Decide On 110/1998/qd-Ttg Dated: About The Annuity For International Organizations

Original Language Title: Quyết định 110/1998/QĐ-TTg: Về việc đóng niên liễm cho các tổ chức Quốc tế

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The DECISION of the PRIME MINISTER About the annuity for the international organization of the PRIME MINISTER pursuant to the law on Government Organization, 30 September 1992;
Basing the Ordinance on signing and implementing international treaties of Vietnam on October 17, 1989;
According to the recommendation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of finance, DECIDES: 1. The international organisations referred to in this decision, including: the United Nations, regional organizations, regional, specialized international association.
Article 2. Participation as a member of the international organization with the name of the State, the Government, the nominal nominal level of ministries, ministerial agencies, government agencies, the central organ of the social-political organizations, social organizations, social-professional (referred to as the Agency) must be allowed by the competent authorities and on the basis of international treaties respectively that the Vietnam signed or joined.
Article 3. Vietnam authorities have granted authority for permission to join the international organization is fully implementing the rights and obligations of members, which is responsible for closing the annuity under the provisions of the international organizations that the agency involved.
Article 4. The use of the State budget to close the annuity for the only international organizations reviewed, applied to the Ministry, ministerial-level agencies, government agencies and other social-political organizations to join international organizations non-business, services and the level of contribution must be defined right from the start , in writing the permission to participate. In the process of participation, implementation of international treaties, if the international organization requested annuity contribution level, the participating agencies are informed and consulted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of finance, the general process of the Prime Minister to decide, except the international organization to which the annuity on the basis of their membership.
Article 5. The bodies referred to in article 3 of this decision participate in the specialized international organizations, entrepreneurial, service and social organizations, social-professional to join the international organization itself undertakes funding (by the voluntary contributions of members, or from manufacturing operations business, after the completion of obligations for the State budget of enterprises benefit from participation in the international organization of the Agency, held on) to close the annuity for the international organization. In some special cases, the participation of this organization in association with the task, the State will be the State budget funded part of funding, but must be approved by the Prime Minister on the basis of the recommendations of the agency involved and the written opinions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs The Ministry of finance.
Article 6. The agency used the State budget to close the annuity for the international organization to take on the annual budget estimates of his agency, according to the regulations.
Article 7. The Ministry of finance, in cooperation with the Agency is using the State budget close annuity for international organizations, estimating by sector, balance on the general budget, the Government submitted to the National Assembly to decide.
Article 8. Every year, the Agency participated in the international organizations must report the Prime Minister about the participation of international organizations, the implementation of international treaties was signed, at the same time inform the Foreign Ministry and the Finance Ministry to keep track.
Article 9. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the focal agency, helps the Government implement state management on the implementation of international treaties and join the international organization of the Vietnam Agency; in coordination with the Finance Ministry and the ministries concerned to check compliance with the obligation was committed, efficient participation in the international organization of the agencies involved. For those international organizations that the Vietnam authorities involved are not effective, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs together with the Ministry of finance to consider and propose the Prime Minister ended effective involvement of these agencies.
Article 10. This decision takes effect 15 days from the date of signing, promulgation. The previous provisions contrary to this decision are hereby repealed. The Ministers, heads of ministerial agencies, heads of government agencies and the central agency leadership of unions are responsible for the implementation of this decision.

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