The Decision 198/1998/qd-Ttg Dated: Decide On The Establishment Of The Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Zone; Overall Planning And Project Step I, Phase I Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park

Original Language Title: Quyết định 198/1998/QĐ-TTg: Quyết định về việc thành lập khu công nghệ cao Hoà Lạc; phê duyệt quy hoạch tổng thể và dự án đầu tư bước I, giai đoạn I khu công nghệ cao Hoà Lạc

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The decision the DECISION of the PRIME MINISTER Regarding the establishment of the Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Zone; overall planning and project investments step 1, phase I Hoa Lac hi-tech Park PRIME PHỦCăn government organization law on September 30, 1992;
Pursuant to Decree No. 36/CP on 24/4/1997 the Government issued regulation of industrial zones, export processing zones, high-tech zones;
Pursuant to Decree No. 42/CP dated 16 July 1996 the Government enacted the Charter investment management and construction, and Decree No. 87/CP dated 23 August 1997 on additional amendments to some articles of the Charter investment management and building attached to Decree No. 42/CP;
Basing valuation opinions of the Council of State assessment of investment projects for high-tech Zone project in Hoa Lac, at no. 5494/HĐTĐ on 5 August 1998.
According to the recommendation of the Minister of science, technology and the environment (the Sheet number 1168/TTr-BVHTT on May 14, 1998), and Chairman of the Management Board of the Vietnam industrial zone, the decision: article 1. Established the Hoa Lac, Ha Tay Hoa Lac hi-tech Park. be organized and operate according to the regulations of Industrial Zones, export processing zones, high-tech zones attached to Decree No. 36/CP dated 24 April 1997 from the Government.
Article 2.
I. approval of the master plan for the Hoa Lac hi-tech Park, with a total area of and content of the planning outlined in the included browser profile document No. 1585/PMU-BVHTT CNC, on 30 June 1998 by the Ministry of science, technology and the environment.
1. About the nature and high-tech zones: the Hoa Lac hi-tech Park is an important factor for promoting the process of industrialization and modernization of the economy of the region and the country as a bridge to receiving transfer and proceed to the creation of the new high technology; the pilot, test withdrawal experience for promoting the development of high-tech zones in the country.
2. About the location and scale: the Hoa Lac hi-tech Park is located in the municipality of chain planning Disciplines-Xuan Mai Temple-Hoa Lac-Shanxi was approved in Government decision No. 372/QD-TTg dated June 2, 1997. Based on the Foundation of the entire land area, combined with the exploration of the potential, the capability according to the development planning department, the Hoa Lac hi-tech Park is built primarily in Thach that district, Ha Tay Province with approximately 1650 ha.
3. Management of the environment, the landscape: the layout of common space areas must be compatible with the exploitation and measures to ensure a clean environment.
4. About the planning of technical infrastructure: the need to ensure the development of transportation, public works, warranty service request for water supply, drainage, power supply, communication service of research and development of science-technology, production and service activities of the settlements.
5. Management of the Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Zone: Minister, head of government personnel organization coordinated with the Ministry of science, technology and environment and the management of the Vietnam industrial zone, the Prime Minister decided to Ban the high-tech Zone Management Hoa Lac current regulations and other necessary management organisation.
II. investment project approval step 1, phase I Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Zone with the following: 1. Project name: Hoa Lac hi-tech Park. 2. Construction location: in the town Down By the front, Jelly, communal peace and shareholders, Thach that district, Ha Tay Province.
3. An area of step 1 is 200 hectares, will be properly back upon delivery of the land use right pursuant to the law of the land. Step 1 project implementation effective project approval will consider the next step.
4. Capital infrastructure items step 1 is 96 million us $;
5. other construction items as: research and Development Institute, Center for software, business center, business, ..., depending on the form of investment (capital of the State budget, BOT, FDI and other capital sources) deployed in accordance with the current rules.
6. In the process of performing step 1, project priority human resource development for high technology and the Hoa Lac hi-tech Park. Article 3. The Hoa Lac hi-tech Park enjoying the financial incentives at the highest level under the law encourages domestic investment and foreign investment law, other incentives are at the highest level under current rules.
Article 4.
1. Delivery of the Ministry of science, technology and environment: a. establish project management unit (PMU) of Hoa Lac hi-tech Park to take steps to prepare and implement the initial investment.
b. review of the detailed planning of the functional areas within the Hoa Lac hi-tech Park, as a basis for the design and construction of the projects in the area; Research Director General planning of the Hoa Lac hi-tech Park to suit the actual situation, the current rules.
c. coordinated with the ministries, relevant local drafting and submission to the Prime Minister promulgated regulations, policies specific to high-tech zones. 2. Delivery of Ha Tay Province people's Committee: a. perform management functions according to the territory for the Hoa Lac hi-tech Park under current rules.
b. coordination with the Ministry of science, technology and environment and the clues involved in managing the planning, environmental management, ensuring the security and order; compensation, clearance, moving inhabitants to build Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Zone. c. Actively planning the construction of the resettlement of population; the Organization made to early settlement and the production of the people in the resettlement areas.
3. The ministries, other related local: a. implementing the tasks related to Hoa Lac hi-tech Park according to the functions and tasks that have been defined.
b. depending on the requirements of the implementation of the construction of the Hoa Lac high-tech, the Prime Minister will steer tasked for the ministries, other related local when needed.
Article 5. This decision has the effect after 15 days from the date of signing. Ministers: Ministry of science, technology and environment, the Ministry of planning and investment, Ministry of finance, Ministry of agriculture and rural development, the Ministry of defence, the Governor of the State Bank of Vietnam, the head of the Management Board of the Vietnam industrial zone, Chairman of people's Committee of Ha Tay Province, General Director of the Bureau of the Prefecture and the heads of the relevant agencies in the scope of functions and rights his term is responsible for the implementation of this decision.

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