Decision 163/1998/qd-Ttg Dated: The Decision Approving The Planning Of The Overall Development Of The Textile Industry-May 2010

Original Language Title: Quyết định 161/1998/QĐ-TTg: Quyết định về việc phê duyệt quy hoạch tổng thể phát triển ngành công nghiệp Dệt - May đến năm 2010

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The DECISION by the PRIME MINISTER on the approval of the master plan for developing the textile industry-May 2010 the PRIME MINISTER pursuant to the law on Government Organization, 30 September 1992;
Charter base investment management and building attached to Decree No. 42/CP dated 16 July 1996 and Decree 92/CP dated 23 August 1997 by the Government;
Consider the proposal of the industry (No. 1676/TAY on February 25, 1998) and report the evaluation of the Ministry of planning and investment (No. 5753BKH/CN-VPTĐ on August 17, 1998), DECIDES: 1. Approval of the master plan for developing the textile industry-May 2010 by Vietnam Ministry of industry created, with the following major contents: 1. objectives: the development of the textile industry-May until 2010 is out in order to increase export income, ensuring balance of repayment and reproduce expand the production base of the industry , satisfy consumer demand in water quantity, quality, variety and price; each step brought textile-Vietnam Garment export sector become the spearhead, contribute to economic growth, create jobs, make the industrialization, modernization of the country.
2. The perspective development of the textile industry-May 2010 Vietnam including the content: investment technology: harmonious combination between invest, renovate, expand, and new investment. Quickly replace the outdated technology and equipment, upgrading the capability of equipment exploitation, additional new equipment, innovative technology and equipment to improve the quality of the product.
On the market: the market abroad: consolidate, hold and develop foreign trade with traditional markets, penetrate and create the momentum developed in the potential market and the market area. Step by step integration market regional economy AFTA and WTO world economic markets.
Domestic market: meeting the needs of the Textile industry in the goods-May in the water by the quality of the goods, price, commodity diversification, meets the tastes and match the buying power of all classes of people.
Capital and the arrangement of enterprise: diversified sources of capital and investment financing method, promote internal forces and expand foreign direct investment for development. Quickly made stock the sewing business, step by step shares some of the textile business, meet the requirements of the new tasks of the industry.
Layout planning production facilities: on the basis of the status quo, strengthened and developed textile industry Center, 3 of the country's South East region and the Mekong Delta, the Red River Delta, the Central coastal region. For the sewing industry, widely distributed across the country, priority export base development at the Department of transportation, near the Harbour, the airport.
Development orientation materials: raising the proportion of supplies may produce in the country of export products to increase the value of the garment industry. The development of raw materials, cotton and silk to textile materials about active, lower production and shrinking imports of raw materials.
Staff training, technicians: developer many forms and levels of training to increase the number of staff, technical workers, to meet the requirements of the Textile industry development-May.
3. The norms of development planning.
Production and export targets: the target unit In 2000 2005 2010-+ produce silk Million m 800 1330 2000 + knitted product SP 70 150 210 Million + products (normative) "580 780 1200-export turnover in Million USD 2000 3000 4000 + Textiles" 370 800 1000 + Sewing Goods

"material development targets 1630 2200 3000 textiles: material 2000 units in 2010-cotton + area + 37 000 100 000 Ha of cotton yield tons/ha seed cotton output + 1.4 1.8 tons of cotton fiber output + 54 000 182 000" 18 000 60 000-sericulture + Strawberry planting 25 000 40 000 Ha of area + tons of silk production

on demand targets 2 000 4 000 total investment up to 2010: unit: Million of USSD-invest 756.9 + Textiles 709.0 + 47.9-investment 2516.4 Sewing + 2306.4 + total 210.2 Sewing Textile 3973.3 about norms demand total investment up to 2010 is orientation, The industrial base of this orientation and the actual conditions of each period to have the calculations and Calibrate accordingly.
Article 2. Assigned to: the Ministry of industry is The industry management in collaboration with the ministries and people's committees of provinces and cities under central related responsible implementation master plan for developing the textile industry-Vietnam Garment according to the recorded content in article 1 of this decision.
The Ministry of industry, working with the Ministry of agriculture and rural development, Vietnam's total Textile-Garment company and the relevant local about the planning and execution of the construction methods, the development of raw materials cotton, sericulture as well as procurement, raw material processing.
The Ministry of industry in collaboration with the Ministry of planning and investment, Ministry of construction, people's committees of provinces and cities under central and Textile-Garment Corporation Vietnam define categories, locations, each scale works need new investment as well as in need of improvement and expansion in each stage match the orientation of the production to perform.
The Ministry of trade, Ministry of industry, Ministry of finance, the State Bank of Vietnam, the Ministry of planning and investment Of Vietnam garment textile company proactively plan to further develop the new market, to find and foreign capital sources including a part of loan incentives to meet the needs of the Textile industry investment-May.
The Ministry of industry and the textile-Garment Corporation Vietnam draft and the Prime Minister's plan, measures to streamline the production of textile-Garments from now to 2000, including specific category enterprises will make stock.
Article 3. The Ministry of industry and the textile-Garment Corporation Vietnam, grounded on the objective, perspective and the only goal of this master plan, construction of the 5 year plan made investment in development to suit the economic and social situation of the country.

Article 4. This decision takes effect 15 days from the date issued. The Ministry of planning and investment, construction, industry, trade, finance, education and training, labour, invalids and Social Affairs, the State Bank of Vietnam, the people's committees of provinces and cities under central and Textile-Vietnam Garment Corporation is responsible for the implementation of this decision.