The Decision 186/2001/qd-Ttg Dated: On Social-Economic Development In 6 Provinces Especially Hard Mountain North Of The Period 2001-2005

Original Language Title: Quyết định 186/2001/QĐ-TTg: Về phát triển kinh tế - xã hội ở 6 tỉnh đặc biệt khó khăn miền núi phía Bắc thời kỳ 2001 - 2005

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Decisions on socio-economic development in 6 provinces especially hard mountain North of the period 2001-2005 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ the PRIME MINISTER pursuant to the law on Government Organization, 30 September 1992;
Considering the recommendation of the Minister of the Ministry of agriculture and rural development, planning and investment, finance and the Secretary, the Chairman of the Committee of ethnic and mountainous, DECIDES: 1. Social-economic development 6 the province particularly hard northern mountains: Bac Kan, Cao Bang, Lao Cai, Ha Giang, Lai Chau, son La to the period 2001-2005 to promote the potential advantages of geographical position, climate, land, forest and mineral resources, and human potential in the area; associated economic and social development with the implementation of ethnic policies, gradually improve and enhance people's lives; protect the ecological environment for the region and the lower in the Northern Plains; contribute to maintaining security and defense. 2005 specific objectives are: 1. Basic solving the pressing issues in the life and society of the 6 provinces: poverty, nomadically, immigrants freely; slash burning Ray deforestation; lack of water production, running water; Re the opium; go back and study and examination for people.
2. Step by step development of infrastructure associated with the commodity economic development contribute to improving the life of the cells, diminishing the gap with the other regions in the country.
3. Gross domestic product (GDP) 1.7 times the fold in 2000, increasing by an average of about 9.9% per year, of which 15.5% per year increase in industry, agriculture and forestry increased 5.7% per year, increased 13.1% per year of service. Of the product per capita increased 1.5 times compared with 2000.
4. The proportion of the GDP of the branches of agricultural, forestry is 43.3%, industry, construction of 20.7%, 36%, total service exports rose 17.76%.
5. No longer chronically hungry households, the rate of poor households is also under 17%.
6. Most of the communes of the area III street cars to the town centre, 100% of the communes have a phone to the town centre; 70% of the rural population use potable water; over 75% of the power to the town centre.
7. Upgrades, customized medical stations fortified town, 100% guarantee of communes have health stations fit of geographic, economic, environmental, ecological and medical needs in the region; reduce the proportion of children under age 5 suffer from malnutrition to below 33%.
8. Consolidated results of universal primary education and literacy. Mobilizing students in age to primary schools: 95%, 79% of junior high and high schools by 40%; 100% of the villages have class and solidly turned the schools of the commune; 15% of workers employed in the economic sector have been through the training.
9. Solve social problems better, enhance recreation and markedly improve the spiritual life of the people, especially the cultural life of the minorities.
10. Prepare well locations and conditions to make the resettlement of population in the lake bed son La hydro power. 2. The development of economic infrastructure and the society.
1. Focus on developing infrastructure, develop production, improve people's lives; first of all, to focus planning and mobilize all resources to develop the traffic that it is a breakthrough to social-economic development of the 2001-2005 period and in the future.
The investment objective of the traffic, the period 2001-2005 is: Connecting through the creation of continuous synchronization traffic network, between the province, the province with the district, the district with the town; Construction of the highway on level, 90% of the present national highway, 60-80% of the surface of the road the highway are plastic goods; have 100% of communes or clusters of communes have highways with asphalt, concrete or cement mixed to Center, built solidly, tribute, underground. Upgrade investment, improving the railways, air and waterways in the region. priority transportation investments out of the border, the border belt, the border patrol road, the road to the region of production of the goods.  Continued investment in upgrading and improving the National Highway No. 6, 2, 3, 4, 12, 32A, 32B, 32C, 34, 37, 70, 279, route Xipaphìn-Mường Nhé-Pác Nặm Ma Lai Chau. In it investment priorities focus some sections such as: Highway 6 (Peace piece-La), upgrade and expand the national highway route in Lao Cai-Doan hung, Phu Tho, aimed at boosting economic relations with Vietnam province in southern China, Highway 2 (Tuyên Quang, Ha Giang Province), Route 3 (Bac-Cao Bang) , highway 4 d (the Pa Over Lai Chau-A Tycoon Lao Cai), national route 4 c (the Lao Cai, Ha Giang, Cao Bang), highway 32 (the Lao Cai-Lai Chau), National Highway 34 (High By segment-Ha Giang), Highway 37 (in the paint), highway 70 (First paragraph of Plot-A Tycoon), highway 279 (in Lao Cai, Ha Giang, Lai Chau, son La) and some other necessary distance.
2. About the irrigation: renovation to upgrade existing buildings, new construction, investment priority works to increase the area of rice cultivation, irrigated crops, other crops and water for living. Continue investing in sync works the small reservoir, clue works to the canals, canals in the neutralization reagent; the small irrigation works in the town especially hard. Started some new works: Son La flood drainage, outdoor Chiang Khoi, experimental project of son La tea irrigation irrigation Na Hỳ-Lai Chau, the irrigation Market Rumor-Bac Kan, Xin man district and Yen Minh-ha Giang, Ha Van Lang, North Chongqing-high by cups and Mugs, irrigation system, Lao Cai Yuan Coal. investment priorities to build embankment against scoured the River, streams, border milestone.
3. About the infrastructure works in 135: on the basis of program planning, residential relocation, production development, must make good job integrating with programs of other project to invest in infrastructure works program.
Investment in schools in the town include the cluster Center: public service, housing classrooms for teachers and student dormitories; the process of kindergarten, kindergarten teacher in town (where required); the work area clinics and health stations, including public housing service for medical officers.
4. capital investment priority to infrastructure construction in the region of Lake relocation son La hydro power, to secure enough fellow the conditions to develop production, soon stabilized and have a better life in the old place.
5. focus on investment to build economic infrastructure, social in the safe zone Township created favorable conditions to develop production, improve people's lives in the region, diminishing the gap with other regions.
6. Attach importance to investment in the construction of service culture, radio, tv and sports establishments, cultural houses served the Festival, traditional culture and preserve ethnic identity.
7. Prioritize investment in vocational training institutions, research, application development techniques and technologies into production and people's life, first create trees, just like children, technology, agriculture, forestry, mining and mineral processing.
8. development of the network of municipalities towards construction of the central urban areas such as the towns: Son La, MOC Chau, Cao Bang, Lao Cai, Ha Giang, BAC Kan. Forming new municipality on the basis of the development of a particular sector such as: economic gate industry, tourism, mining, hydro-electric and other industrial cum. Development of the network of the town at the Centre of the capital and in the region of production of the goods. Construction of the town do the function of economic, cultural centre, the service in each of the residential clusters. Upgrading of water supply and drainage system in the municipality.
Each step in the formation of industrial clusters in the Centre of the municipality and the industrial focus: MOC Chau, son La town (Sơn La), in the town of Dien Bien Phu, Tam (Lai Châu), describes the Loỏng industrial park, industrial gate (Lào Cai), the town of Ha Giang, Cao Bang town and industrial Railway gate Hitman (High).

9. the modernization of telecommunication network in the direction of synchronization, meet the requirements of international and domestic information.
(The portfolio specific works appendix) article 3. Development orientation and economic restructuring.
I. ABOUT agriculture, forestry, FISHERIES growth paced 6.63% of the production value, on the basis of the shift of production, exploitation of the advantages of the region, raise income levels per unit area of arable land than 2.0 times compared with 2000. On the basis of further development of food in places where there are conditions, focusing on developing agricultural product categories contributed to replace imported goods such as tobacco, dairy, vegetable oil, ... continue to develop strong agricultural, forest products have the advantage of exports such as tea, coffee tea, pulp and paper, wood products , ... contribute to exports.
1. food production: production of about 1.3 million tons, of which focus on developing hybrid corn (for high-protein maize is), cassava production towards high-yield commodities to solve enough food and income for fellow.
stability of the existing area, applying intensive measures and rapid multiplication of hybrid rice varieties, continues to open more acreage of rice paddies, shallow water in areas where conditions. priority build small and medium irrigation works, reclamation reclamation field, creating terraces to slash food production in place for the remote areas.
The Ministry of agriculture and rural development, directing the scientific research base, the same production facilities of the company with the local staff quickly new strains of hybrid rice varieties, especially for rice, maize, cassava, drought, ... with productivity, high quality provide enough seed for the production needs of the cells.
2. About industrial plants.
a/tea tree: focus-intensive area of existing tea, just like current tea gradually by a new tea varieties yield and quality in line with domestic and foreign market development of high-quality tea in the high to produce the rare specialty tea products. As of 2005 the area reached 34,000 ha of tea production of fresh buds, about 120 thousand tons/year. Continued investment in new construction and renovations to upgrade the processing facilities, improve the value and quality of product, enough to compete on the world market.
b/tea coffee Tree: intensive focus area we have, continue growing in the province of son La, Lai Chau, Ha Giang by planning, planning of development programs of the AFD loans tea coffee.
c/cane: continue to expand the area secure enough cane to sugar factories there. Implement intensive measures, raising the rate of new sugarcane varieties cultivated area, expanding area of cane have irrigated in where there is irrigation. The survey, to prepare viable project construction Department of ingredients and sugar factories in the province to make the resettlement of people living in the Lake region of the son La hydro power structures. d/Mulberry Tree: focus restored, strawberry growing region development, growing mainly in son La in 2005, after an area of 2,000 hectares, Cocoon production, growing to about 800 tons. Investment in the base drag cocoon, silk attached to the material, to create jobs and to receive the resettlement of inhabitants in the region.
d/tobacco: development of high-quality tobacco cultivation in the province have favorable conditions such as the BAC kan, Cao Bang, provide raw materials for the production of tobacco and the export of raw materials, contribute to poverty alleviation. To the 2005 hit about 2,000 ha, the yield of about 2,800 tons/year.
3. About fruit trees: in the region there are many favorable conditions, the need to develop fruit trees with the same local specialties such as oranges, tangerines, label, ... and temperate fruit, tropical Asia such as peach, pear, Plum, pink contributed to economic restructuring, poverty alleviation and replace poppy. In 2005 there were about 55,000 ha of fruit trees, the yield of about 200,000 tons a year.
4. food: crops need to grow soybeans, beans do the kind of intensive, focused towards the production of goods. There are about 100,000 hectares by 2005, the output of about 300,000 tons a year.
5. Forestry: forestry development is the immediate and long-term task to lift the cover up 65%, in order to protect the environment, water resources for hydroelectric works great and the lower Red River Delta, forming the raw materials for the paper industry, wood planks and formed the forest planting large trees , specialty crops, contributing to rising income, job creation.
Implementation of the protection forest, tending of forest, including: natural forest, forests, national parks, nature conservation areas and historic forests have rated. There are strict measures to protect natural forests, especially the region of forest trees and rare.
About 160,000 hectares of planted forest serving economic area for the paper industry, plywood chips and artificial boards and wood processing. applied science and technology advances in hybrid technology, especially the breeding, breed rapidly have to multiply cuttings to grow fast, short-cycle, high-efficiency.
Development of the tree: pine, sa, stream, bamboo, eucalyptus, Acacia, ... to get wood and raw materials for the paper industry, plywood and wood processing; specialty crops such as: cinnamon, anise, fillings, vernicia fordii, Jays, bitter tea, the host wing and the specialty crops in the region have the condition, in which the strong investment development department with high yield varieties just enhance the effect, just contribute to solve the needs of increasing plant oil of our country. Development of large trees along roadsides, urban traffic.
Continue to implement the delivery of land, long term stable forest stock for individual organizations and households to plant, care for forest protection; step by step interface area of natural forest for households, communities (villages, communes) management, protected under the Convention by the community.
6. About breeding: need to exert strong on land, pasture for cattle breeding development, ... Deploy the project to develop the cattle meat, dairy cows in MOC Chau (Sơn La) associated with the improvement of milk processing facility upgrades, to 2005 reached about 800 thousand Buffalo, cow, which has 5,000 cows milk. The development of livestock in the region primarily based on households and farms. The State-owned enterprises, cooperatives and private sector organizations to do the same services, veterinary medicine, agriculture, ... and preservation, processing, consumption of livestock products.
7. Fisheries: take advantage of the water we have, for it is the Lake hydro-electric and irrigation to fisheries development. Along with bringing indigenous fish species, need to put new strains on breeding fast to create high-value products. Fish just like replenish the reservoir to restore and develop the resources associated with ecotourism and Conservation Fund, the Fisheries Ministry gen. steer the fast-breeding fish workers appropriate to provide for the needs of the farming population.
II. industrial development in INDUSTRY of the region is primarily agricultural processing industry, forestry, industry, hydropower and mining industry.
1. Processing industry: priority focus to complete the new investment and upgrade the base of agricultural production as planned. The investment in processing facilities are based on the market, the ability to grow the raw materials. Investment in advanced technology devices, to create products tailored to the tastes of consumers, there is sufficient competition on the domestic market and for export. Namely: based on the development of the raw material for building the plant pulp and paper writing the appropriate scale and ensure effective production, contributing actively performed the State's paper industry.

The processing plant of artificial wood planks in Lao Cai about 30,000 m3 products/year; built in the provinces of son La, high: Bac, Ha Giang, Lao Cai each province a bamboo stick joinery, the flow capacity of approximately 1,000 m3/year of products associated with the requirements of the market.
Improvement and upgrading of the tea processing plant in Son La, Lai Chau, Lao Cai, Ha Giang, the processing of the milk in MOC Chau (Sơn La) and spinning, silk nursery in son La. 2. Hydropower industry: investment research continued the hydroelectric works associated with the project; small hydropower investment priorities in the region. Complete the procedure and the preparation of investment and construction of son La hydro power to be able to put into operation aggregates of 1 in 2010.
3. the mining industry and the chemical industry Ministry coordinated with the continuing investigation, exploration, evaluation, reserves and additional types of content of mineral and land resources to planning and effective extraction methods. Continue to exploit Apatít in the existing school stubs in Lao Cai, polls, reviews and more open to new school stubs to increase extraction capacity, to 2005 of about 3.0 million tonnes per year to meet factory 760,000 tons/year. Started mining copper ore project in Born (Lào Cai). Exploitation of other mineral types to serve consumer needs and export as: coal, rare earth (Lai Châu), gold (Lai Chau, BAC Kan), iron ore (Cao Bang, Ha Giang), Ăngtimon (HA Giang), lead, zinc (Bac).
4. Industrial production of building materials: concentrate invest the existing cement plants, construction of new cement capacity L.a. Paint about 500,000 tons/year and a brick factory, but nen capacity 10-15 million per year to meet the demand for building a number of key projects and consumer demand in the region.
5. mechanical industry, handicraft: reorganized the production of mechanical industry, invest in equipment renovation of the existing mechanical basis. First of all increase the capacity for mechanical repairs, small mechanical manufacturing service of agricultural production, forestry. Restoring, developing handicraft tradition, improved template coding, advanced quality Brocade of the peoples.
III. TRADE, tourism, and services, promote the advantages, the historical monuments and landscapes to commercial sector development, tourism, and services, to create the motivation to promote the economic and social development of the entire region.
1. On trade: continue to implement the policy of developing trade regions, Islands and mountains region of minorities. Improve the policy stipulated in Decree No. 20/1998/ND-CP dated 31 March 1998 of the Government on the development of trade, Islands and mountains region of minorities.
Development of commercial network in the province, district, cluster Centre towns and encourage all economic sectors to participate in the circulation of goods, and to create momentum for the development of production, in which the State enterprises to improve business efficiency and promote core role.
Further development of the market. Investment in building the gate (international and local), the economy, the markets and border gate economic zone in the market. Construction, upgrading some of the commercial center and the domestic market, associated with transport development planning rearrange.
Promote cooperation and trade margins, sales activities and the exchange of goods, first is agricultural, forestry and fisheries goods to China, Laos.
2. focus the investment according to the depth of the existing tourist centre, the new investment option in areas where conditions of exploitation on ecological tourism, landscape and historical monuments in the region.
Article 4. Development of education and training, health, culture, social 1. On education: enhancing the comprehensive quality of education universal degrees, gradually approaching the level of the country. Increase the percentage of students in this age to go to school. Continued investment in building enough fortified classrooms for the school level; for the communes and villages, a district in region III of the classroom, schools are investing under the program 135. All districts have ethnic boarding schools, strengthen the infrastructure for secondary school boarding ethnic province, striving for national standard. The development of Charter schools, the school nurtures children with disabilities in the province. Consolidate and develop the base daycare, kindergarten. Focus investments strengthen the ability and scale of training for Thai Nguyen University; new construction in North Western University (Sơn La) and pedagogical college North Kan. investing in upgrading, expanding the existing vocational schools and the construction of some key vocational center in the town, the district. All of the district, the city has a continuing education center.
2. On health: continuing to upgrade, renovate and build provincial hospitals as: Bac Kan, son La, Lai Chau, Ha Giang, district line, hospital upgrades the clinic area, construction of the Northwest Medical Center in son La; additional equipment for some hospitals, solidly and normalized 100% health stations, Township medical facility in the center of the cluster and regional clinic.
3. Culture, society: value investing works serve culture, radio, tv and the grassroots sports activities, cultural houses serving the traditional festival culture and ethnic identity. Conservation, cultural and physical development of the community in the nation, institutional strengthening of cultural facilities in the villages through the implementation of democratic rules. Strive for 80% of families family cultural standards, 50% of the village, a neighborhood, neighborhood, standard of national culture, the cultural House step town, ward. All the communes have cultural postal service point. Build radio for each commune and town. Modernizing equipment, enhancing the amount of broadcast of the programs in the nation in the district, the province.
Implement effectively the national target programme on the prevention of crime, HIV/AIDS, drugs, prostitution, ills.
4. Poverty alleviation and job creation.
The ministries and provincial people's committees to plan and specific solution on land, seed, and agricultural extension, forestry, ... to help poor households rise to escape poverty.
The effective implementation of the national program of poverty alleviation, job creation, job by 2005 for 220-250 thousand employees.
5. Planning, residential relocation, the broth, immigrant settlement, freedom and preparations for resettlement population of the Lake the son La hydroelectric. First of all, planning and residential relocation on the basis of the development plan and transportation master plan for economic and social development of the period 2001-2005 of the local , for the border region are combined with Defense Security to form the residential, residential routes, the town, the town centre of social clusters accordingly. For those where the cells still live scattered, dispersed the voluntary fellow athletes moved into the village, a near axis roads and stable production conditions; eyes focused implementation of the project to stabilize the refugees freely, bringing people back to the border region, tied with defense production development.
Plan soup, settled and stable life for about 7,000 ethnic households. Complete basic sedentary work in remote areas, the revolutionary base areas and bringing people back to the border region; practical measures have stabilized the immigrants freedom and limit the cells migrating freely to the Highlands and Central Coast.

Emergency planning and resettlement project construction son La hydro power in the direction of complete construction of economic infrastructure, social (traffic, irrigation, electricity, water, schools, medical stations, ...), land for land and production in order to receive inhabitants in an move of son La hydro power project sure, when arriving in new life and growing conditions of production is better than the old residence; ahead, make good the survey design, sample relocation project in MOC Chau, son La province, Lai Chau province Fin Pa Poker to deploy in 2002.
Article 5. Improve the efficiency, effective governance, build strong political system.
Improving the quality of the political system, the administration building, is the base-level qualified Executive Director, managing all aspects of economic, and social life. Strengthening ethnic solidarity, care promotes the role of the elders, Chief.
Training policies and the use of servants of the State, the first of the ethnic minority officials at all levels from the province to the base; the policy has encouraged officials and about the work at the base. Regular open training courses, training for village officials to build the capacity of social management, forestry, agricultural extension knowledge Guide to help fellow developers produce settlement.
Improve the efficiency, effectiveness and governance on the management and steering perform planning, economic planning, social, tight management of land, resources, environment.
Article 6. On some policies and solutions.
1. On investment and credit: a/investment: capital budget, ODA investment focused mainly on the areas of the infrastructure of social-economic service:-transportation: capital investment priorities for the development of transport serve economic development, social security, Defense , including highway, provincial road, the route out of the border, the ring border, border patrol road, the road to the region of focus, the goods in the program 135, the hamlet, a district in region III area but not in the communes of 135 program.
-About irrigation: The large and medium irrigation works, works created the source, the water supply for municipalities, the concentrated population areas and industrial zones. Interest rate support is solidly turns canals under decision No. 64/2000/QD-TTg dated 13 June 2000 of the Prime Minister. Reclaimed, renovated rice field ploughing and construction ladder.
-The service infrastructure, education, health, broadcasting, tv ...-Planting and tending the forest according to the regulations.
-135 program, the national target program on poverty alleviation and job creation, the national target programme on population and family planning, the national target programme on education, training and vocational program on some social disease, dangerous diseases and HIV/AIDS.
-Gate economic zones according to decision No. 53/2001/QD-TTg dated 19 April 2001 of the Prime Minister on the policy for gate economic zones.
-The economic zone defense.
-Investment in scientific and technological development and the encouragement of agriculture, forestry, fisheries, artificial breeding base of service production (including the import of the same).
-Exploration, additional survey mineral resources and other resources under the ground.
Each well-organized local incorporating national target programs to manage and use effectively the funds from the State budget.
b/credit Capital investment and development of the State: the implementation of the current provisions in Decree No. 43/1999/ND-CP dated 29 June 1999 of the Government on the development of investment credit of State and decision No. 02/2001/QD-TTg dated 2 January 2001 from the Prime Minister's policy regarding investment support from the Foundation for the development the project of production, processing and export of agricultural production projects; Decision No 133/2001/QD-TTg dated 10 September 2001 of the Prime Minister issued the regulation on export assistance credit. Need adequate funding priority for investment projects in this region, especially the projects focus exploited, the potential of the region in the field of manufacturing, agricultural, and forestry.
c/credit Capital: State Bank of Vietnam directed the commercial banks guaranteed sufficient capital for borrowing needs in the region; continue to improve the loan procedures, specific measures have sent officers to direct credit guide that helps people set up loan procedures, so that the cells are the Bank's capital. In collaboration with the farmers Association building nest form extended loans to help farmers better access to credit and capital to use capital efficiently.
Increased funding for the Bank that serves the poor, national target programs to create jobs in this region and focus for poor households, particularly poor households is fellow ethnic minorities development loans to poor production and beyond.
d/Promotional House forms of raising capital in a population, capital of domestic investors to invest in increased production capacity, the development of small and medium enterprises, cooperatives, farms and households.
2. A number of policy support: a/About reclaiming the construction field: support Lai Chau province invested 10,000 ha and some other provinces to build terraces is 5.0 million/ha, creating fixed Lady is 2.0 million/ha.
b/On the same crop, livestock breeds: support once, each province 10 billion from 2002 to build the facility, production of seed, livestock breeds (including imported varieties) have high economic efficiency as high quality tea, fruit trees, temperate fruit specialties , bamboo shoots, grab eucalyptus as raw materials of paper, like dairy cows and the varieties of trees, the rarer.
c/On: State housing policy supports the roofing to improve housing for ethnic households and households are really tough policies on housing, the Ministry of labour, invalids and Social Affairs coordinated with the ministries concerned to build specific support policies the Prime Minister in the first quarter of 2002. The people's committees of the province are planning to mobilize enterprises and people have supported the conditions and plans to exploit timber forest recovery at the Lake hydro, irrigation to help fellow home in later 2003 basically solved housing to households are minorities and households in a difficult policy area.
d/On solve living water: for households, are rock hard on the water feed, mainly in the province of Ha Giang, Cao Bang are VND million 1.0 support to build rainwater tanks, foremost in 2002 to resolve water works for fellow.
d/fellow support back to the border and rearrange:-fellow support level moving back border born live and production of 15 million households.
-Support level moving the households from the region of the lower altitude to live according to the program, the reorganization of residential life long stable is 5.0 million households.
e/fixed policy, settled, stable population of immigrants, the new economic development and policy support the Elimination of poppy: Ministry of agriculture and rural development coordinated with relevant ministries complete submission to the Prime Minister in the first quarter of 2002.
g/On education policy: since 2002, the policy of education for their children is the minorities and the town especially hard in 135 programs in 6 provinces: – free money to build schools, tuition. Support educational, scrapbooking paper.

-Compiled textbooks, textbooks, perform teaching, learning nationalism at the appropriate level of regional peculiarities. Conduct taught Martha for teachers, medical officers, civil servants, Union officials and Government officials who are not ethnic Township work in ethnic regions.
-State the full cost of eating in, learning in the ethnic boarding school (district, province). For your child in an inpatient school, but not in that boarding school attendance in the public schools, the sale shall be granted a scholarship by 50% the number of boarding scholarships.
-Implementation of national election policy and the use of ethnic children go for vocational training, College and high school professional. priority subjects voluntarily return home to get to school, the authorities are planning, use, ethnic layout in place on work in State agencies, unions, political organizations, in local society. Every step toward the great medical officer, Division of education in rural region of minorities was the minority.
-Implementation of the housing policy for teachers to work in the town especially hard in the region.
h/About Health:-State budget layout make free full examination and treatment at clinics, health centers, hospitals for fellow minorities.
-For the household poverty are minorities in region III since 2002 implementation of free examination and treatment; the medical establishment will bar the actual examination of the poor due to the establishment and implementation of Management Department of health.
-Open the doctor training system for the object is the ethnic minority region II, region III. Has the regime accordingly and make housing policy for medical officers working in the town especially hard in the region.
I/cultural:-strengthen the funding for the implementation of the program of radio, television and the press by the local ethnic languages down to take advantage of the slave trade, the town, the village, the conservation and promotion of the cultural identity of peoples, including cultural objects and intangible culture.
-Increases the duration of broadcast radio, television, the peoples in the region.
-Support to enhancing the artistic group, the shock team of the cinema to serve minorities, especially, the high, the border region.
k/of policy for the economic component:-for State enterprises: implementation of the arrangement the State enterprises, holdings, selling securities for rental. For the agricultural, forestry and local private schools review Land Fund, before the transfer of unused land or using less efficient for local delivery to long term stability for farmers. The remaining land area is delivered, the stocks according to the content of the Decree No. 01/NĐ-CP dated 4 January 1995 and Decree No. 187/1999/ND-CP dated 16 September 1999 of the Government agriculture and forestry school, just do the same service, materials, techniques, processing and consumption of agricultural products.
Working capital support for the State enterprise as stipulated in Decree No. 20/1998/ND-CP dated 31 March 1998 from the Government and other existing regulations.
Further development of the State enterprises in combination with Security Defense, especially, the continuation and perfection of economic zones associated with the defense in geographical importance, along the border to attract inhabitants (including fellow premises and other places to) participate in the production of population towards receiving the land produced in association with residential , Hamlet, a match the direction of production and the mission security defense. Each residential clusters are really is the center of economy, culture and civilization towards preserving are ethnic identity.
-For cooperatives: make the switch the cooperative the cooperative law, and quickly formed the cooperative partnership by real farmers volunteer to help each other on technical services, similar, materials, consumption, processing agricultural products.
-Economic households, farm economy, enterprises are encouraged and developed to exploit the potential of capital, technical labor. Localities must create favorable conditions to help the investors to the investment to the local production base of agriculture, forestry, creating more jobs, increasing income for the local community and greening the bare soil, Bare hills and mountains.
-Encourage businesses, the economic component is made form a contract with farmers to consume agricultural products and service capital, materials for production, first of all enterprises, organizations, personal business and production based on the raw materials of a population to agricultural , forest products. To build the production organization method to be the most production-processing-consumption in the production process of the goods in the market mechanism.
Article 7. The Organization made.
1. the people's committees of the province must determine the content in this decision is the primary mission of the grant Committee of the Communist Party and local Government to materialize the program, plans of each professional sector, each level of Government in the province, district, commune to implementation.
First of all, choose define some program objectives, the specific content of each locality are urgently required to organize the direction taken right from the beginning of 2002 and have made specific plans for the content of this decision in the next few years.
Chairman of the provincial people's Committee has the responsibility to coordinate closely with the central ministries of construction and implementation of programs and projects.
2. The ministries based on the duties and functions of their powers of presiding together with the provinces in the region, the Organization directing the implementation of the programme, the specific projects in the scope of the direction of the ministries themselves according to the aim and content of the decision.
On the basis of the programme, the project was approved by the need to have specific plans, annual investment right from the start in 2002 to steer the Organization, check the urge to follow the target program, the project of the decision.
3. Ministry of planning and investment, the Ministry of Finance on the basis of the program of the project has been approved, the layout of the annual capital plan to follow objectives.
Article 8. This decision has the effect after 15 days from the date of signing.
Article 9. The Minister, Prime Ministerial-level agency idea, a government agency, the Presidents of the people's committees of the province: Lao Cai, Ha Giang, Cao Bang, BAC kan, Son La, Lai Chau is responsible for the implementation of this decision.