council of Ministers (Government).
Assigned the Ministry of planning and investment, Ministry of finance, jointly chaired the Ministry of agriculture and rural development, the State Bank building policy support mechanisms and mobilize all resources for economic and social development of the Highlands the Prime decision.
b) Capital of the enterprises and people's capital.
+ The State enterprises: basic depreciation capital, own capital, loans for investment in development of crops, livestock, forests growing on land and the development of processing industry.
+ State businesses and people are encouraged to abandon State investment capital to develop agro-forestry, agriculture and processing industry of forest products in the Highlands.
The Ministry of agriculture and rural development chaired together the ministries concerned early build and the Prime Minister about the mechanism and specific policies to attract capital and labor to all organizations and individuals assured investment.
+ People's Council levels need spiritual holds local efforts is key to developing the Highlands that mobilized all resources and create all favorable conditions for businesses and people in the building of infrastructure and public works in rural areas.
c) Foreign Capital.
On the basis of the planning was in the spirit of economic development associated with the Defense Security Service, the local and the ministries involved have a responsibility to enlist aid capital and capital of the foreign direct investment in the field and those where security, Defense for permission to serve the Highlands development career. The Ministry of planning and investment in research to win adequate capital ratios the grants of international organizations, Governments and non-governmental organizations to finance agricultural and forestry development and construction of rural Highlands in particular focus on the most difficult region.
ODA (will also be priority State) used to develop the transportation lifeblood (Buon Ma Thuot paragraph goes Into the 14th, in chon TAM Buon Ma Thuot-Di Linh district in line 27, route 24 from Kon Tum go Dung Quat); the construction of hydropower, irrigation, water supply, telecommunications, priorities for infrastructure works municipality.
d) outside the province's capital, of private well respected attracted to develop production, especially for export crops.
9. Renewal of the State enterprises and the development of economic cooperation.
– Check, arrange the State enterprises, agriculture, forestry industry. The agriculture and forestry school made land, orchards and forest stock exchanges to households under the Decree 18/CP of the Government.
-Emergency reorganization of the system of forestry and industrial processing of forest products. The Ministry of agriculture and rural development plans to steer, guide and help the local project to reorganize the system of forestry, forest products processing enterprise in the direction: keep only a very few forestry condition downloads the new requirements on the protection of forests and profitable under Decree 388/CP. The remaining State-owned forestry back to move into the forest service unit, forestry or become the management of forest development projects, provision of services for the protection and development of forests.
The Ministry of industry specific desk with the Ministry of agriculture and rural development, the Highlands planning and building for paper and raw materials were building investment project base paper production capacity is large and modern in the Highlands.
-The forestry Corporation, rubber, coffee, sugar cane, cotton, SilkWorm oil and other State enterprises must play pivotal role in mobilizing capital, providing saplings, hatchling and self assured quality, technical guidance and training officer, techniques for the relevant program.
-Renovation of the existing agricultural cooperatives and develop economic cooperation type diversity in the spirit of cooperative Legislation has been passed by Congress.
Article 3. The Organization made.
1. The ministries based on function and their powers of presiding together with the Highlands, the Organization directing the implementation of the programme, the specific projects in the scope of the direction of the ministries themselves according to the aim and content of the decision.
On the basis of the program, the approved projects need to have a specific plan in the period of 5 years, 10 years and annual plans, starting from 1997, to steer the Organization, check the urge to follow the target program, the project.
Each of the ministries concerned should the election officers good, technical expertise, profound knowledge of Western Resources to help leaders monitor the distribution associated with the Highlands Steering Committee as well as the ministries concerned along the people's Committee of Highlands made.
Quarterly, annually, in the report reviews the results of the work, the industry must have the check out point reviews made the program work in Highlands, detect these hard obstacles to remedy.
2-the people's Committee in the Highlands must determine the content in this decision is the primary mission of the grant Committee of the party and the local Government to materialize the program, plans of each professional sector, each level of Government in the province, district, commune to implementation.
First of all choose to define a number of programs target specific content, the local's urgent request to organize the direction taken in the 4th quarter in 1996 and 1997, and has made specific plans for the content of this decision in the next few years.
The people's Committee of the Highlands need to ask the opinion of the delegation to have advocated and specific measures aimed at mobilizing all resources in social infrastructure development (transport, irrigation, electricity, etc.) giving the Board of review decisions, create the citizen movement do any public utility service.
Chairman of people's Committee of the Highlands must have the responsibility to work closely with the Ministry, the Central sector in building and organizing the implementation of the project program.
3. The Ministry of agriculture and rural development, chaired and coordinated with the ministries concerned, the people's Committee of the Highlands province to build the program on development of forestry, agriculture, exploitation of water resources use management, migration and sedentary new economic development.
4. Ministry of transport together with the people's Committee of the Highlands planning and planning and directing the implementation of the transport development of the Highlands.
5. Ministry of planning and investment chaired together the relevant industry assess the Highlands master plan Prime Minister decided in October 1996, to build specific deployment project program right from the start of 1997.
Research policy formulation and mechanisms to encourage and attract resources to implement this decision.

On the basis of the approved projects program, the Ministry is arranging the 1997 budget plan and the program for the project is done according to the objective formulated in this decision.
6. The Ministry of finance in cooperation with the Ministry of planning and investment, Ministry of agriculture and rural development and the people's Committee of the Highlands policy research reinvestment back by exploitation of hydropower resources and forest resources in the Highlands the Prime decision.
7. Establishment of the Steering Committee of the Highlands include the leadership of the Ministry of agriculture and rural development, the Ministry of transport, Ministry of planning and investment, Ministry of finance and some of the ministries concerned. The Minister of agriculture and rural development, the head of the Steering Committee.
Article 4. The Minister, Prime Ministerial-level agency idea, government agency, President of the people's Committee of the Highlands Act a responsible decision.